Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to the Well

Yes, It's Monday and I'm going back to the Bachelorette well for blog material. I owe it to Em who doesn't have the capability to watch the show but gets it vicariously through my blog posts!

Isn't the Bachelorette the kind of show that is best enjoyed with a bunch of girlfriends and good food and shrieking over all the really lame things that are done/said? In desperation, I forced Sam to watch it with me.

Here is what I'm thinking:

I love Jesse. He's perfect for Jillian and he is real. He doesn't say dumb stuff.

I love Kiptyn. Jillian is really attracted to him and we know he gets a fantasy date in Spain because he's in all the preview clips.

I totally knew Jake wasn't getting a rose. He is the NICEST guy ever and so real. However there was just no chemisty between them. Did you see the last kiss on the train--it was like a grandma kiss. Sometimes Jake makes me cringe because he is such a cheeseball but he has a real job and I wanted to cry for him when he said "Nice guys really do finish last." So lame that the producers are bringing him back. Let the guy have his dignity--that's all he has left. No, they have to bring him back, in his little pilot uniform, to tattle on Wes.

Michael is only still here because she had to let creepy "huge package"--what in the crap was he dropping his drawers for--Tanner go and she really needed to let Jake go before she led him on any longer. My favorite clip of the night was when Michael cried when Robbie got cut. He cried because it was getting "so real!"

Speaking of Robbie, I liked Robbie. He was cute and legit but I'm glad Jillian cut him. He is a bartender for crying out loud. No offense to those in that line of work, but talk about dead-end. I loved it when he said "love doesn't have a job." No it doesn't Robby. Bye bye.

Reid--I know so many of you love Reid. I don't see it. He is quirky, weird and have you noticed their conversations are completely meaningless and stupid. They start kissing just to fill the air. I really dislike Reid. I think shallow when I think Reid.

And Wes. Skeezy. He is so honest about his true intentions that I wonder if the producers have put him on the show just for drama. If Jillian picks him, she deserves him.

Now for the rumors circulating. My blogging friend Kami sent me a message today telling me that Us magazine is reporting that Kiptyn, Reid and Ed were all paid 50 grand to go on the show. If it's true, what a disapointment. Are the producers that stupid? They need to stay out of it. I'm growing tired of their antics--you know Ed is going to come back and now Jake--who's next--freakin' Jason?


Tyler said...

Not only was I forced to watch the show, but Ashley made our two little boys watch it too. Ok, so she didn't force them, but she can't hear so she cranks the thing up so loud they can't sleep. We ended up watching it as a family.

I can tolerate the Bachelor, if I have to (for fairly obvious reasons). I can't stand the Bachelorette. There's nothing worse than watching a bunch of sissies suck up to a girl they're probably not that into in the first place.

Ashley said...

I have been waiting for this post (all of the 20 minutes since I finished the show).

I love Jesse. I called him out as hot a long time ago and I stand by him.

You are so dead on about Jake, Reid, Robbie and Tanner. I was hoping she'd let Jake go to spare him. I get it that Reid is cute, but they just don't go together at all. Robbie was fun but it was a little painful listening to him. Best to see him go. I actually thought she'd hold back a rose and spare Michael the break dancer, too--but no.

Kipton's not that cute to me but he's a respectable choice.

I'm ready for Ed to come back.

Reality Steve has been talking for months about guys being paid to come on the show. I'll have to look into that more.

Now, how's this: Jake should be with Stephanie the single mom from Jason Mesnick's show. What do you think?!?

Josette said...

i just commented on ashley's yours.
i didn't like robbie...he was lame.
i liked jake. so real, and so nice...but i did cringe as well at his cheesiness...but his smile made up for it.
as for the rest of what's left...i don't really like any of them that much...what a shame.
i do hope ed comes back and she goes for him...she's stupid if she doesn't.

Mandee said...

My favorite part of the show... when all the guys have their faces smashed in the window as the train passes by Robbie. We laughed hard at that.

Also, Aaron said this to me last night, and my jaw dropped- "I would rather watch The Bachelorette than SYTYCD". But then he fell asleep 20 minutes into it.

And to Ashley and Tyler- you are training your boys well. Their wives will thank you for teaching them to appreciate fine television.

Amy M. said...

Yes Jesse. Yes Kiptyn. Yes I noticed the grandma kiss. It broke my heart a little to see the lack of chemistry because Jake really is the nicest guy ever.
I was dying when Jillian said, "I didn't need to see the package yet. Even though it was HUGE..."

It really is ridiculous that they have Jake come back to tattle.

Sam said...

I thought Jillian was going to cut Tanner and Michael. The former for being creepy and having no judgment and the latter for being a "break dance instructor." In today's economy, who is paying for break dancing lessons?

But she was wise to cut Jake. He is a robot, always striving to do/say the "right" thing. His comments about visiting home were scripted and forced, and he tries so hard to be "perfect" that he doesn't even notice anymore. He's not genuine. He's like a marionette puppet being controlled by himself. It is pathetic to see him return to warn Jillian--wearing his "commercial pilot" uniform no less.

She knows why Wes is there; she just doesn't care because compared to the others he is still a better option.

Linde said...

Can't stand Wes...I can't tell if she is leaving him on because she wants to spare the others of keeping them there and hurting them and maybe she doesn't care if she hurts Wes??? He is a creep!

Ashley said...

I can't wait to buy Wes' album.

Dave & Kami said...

can't believe she kept break dancing Michael, but i think it will be easier to let him go b/c she has know real feelings for him. Also, Can't believe ABC is buying into the whole Wes C/D thing and letting his band perform next week. Cheeseball Jake had too go. Go Jesse!!

Sam said...

I wouldn't be surprised if some subsidiary of ABC signs Wes to a record deal. This show has become artificially controlled/manipulated; they should not portray it as a "reality" show.

Linda said...

Brooke, I agree with everything you said and most of what the commenters have said. Except about Jake. I loved him. Ashley - you beat me to the punch - I was going to suggest that Stephanie and Jake get together. They would be perfect!
And whoever said that if Jillian picks Wes - she deserves him and the fallout! (Right on!)
Do you think that Kipton is the one with the fantasy suite problem? Ashley, we need your scholarly research into these issues!

Em said...

I don't know how to thank you for the service you are rendering, but I totally owe you!

When this season is over, I don't know what I'll miss more--the posts about the show, or the comments about the posts.

Thanks for the update! My money is on...Jesse, I think. Whoever he is. :)

Em said...

Just a thought: I sometimes think "reality tv" just means previously non-famous people becoming famous through ridiculously orchestrated means. Since many people are boring all on their own, I'm not surprised at the show's producers finagling their own endings. Much more exciting that way, don't you think?

Amy M. said...

Sorry to talk about Tanner's package again. I must seem obsessed, but I just remembered something. I forgot to ask you earlier if you noticed when he said, "She knows I am blessed." Did you catch that?

sheryl said...

I was about to stop watching the show after last night. Get real! Reid is a looser. WHY did she give him a rose? Michael IS to young! She just wants to see New York. The more I see of her the more shallow I think she is. Jesse doesn't deserve her either. (He's to good) Infact, I think Robbie would have been perfect for her. I thought she had class but she is proving us all WRONG! I can't watch another episode of Wes so next week is a don't bother. I will wait for your blog!

sheryl said...

I like the Jake and Stephanie combo! Both just nice, both from the south. Both not bad looking. Ashley, why don't you arrange that. I heard that many of the participants hook up at the reunion parties.

Linda said...

I'm with you, Sheryl - I'm liking Jillian less and less each episode! Guess I should be glad she didn't mess up Jake's chances of being the next bachelor. Now there's one I would watch!

leandparkermakes3 said...

This is the first season where I have actually considered not watching midseason. I am so over these idiots. (Don't worry, I'm sure I will keep watching.) Please, bring Ed back.