Saturday, October 24, 2009

What I Should Be Doing Right Now

Here is what I should be doing:

1. I am on the stake primary board over Activity Days. I am supposed to be planning our annual day camp that will happen in March. March people! How am I supposed to get motivated to plan that until February? The bad news is we have to use budget money from 2009 to buy items that I need for the camp. So I have to start planning now. Someone make me.

2. As I pulled into my driveway this morning. Sam had the third car garage open. Is this embarrassing enough? We are totally that family. Notice all the bikes, strollers (yes, there are four and I use them all), a scooter from the early '90s, pool noodles, tools, etc. I should really be out there cleaning it up.

3. Ryan is 19 months. I am half-way through is baby book. I feel absolutely great about myself that I have even gotten that far. I really struggled with whether to do a traditional scrapbook for him since it takes so much time and I have so little will. But I made nice books for Luke and Sammie and I feel guilty not doing the same for Ryan. Plus, I like to include letters from me and Sam and hair from the first haircut etc, so the Snapfish book won't work. I finally just bit the bullet and got started. Now I need to find the will to finish it.

This is what happens when you work on it at 1:30 a.m. like I do. You forget what year he was born:

4. I'm helping with Luke's Halloween party at school this week. I need to find a game to do with the first graders.

5. Load and organize my photos on the computer. Who am I kidding? This will probably never happen.

What I've been doing instead:

1. Watching this:

Sam sat down with me last night and we watched for a solid two hours. I couldn't pull myself away. Have you ever seen the really bad dancers do their "freestyle" routine. I think I laughed until I cried. Poor girls. I love how the producers show at least 30 seconds of footage of various girls sticking their number onto their bra. It almost gets obscene. I looked over at Sam and he was mesmerized.

The good news is I found what I am getting my sister Ashley for Christmas. Did you see her post about making the squad?

2. Reading other people's blogs.

3. Talking about doing #1-#5 above.

4. Making excuses for not doing #1-#5 above.

5. Collapsing into bed.


Amy M. said...

You sound like me. I have a never ending to-do list. I can't keep up with everything!

Laura B. said...

I love it. We all have that list.
Should I be watching the Cheerleading show? is it trashy enough???

Laura said...

I love the list, if it would help i would be happy to take the scooter from the 90's off your hands, i would sacrifice for you to have one less thing to worry about :)

gwen said...

Let's talk Halloween Party games...for Livi's class last year we did a ring toss with 3-4 pumpkins with longer stems. Make 3 rings out of rope and duct tape, then let the kids stand 5 feet away and try to get the ring around the pumpkin stem. The best game though was bowling with gourds. Use your plastic bowling set (doesn't everyone have one?!) and set the pins up as usual. Instead of using balls, use the gourds. They roll every which way and make it pretty fun for the kiddos.

brooke said...

Great ideas Gwen. You are a genius. You just crossed one thing off my to-do list.

Kimmie said...

Ok...the Cowboys cheerleading TV show...really? You crack me up!!! Didn't even know such a thing existed! What will they come up with next?

Jill Tew said...

The reason one has a 3 car garage, is so that it can look like yours. Cross that one off the list. :)

Ashley said...

I'm so overdue on this comment, I keep starting it but get pulled away.

Part of the reason you can't get anything done right now is bc I'm in your grizzle all the time.

Be grateful you have a 3rd garage to hide that shiz in. I have the same shiz it just litters my front yard.

I'm also watching DCC's (of course). It's fantastic tv. Kelli is so scary.

Sam said...

The DCC is great television. While I had watched previous seasons, I hadn't tuned in until my older sister reminded me of the program. Thanks Heath.

As a Steeler fan, I obviously don't like the Cowboys, but I respect the DCC. How can you not be impressed with their sacrifice and determination?

Vermont Madsens said...


I hear what you're saying. It's like when you collected those gentlemen magazines in college for the literary content...

Also, out of context, but Bob Roll does rule.

The Mostess said...

Same observations as Ashley--3rd car garages exist? Seriously? We have one loaded to the hilt with crapola. Lucky.

"Pass the Pumpkin" is always a fun game--like hot potato with a mini pumpkin. You know how I love all things large and mini!

I think all men would love that show. To quote Lance as we saw the DCC costumes: "I don't know when Halloween got all slutty...but I like it!"

Em said...

I love this. I feel your pain.

My spare time hasn't been going to the DCC (I should, as I am now a Texan), but I seem to find other crap to waste it on, like Instant Play Netflix, blogs, and chasing around our puppy. What is my problem? Did General Conference do nothing for me?!