Monday, November 15, 2010

Real Men Eat Quiche

Tonight I cooked up the most nasty concoction my kitchen has ever seen. A quiche with waaaaay too much (frozen) spinach and mushrooms. The thing didn't set up properly and was slimy and slippery and stinky. I got the recipe from a cooking class my mom and I recently attended at Thanksgiving Point. It was delicious when we ate it there. But at home, something went horribly wrong.

Enter Sam. He was a desperate man. After his first bite, he said "not bad." Then after a few more bites, he admitted it was BAD. After polishing off an entire piece, he admitted it was horrible. But that didn't stop him. You can see how much he ate.

As bad as it was, he maintains that it isn't the worst thing I've ever made. When I asked him what was the worst, without hesitation he said, "the goulash you made back in 2002." He is referring to the time that I got a recipe for chicken rice soup from my mom. The thing fed like 100. We had vats and vats of it in our fridge. It wasn't good but we ate it for days. Ironically enough, my mom dropped off that very soup to us tonight and my kids loved it. Everything she makes is delicious.

To my gourmet dinner night friends: Don't be scared. I'm not making you quiche when you come in three weeks. I've begged Sam to make a bird again for me to serve that night. No dice. When he makes a bird, he has to babysit it all day and since GDN is on a weekday, he won't be home to do it.

I've learned from past experience. This year, I'm serving a Honey Baked Ham.


Jill said...

How funny that he ate so much of it! I'm not a fan of quiche because I have issues with eggs, so I wouldn't have even been in the house while this was baking.

Will you be trying the recipe again?

I love Honey Baked Ham!

Linda said...

Thanks for the complement about my cooking. Wish it were true - we've all had our disasters. I'm sorry the chicken/rice soup wasn't good~sometimes things just taste better if you don't have to make them yourself.

Ashley said...

Sam was either very nice or very desperate to eat that thing. The worst thing I ever made was a tuna casserole back in 2007. I got the recipe on a Campbell soup ad and it included canned peas. Tyler was not so gracious. As for the gulosh, no food is good in enormous quantities. It's just a fact, and if I were smart I'd start dividing all meals in half and freezing them.

Sam said...

One of the first memories from my childhood is eating quiche while living in Pittsburgh. For some reason, I had it from time to time at an early age and enjoyed it.

I was surprised when Brooke announced she was making it since it is hard to get right and her specialty cheese dish involves macaroni, milk and orange powder.

It looked okay coming out of the oven, but as soon as I cut a slice I knew something was wrong. The consistency was mushy; there was a lot of fluid; there was spinach everywhere. It tasted only slightly better than it looked--the only saving grace was the burnt cheddar on top.

In sum, it was dog food...but I was desperate, and I've had worse (i.e., goulash).

Elizabeth said...

I feel ya ... I tried to recreate a dish we ate in Thailand last night. Nothing could save it, although Bear ate a huge plate and then told me it was foul but he was hungry. I agreed it was foul.
Enough about me ... Spinach is hard to cook with - it has too much water esp the frozen stuff. So it is in no way your fault I'm sure you a great Cook ;-)

Ashley said...

BTW, next time you are tempted to make quiche, make the Mostess' holiday breakfast instead. Same idea, no spinach.

alexandra said...

I love that he knew immediately which meal was worst--and even when he ate it. Men are so funny about food, They basically "just want to get full," reports my husband in specific ref to the missionaries and will eat almost anything, but they actually can distinguish good food from bad, and their food memories are etched deep. My husband still doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with myside of the family bc my mom once put oysters in the stuffing and ruined his holiday. I think that was 2005, but he oculd tell you for sure.

Jill T said...

I am not scared at all. Your dinners are always great!

Lucky Sam and other husbands who get to test out all the trial recipes! :)

sheryl said...

I'm telling you Brooke...I have THE EASIEST most FAIL PROOF alfredo dish that is to DIE for! Way easier than all the dishes to go with the ham!