Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sammie's Teeny Tiny Party

Sammie turned six last week and I threw her a teeny tiny party. Before any of you get all crazy and actually think I came up with all this myself, I must give credit to Jennie at Focus Jennie. I stole all of her ideas.

We sent out teeny tiny invitations:

My friend Carolyn got me tiny white cone shaped water cups from her work that I forced my poor mother to make into tiny party hats (Look how cute they turned out!) My mom also came and helped with the party. She took care of Buster and did whatever else I ordered her to do:

We served the girls a lunch with all kinds of tiny foods:

I even found these tiny glasses at Zurchers:

I made Sammie a teeny tiny cake:

The girls painted these tiny treasure chests and then went on a treasure hunt for tiny prizes. All of the clues included the words "small" or "tiny":

Here are the cute girls in their tiny party hats:

Listen to how similar all of their names are (these are not in order) Sammie, Sophie, Brynn, Brinley, Baylee, Kate, Kate, Kadee, Katia, and Naiah. Stella and Ella were taken off the list at the last minute because we were getting too many. Needless to say, I was tongue tied for the whole party. I called everyone the wrong name.

Sammie had a great time. I'm glad the party is in the rear-view. She reads my blog now on the ipad and has been hounding me to get this post up. I'm wondering if she turned six or sixteen. Sheesh.


The Mostess said...

I like that Sammie is all over your business trying to keep you honest and up to date. Good work, girl!

Ok--you know how I love all things gigantic and miniature--so I LOVED this tiny little party. So adorable. I am totally in love with the lil' hats, and I want to steal Buster and run away with him when he's wearing his!

The teeny, tiny cake was to die for.

Happy Birthday, Sammie!!

Ashley said...

Like Sammie I have been waiting for this post and I'm glad you finally got it done. That party was truly adorable. The invites, hats, and cake were so so darling. Those parties take so much effort but at least you can be sure Sammie will remember it. Well done.

Linda said...

It was such a cute, fun party! And Sammie was adorable!! She loved it. And I will tend Buster any time. He is more yummy than the cake!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Sammie!
What a fun and cute party. Excellent work and all the pics are adorable.

lindsey said...

Such a cute party!! Great execution of all those ideas!!!!!! Especially that little cake. I need someone to get all up in my grill to post about Finn's birthday!!!!

Stephanie said...

Super sweet! :)

Liz said...

Please keep all that stuff for me in about 3-4 years for Macy. I love it! Happy Birthday, Sammie!

Kadee G. used to be in our ward.

Jill T said...

What a fun party! I loved the tiny hats. We have birthdays coming up at our house and just tonight we were discussing whether I'd have the energy to do a fun home party or just pony up the cash and go somewhere...this week will tell. I was trying to talk the 4 birthday kids into letting me throw 1 big bash and get it all over with. Too bad they have different ideas of what they want. This tiny party sure is tempting! Good job!

alexandra said...

So cute! One more post to make me jealous i don't have a girl!

Linde said...

What a cute idea!! It looked darling and I'm sure it turned out great! How fun for Sammie!!

Natty said...

Absolutely darling! That last picture of Sammie looks just like you! --That's how I remember you way back when--

KellyBelly said...

Are you for hire? I have a little girl turning six in Aug. lol

Jill said...

Oh my goodness this is the cutest party ever!