Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Break...Put a Fork in Me

My kids have been out of school since Thursday for Fall Break and they don't go back until Tuesday. Everyone in the house has a nasty head cold and a serious case of cabin fever.

Thursday, I got my hair done because we were doing family photos on Friday night. Yes--colds and all. So after the kids had been home with a babysitter all day I took them to Rasmussen farms to get their pumpkins. They've done this enough times to know the drill. No one touches a wagon or a pumpkin until they have posed for the obligatory photos:

My fat Buster in the pumpkins

Sammie loves her big baby

Thursday night I went to dinner with my friends for Misa's birthday. I promise my shirt was not see-through in real life. Damn the flash. This photo was a wake-up call for me too. I need a new bra stat. "The girls" are practically sitting in my lap:

Friday, the kids starting complaining that we haven't done anything fun for fall break (and I couldn't invite anyone over because of their colds.) So like an idiot, I bought them the spooky Halloween gingerbread houses to decorate. I hastily tried to glue the freaking things together with frosting only to watch them collapse in on themselves. I've only done this exact thing like four years in a row. Someday I'll learn to buy the pre-assembled houses.

Sam got home from work and we ran to take our family photos. Here is a sneak peak:

I know the photo is tiny--this is just an unedited photo my photographer extraordinaire Jill emailed me to make me laugh because Ryan's hand is down my shirt!

When we got home that night, Sam took one look at the gingerbread mess and decided to take matters into his own hands. He informed me that I had actually used the roof pieces for the sides and he had to take the houses apart and start over. He went to Home Depot to buy black caulking to glue the houses together. Why do I even try?

Saturday morning, I helped the kids decorate their houses. By "help" I mean I made the frosting and set out bowls of candy and let them go to town. Clearly, they had no help:

Aren't they gnarly? (the houses...well, the kids are too.)

After a much needed massage on Saturday (thanks Heidi!) and a trip to Pottery Barn kids with a friend, I felt like a new woman. I then helped the kids make their Red Ribbon week (say no to drugs) posters for school. No one is ever going to accuse me of doing my kids' work!

Today I had to teach the Relief Society lesson at church. I was just praying the whole time I wouldn't start coughing. With enough diet coke, I got through it. (I had to send Sam to the Sev to get me a fountain DC and chocolate donut because the ox was the in the mire.)

I have no idea what I am going to do to entertain four sick kids tomorrow. I bet fall break was a man's idea.


Liz said...

Yea...I feel the same. FYI, I hot glue those suckers together. Works wonderfully.
Sorry you are all sick, but the pics look great! I hope you recover soon. the poster thing optional? Please say yes!

brooke said...

Poster is optional Liz. That's why I'm so proud of myself for actually helping my kids make them. We were desperate for something to do.

Elizabeth said...

The houses look great! and so do the kids. I love your family pic and your girls night out too.
Say yes to candy! Amen.

Melissa Walker said...

I love when kids do their own houses (and work)! If a parent's need for perfection overrules the kid's creativity then they've got problems! And I love your family photo!

Jill said...

Oh Brooke, you made me laugh out loud several times during this post...thank you for that.

This sentence got me for sure: "This photo was a wake-up call for me too. I need a new bra stat. "The girls" are practically sitting in my lap."

How funny that Sam had to go buy black caulk to save the gingerbread houses! Also funny is the ox in the mire run to help you get through your RS lesson!

Amy said...

You gotta love fall break. Like spring break isn't enough?? I thought a trip to Utah and Idaho might entertain my kids. You saw how much fun they were having!

It was so good to see you just for a minute. Hopefully we can do it again soon. My kids have been talking about how dang cute "Buster" is since we left your house!

Denise said...

I have no idea how you find the time to blog so often...
I love that "drugs are for mummies".

I LOVE the family pic. I need remedial help when it comes to dressing our family for pictures.

I have no idea what fall break is but it sounds stupid.

I love those houses...even with the black caulk. I need a post on making them...and it needs to be within the next week. Get on that.

If you think you need a new bra...let me expose you to my world. I am still wearing my nursing bra...I haven't nursed for 3 months. However, I gained 15 lbs after I stopped nursing (HELLO!) and I refuse to buy another until I lose it. So, if yours are to your waist, mine are surely to my ankles.

Ashley said...

I was going to pity you for having kids home all day then I realized that is my daily existence.

I swear we just talked and you said you needed to get started on Halloween festivities--now you've gone and put the rest of us to shame.

Buster is the cutest in the pumpkins. You did a great job coordinating all the black and white halloween shirts (love Sammie's bow) and your kids' Halloween posters crack me up. Ten bucks says Sammie wins (as usual).

Sam said...

It was my first time using black caulking, but it performed flawlessly. For a mere $3.50, it provided the necessary support to salvage the job. And it dried with a high gloss shine, giving it the appearance of black frosting. Props to DAP.

In order to keep an accurate record, I should point out that I went to 7-11 on my own, purchasing an apple fritter, four Dunford chocolate donuts, and a Super Big Gulp of Diet Coke. Someone, whom I won't name, took a donut, part of my apple fritter, and commandeered the beverage.

Elizabeth said...

Sam: Good job on the 7-11 run, as I keep reminding my Hubs
"Happy wife = Happy Life".

marta said...

you are hilarious. and the kids in skeleton matching black and white ensembles?! precious. you really pull off the supermom role! xo.

Linda said...

I saw it all for real today - the kids, the shirts, the Halloween houses, the posters. . .all better in real life than even the photos reveal. Especially the kids - sosoo cute!

Linda said...
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Megan said...

Thank you for my morning laugh!

Amy M. said...

I feel your pain. We had the worst fall break ever. All three of my kids got strep. Each one of them took a turn being up all night. The word 'grouchy' doesn't come close to explaining how I felt by the end of it.
You are nice to buy the haunted houses. I should have done that. Love that Sam caulked them.
Your kids' posters are so creative. Love.
That family picture is so cute. I can't wait to see the rest.

Emily Rena said...

Awwww I love their themed shirts! I love, love, love fall and everything fall related. I have a Halloween gingerbread house my mom bought for me for my birthday and I can't wait to get some and put it together!

Em said...

Absolutely hilarious. All of it.

Jill T said...

Those houses turned out so cute. They are way better than I was imagining them when you were telling me about them. And the picture of Ryan's hand down your shirt makes me smile every time!

lindsey said...

"a man's idea"

ha ha ha ha ha!!!