Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chasing Spring

I am soooo over winter. It is cold, there is no snow this year, I've been sick for three weeks, AND, my mom (who helps me all the time) is in Hawaii for the entire month. So to put it mildly, I've got the winter blues. It's time to start thinking about Spring. At least our spring wardrobe. This is what I would be buying right now (if I had the means...)

I love Boden. Their clothes never fit me but it doesn't stop me from ordering their stuff (and then returning it all.)

I love this whole outfit..the dress, the belt, the cardigan:

I also drool over this pencil skirt-cardigan combo (totally sold out):

I have an unhealthy addiction to White House Black Market. I love this sweater jacket. I think I could wear it to work..that is if I actually worked, which I don't, but whatever:

I've got a hankerin' for some red jeans. Every guy I know hates red jeans but girls love them. These would not be for dates but for impressing my lady friends (I'm thinking I'm going to skip the bare midriff look):

For the gym, a Lululemon skirt (I may or may not have already purchased this item!) To my friends in Utah, did you hear the good news? We now have a Lululemon store at Trolley!

And don't forget a swimsuit for the tropical get-away I'm not taking..this one is from Nordstrom (I'm a sucker for black and white and polka dots)

And I think this one by Hapari is really cute too (under wire..hallelujah!)

And let's not leave the kids out. I would get Sammie this outfit at Gymboree (It would be cute for an Easter egg hunt):

And this outfit for my two little boys from Janie and Jack (matching of course)..I never get tired of plaid shorts:

And for Luke, cute swim trunks and fake Vans from Old Navy:

I have a big surprise in store for you. Check back tomorrow for an awesome "Beat the Winter Blues" swimsuit giveaway!


leandparkermakes3 said...


I may or may not have purchased several of these items already! Ha! Ha! I bought the Boden dress, the Lululemon skirt, and the tulip sweater!!!! Great minds think alike! P.S. You could totally rock the Boden dress if I can!

Lisa said...

You have such great taste! Yes, unfortunately I know about the lulu in Trolly, sadly I've already been there twice since it opened-that is my unhealthy relationship. I bet you rock that skirt!

Ashley said...

Those Boden clothes are adorable--I could never wear the dress or the WHBM sweater because they require a waist. I love that big button cardigan--and she's even wearing it buttoned! I don't know what people would do if I walked into the Y wearing that skirt. It'd be less weird if I worked out in a pair of jeans (I've seen that). The polka dot swimmer is adorable. The kids clothes are cute but less interesting to me.

I was at Target yesterday and they were setting up the Easter stuff!

Shavanna said...

I am glad you are back. Sorry you were sick. I miss your posts, they are so real and funny and such an inspiration. I have followed yoru blog, because I want to become a blogger like you, but never seem to get there.

Ashley said...

Also I really want some pastel pink or blue skinnies, maybe capries.

Linde said...

those Boden clothes are darling!! Why can't you wear them? I get that some designs fit differently, but what about those don't fit you?

Laura said...

I have that lulu skirt in the hot pink. I love it! I just got the Biden catalog the other day and I have already marked a ton of stuff that I want. I haven't bought much from Boden, but it is all so adorable. Great post, I am always in the mood to shop virtually

Linda said...

Aloha! Sorry you are not here. It's a great way to beat the winter blues. I, too, have already purchased several of the items you love right now. (you will laugh) I have the red skinny jeans from BHWM. I almost bought the plaid capri's from Gymboree for Sammie, but got the pink & wht plaid shorts. Let me know if I should get the others.
PS - you have a birthday coming up. . .

Hansens said...

I love that you share my affinity for pencil skirts:)

Kelli said...

I love Boden. I saw that dress on the top in the catalog that came in the mail this week. I can't stop thinking about it. Maybe when it goes on sale.
Get well.

alexandra said...

I had to delete my comment last night because I wrote it on my phone and my love for Boden was autocorrected to Biden, amongst other offenses. But I had to say that an hour before I came to your blog, I was dying over the Boden catalogue and deciding that it is my new favorite clothing line. Unfortunately. I love that big buttoned sweater.

I am glad you have that Lululemon skirt, and I love Ashley's comment about it.

Em said...

The workout skirt is darling. And I love that Boden dress and cardigan. I'm with Ashley though, I can't wear crap that draws unwanted attention to the waist (and chest) area. I know Stacey and Clinton are big advocates of the belt, but I just can't.

I love your posts like these! Feel better!