Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Best of Summer 2013

This is the last you will hear of my summer. I promise. 

Indulge me as I give you Best of Summer 2013:

Best Activity with the Big Kids: Hike and tour of Timp Cave:

Best Activity with the Little Guys: Thanksgiving Point Farm:

Best Mommy Daughter Activity: Taylor Swift Concert.  It truly was amazing:

Best Cheap Take-Out Meal: Cheesecake factory Skinny Asian Lettuce Wraps.  These babies are like $6.99 and they give you the yummy bread too.  Add a McD's Diet Coke and you've got a meal.

Best Event of the Summer: Ashley and her family moving back to Utah.  Ryan was in boy Heaven with his cousins.

Best Summer Date Activity: Alpine Coaster and dinner in Park City

Best Bike Ride: Wildflower Pedalfest in Mountain Green, UT.  Rolling Hills, beautiful scenery, fun friends, great food:

 Best Lesson Learned: Yard sales are not worth it.   I made 80 bucks and lost my dignity:

Best Extended Family Outing: Alpine Rodeo with Ashley's family:

Best Reunion: Seeing my favorite guys from my freshman year at BYU.  Already planning another one for the Fall and hoping my girlfriends can make it!

Best Treat: Hokulia shaved ice.  This stuff is as big as my head and totally lived up to the hype.

Best Parenting Moment: Driving home from Café Rio and seeing this homeless looking toddler roaming the neighborhood in a swim diaper.  Sure enough, it was my kid.  Luke was supposed to be babysitting.

Best New Addition: My brand new nephew Wyatt

Best Tradition: Fourth of July Parade as the Patriotic Pirates: It never gets old...at least not for us!

Best Vacation for the Kids: Going to Snow Mass, CO with Sam for five days

Best Vacation for Mama: Kids going to Snow Mass, CO with Sam for five days and I stayed home
No pics.  Just lots of trashy tv, dinners out with friends, and roaming the mall by myself. 

Best Shopping Find of the Summer: Slip Extenders.  These are a life saver for us tall girls. I bought one in every color.

Best Bang for your buck: Seven Peaks with the Pass of All Passes.  There are a lot of haters out there but it will always be my very favorite Summer activity.  I love this picture of my bff Susan doing the rope swing in Provo with Y mountain in the background.  Our boys make us do it every time we go.

Best Free Adventure: Alpine Sliding rock: I felt like a hero for actually going down it with the kids.

That's it folks.  Put a fork in me.  Until Next Summer...I'm done!


Because My Sister Told Me Too.... said...

Link to the Slip Extenders, pretty please!!!

brooke said...

Because my Sister....I got my slip extender in the picture at a local shop that just shut down but I saw the same ones at Down East. They just started carrying them. Also..there is an Etsy shop that sells them called A Slip Shop. My advice if you buy from there is to buy petite. Theirs run really long.

Natalie said...

you are such a fun mom! even if your kid roams the neighborhood in his diaper ;)

alexandra said...

I love that photo of Buster roaming. I love that you thought to take the photo. So so so funny. I also love 7 Peaks. I always will. This entire post made me want to move back to Utah and the good life. I wish I had known you freshman year. I hung out with Kimmie sometimes and lived in John Hall so I am sure I crossed paths with you and your friends. I tried to see if I could recognize any of those guys, ridiculously enough. Nope. I love my freshman year friends and I feel sorry for the freshman girls who will attend such an altered school with only RM guys. Weird. Anyway, you gave your kids the summer of a lifetime, once again. Good job recording it, too!

Jill said...

I'm tired just thinking about all you did this summer!!

The homeless kid sighting is hilarious!

Liz said...

You should sleep for the next week to catch up.....

Em said...

I LOVE that I've seen most of these photos on Instagram.

Great list!

melissa walker said...

You are a super fun mom. Can I send my kids to you for the summer?

Lesa said...


EMV said...

Are you coming back? :(

Rachel said...

Come back!! :)