Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Stuff I'm Loving Right Now

Here are yet more things I'm really loving right now:

1. Waking up this morning to a blanket of snow. Last night, I sheepishly put Buster in snowman footed x-mas pjs even though we haven't even hit Halloween yet. This morning, he looked downright appropriate for the season. Unfortunately, I haven't done laundry in over a week and he had no pants to wear so he stayed in that sleeper alllll day (even on a trip to Target and the dr.--I guess I'm THAT mom.)

2. Having said snow melt by late afternoon. I can only take so much of the white stuff. Now I want it gone. Back to fall please!

3. Everything in Boden's Winter catalogue. Boden speaks to me. Maybe it's the fact that the stuff is made in the UK and uber cool. Whatever the reason, I love everything in there. Look how cute this dress and jacket are:

This cute silk skirt too:

Trust me, everything in there is to die for. I don't have room to show you all the cute stuff.

4. Finding the most awesome cheap make-up brushes at Ulta Beauty supply. Where have they been all my life? Are you like me? Have you been using those crappy little sponge applicators that come with your eye-shadow. If so, discard immediately and head to Ulta to buy real makeup brushes. I'm not kidding folks--changed my life.

5. Having my mom take my kids two days in a row to do fun grandma stuff; i.e., making Halloween sugar cookies yesterday and making a pumpkin snowman (complete with orange food coloring sprayed on the snowman) today. Don't be jealous. She really is every bit as awesome as she sounds:

6. Knowing that Halloween will, in fact, be over after this weekend. I made the critical mistake of taking all four of my kids all by myself to our gym's Spooktacular. Just like my sister Ashley, it is my life's work to avoid crowds. The hoards of children at this thing dang near put me over the top. My kids loved it--think pony rides, games, crafts, food, etc. The only good thing is that I got this great idea for a party--apple sundaes:

All the toppings had cute names like Bat blood, candied ants, monster teeth, etc.

7. We got a new Golden Spoon five minutes from my house! For those of you living under a rock--it is only the best frozen yogurt known to man. The best part is--it is on the way to get my kids from school. Hello new 3:00 treat!

8. The Bumbo. Greatest invention. How did I ever make dinner when my other kids were babies?

9. Vitamin Water bottles. Truth be known, I'm not a huge fan of Vitamin water--I prefer Sobe. But have you ever read Vitamin Water's bottles? They are hilarious. Whoever is writing that stuff is genius.

10. Coordinating me and my kids for church. Since last Sunday was our primary program, we busted out the Christmas outfits early. Sam no longer wants to get in on the fun, so I got a matching outfit. Truth be known, 90% of my church clothes are black and white so this wasn't really new but it does warm my heart to look down the aisle at church and see everyone in matching duds:

What are you loving right now?


Elizabeth said...

Firstly you look STUNNING in the family pic. Your children as always look gorgeous too (I cant believe how good the black and white looks on your little ones).
Wow snow already? I hope you get a bit more Fall weather before the big freeze arrives.
The Bodens Catalogue is lush... and unavailable to us in OZ... boo to that.
Your Mum is a legend and I an envious of the bumbo as they were after my baby time.
I love Busters PJ's and who wouldn't want to stay in their PJ's all day?

sarahw said...

Golden spoon is great.....they have one right down the road. I think I will have to make a pit stop there tomorrow. I will need it to get me through this Halloween weekend.

Eye shadow brushes do the job. I'm hooked.

The coordinating outfits are priceless. I can barely get me and three kids dressed for 2:30 church. If I tried to coordinate, we wouldn't even make it. Props to you. (By the way, I want to see more family pics)

Melissa Walker said...

Someone from Utah needs to get their frozen yogurt store out here to Chicago. Seriously!? Apparently, the Illini have not figured out the beauty that is golden spoon, frogurt, froyo, whatever the names are! I also love Boden, and although I have some summer skirts, have not ventured into fall. I don't know if I'm cool enough to pull it off!

Jill said...

It was a shock to wake up to so much snow yesterday, but was pretty and cozy-inducing, yet I was glad it melted by the end of the day...I haven't planted my bulbs yet!

I saw a baby at Wal-Mart in footie pajamas and thought they were adorable and appropriate for the weather!

The big make-up brush I use to put on my mineral foundation leaves little black hairs on my I really need that!

It is such a blessing to have an awesome grandma for your kids!

I haven't had Golden Spoon yogurt is so many years, but I loved it back in the day.

Bumbos are hilarious! I think they're a great invention, but it cracks me up every time I see a baby in one.

You and the kids are totally stylin in your coordinated church ensembles!

Brandi said...

I love the matching church clothes. I don't know how you do it. I hate shopping. You have inspired me to turn off the dang computer and get shopping. Jason will love you for that! I need to hang out with you and find out where to shop. You guys look adorable.

Denise said...

What I would be loving is if you would do a post about coordinating clothes for family pics. You have the perfect mix of coordinating without matching in every family picture I've seen. So, hook me up. Pictures are December 6, so your deadline is Thanksgiving...

Kimmie said...

i must agree...i immediatley thought how absolutely GORGEOUS you look in that picture with your kiddos.

and you just made my year....the "swirl" is back!!! i may be in your neighborhood much more these days. the v's LIVED there everyday during our junior and senior years!

Heidi said...

Did you see this? I have drooled over Boden and mini-boden but have never actually ordered anything. The European sizing sort of freaks me out, but now it shows they use US sizes. Have you ever gotten anything from them? Do they run pretty true to size?

brooke said...

Thanks Heidi--I did know about that code. I still can't bring myself to blow the wad--when are trees going to step up and start growing money?

As for the sizing--I think the stuff runs pretty true to size. I've ordered stuff in the past and really liked it.

sheryl said...

Lovin that you keep up the posts! That I don't have a full length mirror in my house, that my flowers are looking amazing and that we are getting to go most the day without A.C. Most of all I love my makes me realize how blessed I am!

The Mostess said...

Got my holiday jammies all lined up for B!

Always use nice brushes--it will change your life.

I'm planning on spending my life savings at Boden once I drop the baby weight. I love their knit dresses. Have you seen Mini Boden? Heaven help me.

Love the coordinating outfits. I can't wait to see Ash's boys triple vested!!

The Mostess said...

And I LOVE your mom. Our whole ward loves your mom. She's a wonderful lady!

Em said...

I love the Bumbo, too! And I think Buster is so absolutely precious sitting in it. Chubby babies are the best!