Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celebrities in Utah

I got an email today that made me smile--it is pure genious. In case you haven't seen it--This is what celebrities would look like if they moved to Utah:

Britney Spears in Panguitch

Tara Reid in Magna

Sarah Jessica Parker in Kamas

Sharon Stone in Bountiful

Paris Hilton in Draper

Nicole Kidman in Logan

Mary Kate and Ashley is Payson

Marc Anthony and J Lo in Ogden

Jennifer Aniston in Kearns

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas in Grantsville

Cameron Diaz in Ephraim

The Beckhams in Bluffdale

Ashlee Simpson in Vernal

Gwen Stefani in Rose Park

Johnny Depp in Taylorsville

Pam Anderson in Kanab


Kelly said...

I have seen those before and they make me want to laugh and throw up all at the same time.

shelby said...

I am laughing so hard!!!! They are totally gross!

The Mostess said...

Heinous, though I don't get the Utah references.

Lance is from Ogden, though, so I kind of get that one.

I never thought it was possible for Beckham to be ugly. I guess I was wrong!

The Mostess said...

I would like to point out that's what Britney looked like in LA for the better part of 2008.

Terra said...

Super funny!

Natalie said...

apparently everyone in utah is fat.

Eliza said...

I like that Mary Kate and Ashley look normal now. I don't know all of the towns that were referenced, but this was super fun!

brooke said...

Just for the record--I'm not making fun of Utah by posting this. I think this is what the celebrities would look like in any ghetto town anywhere. I agree with the Mostess that Britney actually did look like that for most of 08. good call.

Amy said...

Those are hilarious!

Linda said...

Hilarious. Actually this is what the celebs would look like anywhere if they weren't celebs with all the $$, plastic surgery, personal trainers, cooks, media pressure (and airbrushing)and of course their enormous EGOS!
Makes me feel better about myself.
BTW have you seen Jessica Simpson lately? She could be Jessica from Cottonwood Heights. (where I live)

Pandy said...

I think this perfectly illustrates what a fine line there is between beauty and "not so much beauty".

I agree with Linda. This is probably closer to what they all look like when they roll out of bed in the morning to stink breath and bedhead.

Celebrity beauty is fabricated - THOSE people don't really exist.

Marni said...

I have seen this and physically laughed out loud. Thanks for letting me laugh again. Isn't it so true. We make them seem to be so beautiful when they are sick. ex brit spears.

sheryl said...

tooo funny!

I guess I could be a celebrity!