Friday, October 31, 2008

Is it over yet?

I know I said I love Halloween and I do, but it's getting old. Between helping with Luke's kindergarten party wearing this:

and bringing Halloween treats to the kid's teachers (to win their approval)

and letting the kids stay up late to carve pumpkins

I'm over Halloween. But here's the kicker: This morning Luke convinced me that he had to be Dracula instead of a Power Ranger to go Trick-or-Treating tonight. He showed me this whole costume he put together himself. He just needed a wig and face paint. So we headed to Walmart. (Why are there grown men in full costume trolling Walmart at 10:00 am?--I wish I had my camera.)

He went from this:

to this (before make-up--yes, he's wearing that wig and fangs all day)

The worst part for me is that he has to wear his new black Christmas cords and dress shoes!

At least these two haven't let me down.

10 more hours--Happy Halloween!


Jacqui said...

Brooke--I'm glad you started a blog. I'll stalk it as faithfully as I stalk Ashley's, with the occasional comment :)

Cute kids. You're a good mom to encourage his creativity like that. I'd have flat out refused.

Linda said...

Now you know why I took down the Halloween decorations while you kids were out trick-or-treating! And as far as the sicko in full costume in Walmart at 10:00 a.m.--that's exactly what is wrong with Halloween -- it's been hijacked by some disturbed adults who love costumes. And whatever happened to the rule that you only went trick-or-treating until you were 12??

The Mostess said...
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The Mostess said...

Snicker....I like his vampire wig. Super cute, especially with the streaks.

I, too, am SO over Halloween! 4 parties and 5 costume appearances later, and I could barely muster up the strength to wear an orange sweater while handing out candy tonight.

Thanksgiving and I come!

Ashley said...

That's my friend Kaari commenting above me. You look great as the witch, and I laughed out loud at Luke's vampire look. I love that kid. No holiday wears out its welcome as much as Halloween. I am thinking of limiting myself to one party next year plus trick or treating. Halloween, ugh!

sheryl said...

I saw not one trick or treater this year. I was in class. Yep, till 10:30 PM let me repeat PM on friday night. ever thoughtful daughter didn't want me to miss her birthday and tomorrow we will have a dress up party here for about 30. hmmmm I got the decorations out of the attic...will they make it out of the totes? I think Stan lit up the plug in jack-o-lantern tonight.

sheryl said...

p.s your kids are darling! Just soo ssoooo cute!

sarahwarner said...

Your kids are adorable. Sammie's costume couldn't be cuter, and Luke is very creative. I'm glad you gave in and let him dress up as Dracula. That's what Halloween is all about-the kids(and of course bribing the teachers). Good work!!

Amy said...

If you read my last post, you know I'm with ya. I love Halloween, but I've had my fill-onto Thanksgiving

Jill said...

I love that you actually already have black pants and shoes for Christmas for him to wear. :) You and Sammie both look beautiful in your costumes!

Celia Fae said...

Hi. I'm Celia. I read Ashley's blog and I've even met her once in real life, which means I'm not a weird stalker but an actual friend.

Welcome to actually having to produce something. I look forward to seeing plenty of photos of your daughter in the brown and pink polka dot set from Gymboree. My toddler will be coordinating.

D-dawg said...

I am so over Halloween too. The very day after I have to take my decor down.

Your kids, you, and the teacher gifts are all adorable.