Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweeter than Chocolate

I am a big fan of Gymboree but I don't love all of their lines--squirrels in purple and green just don't do it for me. But every so often Gymboree really gets it right. They come out with a line where I love every piece. I will be on my computer tomorrow night at 10:00 pm mountain time (12:00 am eastern) using my rise and shine coupon to blow the wad on their new brown and pink line. This is just a taste:

How cute is this jumper?

Love the velour hoodie

I think my mom has these same boots

These shoes might be my favorite thing in the whole line

Even the accessories are adorable

Now who is going to keep Sam occupied tonight so he doesn't see the damage?


Sam said...
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Sam said...

I lost control years ago...just keep it under $200.

Ashley said...

I love the jumper, the shoes and the watch. And yes mom does have those boots! I love it all actually.

The good thing about the blog is that no one wants to look like the cheap jerk on it. Hence Sam's reply, and if you're lucky Mom will have bought everything for you before the clock even strikes 10:00.

Linda said...

I'm buying the pink boots that match mine - for both Sammie and Kate. Then we can put them on and strut around together - just the three of us!
Do the dotted shoes come in my size?

Sam said...

Big A:

You ruined my reverse-pyschology approach with your sister. She agreed to keep it under $100, but I have found she sometimes spends less with a higher ceiling.

Two months ago, American Express asked me if we were running a home business based upon Brooke's expenditures. Sadly, there is no home business.

Reximus said...

Brooke, nobody cares about toddler clothing lines. Give us the meat! Tell us what's really going on with the nitty gritty behind the scenes in the Obama camp. Will his socialistic policies fail within 6 months or will we have to wait a full year for this most unprepared of humans to wreak utter havoc on our country? Will the country wise up in two weeks and vote in McCain?

Do you and Big A really have a home business that you're not telling Sam and T-Bone about?

Linda said...

Rex - you better consult your wife re: the toddler clothing business. . .you may be surprised who is interested in this topic!!

sarahwarner said...

This line is one of the best that Gymboree has come out with in years. I too will be on the internet tomorrow night running up the amex bill. I love shopping and love talking about shopping, but I have to restrain myself from talking about shopping while driving a vehicle. The last time I did that a cop caught me and now I'm staring at a 90$ ticket. Oh the stuff I could have bought with that 90 bucks.

brooke said...

Sam--200 bucks huh? awesome.

Rex--I hope you already know I will always be able to take Cam. I have a feeling you haven't seen the last festivus brawl. Next time it will be Ashley and Wart. I couldn't care less about Obama--I wanna talk about me.

Sarah--you must start a blog.

Ashley--thanks for the laughs--Here's to Jerry and Rex!

Mom--thanks for the boots!

sheryl said...

Oh the damage little childrens clothing does!

I am glad you are blogging. I need distractions from my homework!

Jason, Brandi, Hunter and Halle said...

1. Finally, you did it!

2. This isn't going to be good for Jason.

3. What is this "rise and shine" coupon. I haven't heard of it and how do I get it.

4. Keep up the good work. I love what you buy Sammy

5. If you do have any other bits of advice for the mom that doesn't like to shop but loves her kids to look like it, keep it coming.

brooke said...

I loved the photos you took at the wedding--you are really talented.

Brandi, I earned the coupon for spending a certain amount last week. Rise and Shine gives you 25% off. If you want anything, call me and I will order it for you online.

nic said...

I love the jumper. I already had Payton's picture in it. So cute.

Laura B. said...

Brooke, first of glad you started a blog!
Second, I'm with you on the Gymboree line. Why do they put animal appliques on their things? Don't they know that they totally turn me off? I refuse to buy anything with a nasty squirrel or horse on it.
the brown/pink line is delicious. Every piece.
I especially LOVE the shoes and the jacket. I plan on using my gymbucks for one in each size for my girls.
Keep the good stuff coming!