Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Roadie

This last weekend, Sam and I took the kids on a little road trip to St. George. If you have read my other road trip post, you know how we roll.

Highlights (or really low lights):

Eating a greasy lunch at Larry's Drive-in in Fillmore, UT (Known to our family as Scary Larry's)

Stopping at the Chevron (with the Dairy Queen and the big white chair out in front) in Beaver because they have the best bathrooms according to Sam. He will deny this but he actually told me he thinks they have nice tile work.

Enjoying everything the hotel has to offer; Namely, jumping on the beds, watching tons of tv and abusing the complimentary breakfast--have you ever seen how much my kids eat?

Watching my kids fight over who gets to push the button in the elevator every. single. time. we got in.

Finding this outside the room next to ours (those are rose petals) Apparently someone was having a more romantic trip than we were.

Praying that my kids didn't wake them up at the crack of dawn.

Seeing this car in the parking lot--explains the rose petals! You gotta love the spelling on "married."

Taking our kids to run in their first race:

Having Sammie chicken out moments before the race and refuse to run.

Enjoying this huge indoor swimming pool at the local rec center.

Dressing Buster is the world's largest swim trunks and the world's tiniest top (I was short on time with packing and had to grab whatever I could find!)

Seeing this couple taking a snooze and wishing I could do the same.

Eating dinner at a Mexican "restaurant" that was literally inside a gas station. Sam read that they had great food so we tried it. Food was relatively good--Sam loved his steak torta--but the atmosphere left something to be desired. Why didn't I get any pictures!! Of course, Ryan spilled his drink all over the floor so we had to make a quick get-away.

Letting Ryan take his wet shirt off and just wear an open jacket with no shirt underneath the rest of the evening. I think we really impressed the workers in the Polo outlet.

Packing the car to the gills on Sunday morning and driving home. Look how happy everyone looks.

Don't say we aren't classy.


The Mostess said...

This post scares me. I see my future, and it ain't pretty. It's not as bad as the spellin' on them thar newlyed's car...but it scares me nonetheless. Bad spellers deserve kids waking them at the crack of dawn. You're too nice.

So much good stuff to cover. I love the tiny swim shirt and ginorm trunks.

Gas station Mexican could be good, and I think I may trust Sam's judgment. Love the quick get-away.

You roll large, and I like it.

PS--I owe you a baby announcement. I need stamps. Please take pity on me.

Denise said...

Looks like fun to me...I don't know if that is a sad thing or a happy thing. I still won't venture on many trips with the boys. There is way too much fighting going on in the car and on a road trip they all have to share a row so we have room for our stuff. I can't wait for my car to die. What kind of van do you have? It's hard to find one with three seats in the 2nd row. Thanks for the pic advice.

Ashley said...

I love a good roadie. So funny about the nice tilework and the newlyweds next door. That water play area really looks amazing. It's nice how to kids a roadie like that is only a very small step below Hawaii.

Heidi Jean said...

Excellent memory-making weekend, Super-Mom. I won't let my boys see this post b/c they'll get jealous and want to know when we're driving to St. George (which is never; well, unless if we fly into Vegas first).

Sam has always had an eye for skilled tile work. And I know he has a skilled palate when it comes to Mexican fare. I was in Palm Springs for the weekend and enjoyed some killer Mex at El Mirasol (I think that's the place you two like?).

As for Ryan and the soda...when my boys were younger my meal-time motto was "It ain't a meal without a spill."

And by the way you ARE classy. Have you seen how your kids dress? My boys don't look that good on school picture day.

Jill T said...

for some reason the elevator button part made me laugh. maybe it's all too familiar...

Jill said...

I love the details from your road trip and the good documentation of the rose petals and "Just Marry'd" window. (I really hope that was a joke.) I also love the couple cacked out on the pool chairs, that's hilarious. I hope their kids didn't drowned.

I remember fighting to press the elevator buttons as a kid.

Elizabeth said...

Let me tell you the fighting over the lift buttons NEVER stops!
I loved this post, poor Sammie getting to the line and then getting scared.
Kudos to you for having the kids in the car for that long.

Cameron said...

Ashley, what's this "one step below Hawaii" talk? St. George is always preferable to Hawaii when you're 6 years old.

Linda said...

Sam - We make that same "pitstop" in Beaver - because of the bathroom (and the extra good choc malts at the DQ) I have also thought that the tile work was surprisingly good for a convenience store.
Brooke - see me. I have swim trunks and rash guard for Buster.
The kids are adorable and you are great parents.

Amy said...

I laughed all the way through this post. I related to just about everything. My girls (8 and 11) still fight over pushing the buttons on the elevator! And can you imagine what Colton does at a continental breakfast, it's embarrassing.

I love that your kids, okay Luke, ran in a race. That's awesome

Anonymous said...

Holy Freak I miss you Brooke!!! Your family pics on FB are gorgeous..... love your guts.

Melissa Walker said...

Oh, yeah--this all sounds so familiar! Road trips/hotels with kids. And I willingly do them again and again and again! Thanks for the laughs!

Stephanie said...

I loved the elevator picture--I miss those days when my kids would rush the elevator to push the button. They still have things to fight over I guess, it's just not as charming as the elevator button. ;) haha.

As for spelling...has anyone noticed the signs for hanging up Christmas Lights as you come into Cranberry Hill? One sign says, "We Hang Christmas Lights" and another sign says something like "We will hang thiers." haha. I'm thinking they must be young kids or something but I'm guessing they might have more business if they'd have used spellcheck. I hope they don't go to BYU! ;) It kind of just gives me joy driving past those signs. I think it will actually increase the business for the service with the first sign. I wouldn't have given that first sign as much notice if it wasn't for the second one. Simple pleasures.

Speaking of road trips, once we stopped at a Mexican Restaurant in or near Beaver called "Mexican Food." We thought that was such an unusual name that we actually stopped there just for the humor of it. Do they really think that people won't be able to figure out what kind of a restaurant it is if the name was in Spanish? Hmmm... Surprisingly, it was pretty good, if I remember right. Now when we drive to St. George we try to save our Mexican Food cravings for Pancho & Lefty's. Yummy stuff.

Oh, by the way, be careful when stopping in the gas stations in Beaver they ask if they can check your tires as a courtesy when they are low on business and then have you pull into the bay and then exaggerate that you need new brakes or shocks. It has happened to us a couple of times there, not recently. They did a good job of unsettling us on our trip though. Glad you made it through there alright. :)

Hope you had a fun trip! Love your new family pictures!

Stephanie said...
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