Friday, February 6, 2009

A Few Questions Weighing on my Mind

1. If I pound enough of these babies, is it considered a meal?

2. Why is the Bachelor such good tv?

3. Is it excessive that Sammie has 3 Valentine's outfits?

4. Why have I completely lost the desire to go to the gym?

5. Do you all really make dinner every night?

6. Why is my chubby baby turning into such a daddy's boy?

7. How do I get this chubby baby off the tap (weaned?)

8. Isn't it wonderful when your kids are finally old enough to do your dirty work: ie. delivering bridal shower invitations in the ward?

9. How am I going to convince Sam to go see "He's just not that into you" and "Confessions of a Shopaholic?"

10. Is it kosher to buy myself a Valentine's gift when I neglected to buy Sam a birthday present?


Jessica said...

truly hilarious! Of course buy yourself a Valentine's gift. You are doing him a favor--does not have to think of a gift or go buy it. Go see one movie as a GNO and leave him home with the kids and a 'honey do list' and he will definitely want to see the other with you!

Ashley said...

Oh man, this (good blogging) makes me despise my food storage post. Sammie is beautiful in those outfits--I love the face tilt. And Ryan is the cutest thing ever. I think he and Max look a lot alike right now, but it may just be the age and the dimples.

Liz said...

Sammie is such a model. Serious...she's got the looks down! No, I don't make dinner every night. I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks. Feel better?

Amy said...

You are too funny! I think Sammies' outfits are adorable! And she won't want to wear that kind of stuff forever. Enjoy it while it lasts. And yes, buy yourself something for Vday. I bought my own card, just in case!

Sam said...

In response:

1. Yes b/c that is what I had for dinner last night.
2. It is not, unless by "good tv" you mean "a television show that pits women against each other over an average man, whom they believe they will marry when in fact they will break up with before People magazine can document the final rose ceremony; see mudd wrestling."
3. Yes.
4. Because it is cold outside, and your hubby has stopped exercising.
5. Yes. I usually make myself something when I get home from work.
6. Because he has a connection with his dad; he enjoys wrestling, being chased, and tossed in the air. At least you have Sammie; she has made a habit of telling me that she doesn't like me anymore.
7. Stop bringing him into bed and get him on more solids.
8. Yes.
9. You cannot. Go see them with the ladies in the ward or your mother. I had the courtesy not to drag you to "Dark Knight."
10. Sure--just give him credit for the purchase.

Kelly said...

Oh boy, there is so much to say. First off, those treats can absolutely be considered a meal. Don't watch t.v., not time and would rather sleep. Sammie's outfits are ADORABLE. Boy, she works it doesn't she? Love the red boots! I haven't been to a gym or worked out in 20 months, no lie. I used to work out hard at least 5 times a week and now, no time. It's rather pathetic. Now that has got to make you feel better (yes i did mean 20 months.)I never make dinner and this you should know to be true, you once saw my fridge. Daddy's boys can be a good thing, a little more "you" time :) As far a weaning. Good luck. I just went through this. Bailey refuses any other type of milk (i tried for 2 weeks and she threw her sippy up against the wall). So now i just give her other milk products and Dave and I tried really hard to distract her during those regular nursing times. She was fussy for quite awhile. Go see a movie he wants to see and there is your trade off. ABSOLUTELY buy yourself a Valentines gift. It has to beat what Sam would get you (or maybe he's good at that stuff, Dave however, was the worst. I am still training him. Remind me to tell you what I got my first Valentine's Day from him. I am too embarassed to write it here)

Kelly said... CRACK me up!

Bonnie said...

You have the cutest children! I plan to make dinner every night but I don't. I recently declared thursday leftover/sandwich/whatever night.

Kimmie said...

If it makes you feel any better... Braden is LUCKY to get 2 homemade meals per week. The rest is leftovers, cereal/breakfast foods, or "pantry meals" (ie. made out of whatever we have around).
That Sammie is a kill! I LOVE how she POSES!

Heidi said...

How do I make my little girl half as cute as Sammie? She is so cute! As for your Valentine's Day gift and movie trouble...
Buy yourself a great gift!
And tell Sam all you want for V-Day is for him to go see one of your movies with you!
Then you get the best gift ever, and you get to see the movie you want with your hubby! Your V-day should be perfect!
Also what is...Cooking Dinner? Do people actual do this?

Laura B. said...

Brooke, this is fabulous. these truly are pressing questions and I can see why they would keep you up at night.
Love it!

Amy M. said...

I love the Valentines outfits, especially #2. Those red boots are to die for.
Also, I'm loving the term "off the tap." Never heared it before, but it's a stroke of genius.

Pandy said...

I know I'm not going to be popular saying this....but, I don't get anything about those "find your true love" shows. I'm not in favor of anything that makes women look like addle-brained boobs in stilletos. Too many female celebreties have set the advancement of women back hundreds of years. So, I don't care how cute the Bachelor is - something must be missing for him (and them) to air their personal and intimate relationships on national television.

Having said that, I have no problem whatsoever in watching Jack mow down hundreds of bad guys on "24". To each his own.

Sammie looks adorable.

I only cook on Sundays.

Gyms are stinky and covered with disgusting "droppings" from grunting guys. They make me itch. My backyard is my gym. That still doesn't mean I actually use it for such.

Chick Flicks = Girlfriends

If you can afford gifts for yourself go for it!!!!