Monday, July 11, 2011

CJane says I am a Tall, Luminous, Blonde

so you know it must be true. I feel pretty awesome right now. See the post here. Sam and I were at the airport in San Diego getting ready to come home from a very fun vacation (that post coming.) I rue the day I didn't have Sam take a picture of me with CJane. Quite honestly, she had her hands full with her kids and I just couldn't ask. But she was as nice as she could be and it is the closest I've ever come to meeting a celebrity. I did touch Kenny Loggins once....

I am hosting a shower at my house tomorrow night for 60 ladies (you better believe it is open house style!) and if you could see my house right now, you would not believe I would let my own mother in here tomorrow. But here I am still giving you a Bachelorette post people!

Tonight I watched the Bachelorette while I "helped" Sam recover the seat cushions on our kitchen chairs. All the while, I was texting Mandee and loading up my Old Navy virtual cart with school uniforms only to discover an hour later that the 35% off code I was using didn't apply to unis...what the?

So here is the extremely quick and dirty on Bachelorette in Taiwan:

Ashley looked really cute in the white jeans but holy crap girl--can you find a shirt with a back? I especially loved it when she went to the temple with Ryan backless! It didn't seem right.

I texted Mandee at the beginning of Ashley's date with Ryan and said he is going home at the end of their date. Told you so!!

I felt bad for Ry Ry (that's what we call our Ryan.) It is hard to see someone who is ALWAYS happy sad. He is sweet and will be a great dad. Please please Mr. Fleiss, don't make him our next bachelor (Jake Pavelka part deux!) I would rather watch a caveman and I already swore I wouldn't do that.

Speaking of the cavemen, Ben is growing on me. It started last week but I had too much pride to admit it. I still don't want him to win but he is alright. Constantine still sucks.

I loved Ames in the baby blue tux. He is so cute when he doesn't talk. He is so cheesy but I still like him. Sue me.

Emily should totally be our next Bachelorette. Love her. Why oh why can't she and Brad make it work? Is he crazy? Tell me please people!


Corrine said...

That was you!?! I read that post yesterday! I know someone who met a celebrity. You are a tall, luminous blonde- very good description!

Corrine said...

That was you!?! I read that post yesterday! I know someone who met a celebrity. You are a tall, luminous blonde- very good description!

Ashley said...

Someone posted on facebook that Ryan would be our next bachelor and I wrote exactly what you said (Please no, Jake Pavelka part 2. . . . )

Anyway, I think the reason Ben is growing on us is just because they seem to really like each other. I did like when they get on the moped and he said "llyod and harry." You could barely hear it.

I loved when Ry Ry was talking about the water heaters, just bc it was something real, and I thought it was brutal of the editors to choose that conversation to edit in Ashley saying how they just didn't click.

Constantine is still the worst! I am going to feel bad for Ames when he gets sent home next week.

Jill said...

Wow, you're tall, luminous, blonde AND famous now!

D-dawg said...

Brooke- lol- I can't believe that was you! You're totally famous. Too bad you couldn't get her to link to your blog. Although maybe you wouldn't want THAt much traffic!

Laura B. said...

I agree...Ashley's outfits were the worst this week. Ugh.
Ames is the most POLITE man on the planet. he had some GREAT one-liners today. He cracks me up!
Ben is darling. JP was a whiner-pants this week.
But let's talk about Emily and Brad. I am still in denial. I'm convinced that because the paparazzi hounded them so bad, they are fake breaking up. And then they will privately work on their relationship. And one day we'll be at the grocery store and US Weekly will have a "Brad and Emily's Secret Wedding" cover story.
And then I will tell the world "I TOLD YOU SO!"

She is darling though. I don't want her to be the Bachelorette because I want her to just go back to regular life. We'll see what happens though!

Natalie said...

you are quite luminous ;)

Mandee said...

I love it when I have a front row seat to your life/blog posts via text. Would it be bad if I bore my testimony that I know texting strengthens friendships and heals the soul? The teenagers would eat it up.

Anyway- you were right on about Ryan. The crying, though. Emmy award winning. I'm with you about Brad and Emily- I was yelling at my tv- but you CAN make it work. You really, really can!

And I love that you are the tall, luminous, blonde from her post. No one deserves that title a la CJane more than you do.

Elizabeth said...

You are a really big deal! and now you are on a famous blog (other than yours of course) to prove it. Good job.

Greg said...


How do you get these screen grabs for your posts???

Linde said...

I haven't had a chance to read blogs until! You met CJane. AND you were tall, luminous and blonde (you are)and how cool!!

It would interesting to see Emily as the Bachelorette, but I doubt she would ever do it, but who knows.

Ashley said...

Where are all your bachelor commenters? Think they didn't come because of your title? Are or they all on vacation?

Linda said...

Okay, Ashley - here's one of the regular commentators. 1) I'm still cheering for Ames. He's just so classy. 2) I like that JP got jealous - I think he's actually (dare I even say it?)"in it for the right reasons." 3) I think Emily has another self-promoting side and she has wanted to be the bachelorette all along. I think the breakup and interview were all part of her game plan. 4) I think you should be the next "luminous,tall & beautiful bachelorette! (no worries that you are already married - they all have girlfriends/boyfriends at home.)

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Who is CJane? What the? ;) jk. Whoever this CJane is, I hope I don't meet her in person, I am scared about how she would describe meeting me to the world! :D

I agree about Ben...and Constantine. Same, same. As for Ryan, I think that was one of the saddest, most heart-breaking moments I have seen in a long time...and yet, I could almost hear cheers across the country that his smile cracked. (Or was that just me?)Ashley helped Ry Ry break through the reality barrier. If he could have started off this show at this point I would have liked him more. Wow, he DOES have feelings! This may sound heartless but his smile was seriously wearing on me. ;)haha. I was actually sad to see him go, which surprised me. He just may be the next Bachelor--that is what I was thinking as he left. Sorry, but I think Ry Ry is a much more stable guy than Jake. I would probably rather watch Ryan as the Bachelor than the remaining guys...I think Mickey should be the one though. I like Ames, but we might be bored to death watching him with a bunch of ditzy glitzy girls--even worse if they all had doctorates and masters degrees. ;) haha. I just don't see that happening.

Let's see, JP, I like the twinkle in his smile but something doesn't sit right with me about him. I have seen that jealous/possesive side of him from the start and there are times when I see daggers in his eyes. ha. Haven't you all seen that movie "Enough" with JLo? ;)I was laughing when Lucas was talking about his perceptions of JP and how he might have reacted differently if he wasn't the one that got to wear the tux. So true! Ames is so great, he doesn't worry about anything. He just does whatever--I love that about him! I loved that he was stuck wearing that hot pink boxing outfit. He just makes my day--color me happy. :)

To me, Emily seems as fake as her hair--or maybe it would be kinder to say that she likes to live in her own reality. To be fair, I prefer to live in my own reality too and, yes, I admit, I also enhance my hair color. I'm sure trying to have a relationship under such public circumstances is very difficult but I don't believe she is as weak and passive as she pretends to be. I don't think I could handle watching Emily as the Bachelorette...please no! I think Emily needs to watch the movie "Life or Something Like It" with Angelina Jolie. Wake up girl!

Did I stir the pot enough? :)

GWACK said...

What did Ames say to Lucas at the very end, when Lucas said, "Good luck?" I could've sworn he said, "Love ya." I even rewound it to be sure. Maybe he said, "Luck to ya" but it really sounded like love. I thought it was hysterical that Ames got the wedding outfit he did. He strikes me as a little feminine. Sorry!

My heart belongs to JP. There's something really genuine about him. I think the jealousy is a natural reaction to the girl he likes going out with several other men. I hope so much that he's the one she picks.

I felt horrible for Ryan as well! He just wants to be loved, for goodness sake! One of the saddest bachelor departures ever.

I know I don't know you but I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette commentary and haven't found anyone else who writes about it better!