Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Makes Me Tired

I started the day volunteering at Luke's school. Then I rushed home to get Sammie ready for her preschool Halloween party. She wore this:

I was helping with the party so I wore this:

Then I busted home to get back and pick up Luke from school. He informed me that he HAD to have a beard to go with his Obi-Wan Kenobi costume. I drove to three different stores looking for a beard. No dice. I feel like the world's biggest idiot for even admitting that I did that.

We came home and I made dinner. Then we started getting ready for the ward Halloween party. I was flying solo with the three kids because Sam had a work commitment.

Then came Luke's costume fiasco that made us 45 minutes late for the party: A couple months ago, we decided that Luke would be a knight, Sammie would be a princess and Ryan would be a dragon--you know how I like to coordinate!

Well, Luke came to me about a month ago and begged to be Obi Wan Kenobi. He said, "Mom, I will even go to school in the knight costume but please can I go trick-or-treating as Obi-Wan? I relented and told him he could just be Obi-Wan for everything. I think that alone should earn me "mother of the year" right?

Tonight, as we were putting on costumes, I convinced him to just put on the knight costume for a few pictures:

Then he went to look for the Obi-Wan Kenobi costume, which was nowhere to be found. He, of course, thought I was hiding it in an attempt to force him into being the knight for the party and I was yelling and tearing the house apart trying to find it. (He's been wearing it around the house for weeks.) I finally found it under a bunch of stuffed animals in Ryan's closet and off we went.

Ryan kept staring at me and saying "hat." Luke and Sammie both told me how beautiful I looked:

I guess I should put on fake eyelashes and black lipstick every day:

We did the party and as we were getting in the car to come home, I saw the cookies I was supposed to bring to the party.

So I eat one on the way home, and two more once I get inside. They are those huge Lofthouse sugar cookies. I didn't eat them because I was hungry; I ate them because I was tired. Does that make sense? Heaven help me, I've got three more days until Halloween, one more class party in the witch get-up and then it can be over. Tomorrow I will post pictures of all the shiz we have done this month. It is out of control. Are you all as ready as I am for Halloween to be over?

By the way, when I was in Walmart today, I saw the coolest Michael Jackson costume. It came with a wig, glove, hat, and sunglasses. You can also buy the red military jacket to go with it. I almost pulled the trigger. So if anyone still needs a costume--it definately will be the "it" costume this season!


leandparkermakes3 said...

October is NUTS! Halloween is getting bigger than Christmas! I'm glad your crazy day is over. Good luck with the next few. :) Hopefully we all survive.

Linda said...

You do look pretty in black lipstick!

I love the 3 in their coordinating costumes.

Halloween is such a high-maintenance holiday. At least Sam lets you buy costumes.

I am looking forward to November as my respite between October and December. No one gives a rat about Thanksgiving, and for that I am thankful.

Linda said...

That was me, Ashley, too lazy to sign Mom out.

Jen (and her men) said...

I hate it when Halloween lasts for a whole week. I can do the treats, but it's getting in the costumes over and over again that kills me. As it is we have to celebrate on Friday at school and then trick or treat on Saturday. Should we be happy it's on a Sunday next year? Maybe?!...

And you look good in that witch costume!

Linde said...

Makes me tired just thinking about your day! You would have never known it seeing you at the Ward party! :)

Christie said...

1. I am SO OVER Halloween already. The end cannot come fast enough for me.

2. Those Lofthouse cookies are the devil. I could eat five of them at a time. LOVE them.

3. My friend wore that Michael Jackson costume and it was the BOMB! Her husband went as Debbie Rowe in a big blond wig and had a baby with a blanket over its head.

Elizabeth said...

You rock that Witches costume! We don't "do" Halloween here... and after your post I'm a little bit grateful.. I'm Lazy as it is.
PS your children are adorable dressed up in King Arthur theme!

sheryl said...

loooove the costumes! Love your witch! I am dissappearing for Halloween this year. I did buy some candy today ...for me. :)

Kimmie said... might make you feel better to know that a couple of days ago I downed almost an entire pan of brownies ALL BY MYSELF!

Liz said...

I'm glad Emi will see you in your witch costume. She should know that there are cool moms that actually dress up! I tried to convince bill and the bishopric to do the different phases of Michael Jackson, but they are going as KISS instead.

The Mostess said...

DUDE. Since when did freaking Halloween become Christmas? I'm partied out. Blah.

You actually look really cute with black lipstick. I think emo is your calling.

Michael's had a flyer on how to do a "Thriller" jacket with a t-shirt, red duct tape, and black duct tape. Here it is:

Linda said...

I guess I've already commented. . .but I have to say that I love the kids in their costumes and the cute, fun KID stuff about Halloween. . .but I'm ALWAYS ready for it to be over! NOT my favorite holiday. I can't believe how the adults have "hijacked" Halloween, and how it has grown almost as big as Christmas. That's just plain WRONG!!

brooke said...


I appreciate the link to the "make it yourself thriller jacket" but when Walmart sells the full costume with jacket for 20 bones--it's a no-brainer. God bless Walmart.

Heather said...

You look GREAT! I love all the costumes! I LOVE Halloween...and I don't really get partied out because I love it so much.