Thursday, April 18, 2013

Instagram is Killing my Blog (or Four Things About Each of Us)

This post is for grandmas and friends who aren't on Instagram and have no idea what we have been up to lately.  And if you are a guy and want to follow me on instagram, it probably isn't going to happen.  That is a place for me to post pics of me in my bathrobe driving Ryan to a friend's house at noon on a random Tuesday.  So I have to keep it to close girlfriends.  Anyhoo, here is what we are doing.


1.  Buster loves to be outside.  Too bad mama hates being outside with Buster.  Thank goodness for good weather and big siblings who can keep an eye on him:

2.  Here is where Buster sits during Sacrament meeting.  I know.  I have officially given up.  I am hoping people are giving me the single mom pass:

3.  He loves Airbourne--all of my kids do.  We just discovered how fun (and expensive) it is.  I saw Bentley (from the Bachelorette) there recently (he owns it) but couldn't get a photo:

4.  He loves helping me bake cookies and will eat the dough even when it is just Crisco and sugar:


1.  Ryan plays on a soccer team called "Orange Crush" with his buddies.  He is the biggest and slowest kid out there but he thinks he is awesome.  Sam coaches:

2.  He goes to preschool and tries to make excuses every day for why he is too sick to go.

3.  Ryan is deathly afraid of the Chick-fil-a cow, Cosmo (he calls him "the Cougar") and the Jazz bear.  Here he is at the Jazz game hiding on the ground because he saw the Jazz bear coming up the aisle.

4.  Ry Ry spends most of his time at home in costume.  Sammie never cared about costumes the way my boys do:


1.  Sammie recently had a birthday party at the Lion House.  She truly has the cutest friends and they were so good.

2.  Sammie loves to dance and tumble.  If she is home, she is tumbling.  If she is outside, she is tumbling.  If she is at recess, she is tumbling.  You get the idea:

3.  She is obsessed with clothes.  Yes, this freaks me out.   Sam took her to Nordstrom to spend a birthday gift card and this is the outfit she picked out.  She told Sam he had no taste and to back off and let her shop.  Scary:

4.  She loved skiing this Spring.  She is my most adventurous kid:


1.  Luke is playing in a Super League (competition league) for basketball this Spring and loves it.  Sam is coaching.  Luke spends a lot of time outside shooting baskets in the backyard. 

2. He went with Sam to Leapin' Leaners in March.  Luke was in HEAVEN.  He met all the Jazz players.  His favorite is Derrick Favors (I am too lazy to crop any of these photos):

3.  He got to interview Alec Burks and Luke asked him how much he makes per game.  Alema Harrington and Burks busted up laughing:

4.  Luke (and I) made this BYU football cake for the Blue and Gold banquet.  Much better than his cake last year.


1.  I have been having a lot of fun dating a guy named Cole.  He lives here in SL and has three kids.  He makes me laugh:

I tell him he looks like Paul Rudd (he will kill me for posting this):

2.  I still go to the gym most days.  I go in spurts for what I like to buy and right now I am obsessed with gym clothes and shoes.  I am currently looking for the perfect pair of fluorescent orange Nikes.  I know...the important things in life right?  Once again, glad no husband in the picture as I order and return shoes.

3.  I am in charge of making a yearbook for Luke's class for the end of the year.  Why oh why do I sign up for this stuff at the first of the year?

4.  Other than running kids to all of the aforementioned activities, I get to do lunches and dinners here and there with friends.  I went to Gourmet Dinner Night Monday night and laughed and ate the best food.  I am so lucky to have such good friends in my life.  They make me happy.


Liz said...

I'm kind of thinking that I may have taught Sammie that pose.....cute taste in clothes.

I totally went to Paul Rudd with that first pic. That's a good thing. I generally like Paul Rudd.

Buster is melting my heart. So, so cute. His face is made for modeling.

Awesome cake.

Don't stop blogging as I haven't fled over to Instagram yet. It's on my to do list.

Linda said...

1. I guess I'm the grandma not on instagram. How do I get on?
2. This was a great update & cute photos of the kids (and Cole.) And you.
3. I loved the boys rough-housing in the background at Temple Square.
4. Bentley. Now there's an option.
5. I'm searching for the perfect neon pink shoes. as long as you are ordering, order my neon 7 1/2's. Thanks.

Fairbanks Photography said...

Linda, great minds think alike. I have a bullet list too.
1. I wish so badly that I was still in your ward so I could watch Buster during sacrament mtg. Kids are the best entertainment on HC Sunday!
2. I wish Logan and Ryan could play soccer together. It's so fun to watch at that age!
3. Props to Sam for coaching the teams.
4. I'm so glad I made the cut on insta (that's what the kids are calling it these days). I drive kids around while dressed in my robe daily.
5. I had the same thought as Linda on #4 although Cole/Paul Rudd is adorable.
6. I can't remember the rest of my bullet points without referring back to the post and we both know I'm too lazy to do that.

Fairbanks Photography said...
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Kimmie said... for the update for us "non-insta" folks!

cole! such great news. ash filled me in a little...

miss you!

Heather said...

I'm not on Instagram, either. FB and Pinterest are already such a time suck for me that I dare not add anything else.

I always give single moms a pass because that life looks exhausting to a girl with no kids.

Glad you are having fun dating! It's a messy world out there and you are brave!

We should do dinner... Scott is always asking for updates about you and I got nothing...

Lindsay said...

I love how in the picture of sammie tumbling, two little boys are also caught fighting.

Emily Redd said...

Kate is just obsessed with clothes as Sammie is. I didn't think anyone could out shop me but at 8....she is proving me wrong! I'm a little worried!! She is a shopaholic! oh well, it runs in the family and when you only have one daughter who can help but spoil her in all the cutest things ever. My favorite shot is Sammie tumbling on the grass and the boys wrestling in the background. I'm also glad i am not the only one who has a kid who says he's sick everyday just to get out of school. Alex has a new ailment everyday! **sigh**

Linde said...

I love your blog...don't stop posting! I get such a laugh out of what you post!!

sheryl said...

I agree with Linde!
Don't stop posting... we need our Brooke laugh!

Em said...

While the thought of her maturity scares me just a teeny tiny bit, I hope Mita is just like Sammie! I laughed and laughed at her shopping trip with Sam.

Your boys are the greatest--they make me long for sons.

Lauri said...

I love your blog, Brooke. Very entertaining and I don't have instagram... i'm not that cool, so keep blogging. Love you!!

Lauri said...

I love your blog, Brooke. Very entertaining and I don't have instagram... i'm not that cool, so keep blogging. Love you!!

The Mostess said...

I'm insta-cool, but your blog needs to carry on. Suck it up and get back to writing. We need you out here.

I love Sammie's pose and discerning fahion taste..

I love that Sam is coaching in all of these updates. He's a good man!

I love that Cole is hot like pRudd. That's what I call him.

Buster!! I love him. I hope he marries B.

Love that Sammie is constantly tumbling, kicking, and jumping.

When Lance walked by and glanced at my screen he said "who is that kid wandering up onto the podium??" He says he wishes he were in your ward to witness the shenanigans firsthand.

Love the shoes!!