Friday, September 24, 2010

Simple Pleasures Part Deux

Here are a few more things I'm loving right now. (I'm easy to please!)

1. An on ramp to the freeway just opened minutes from my home. This is HUGE people! UDOT announced they were building it years ago and it is finally done. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I cruised onto I15 so easily.

2. Little boys in superhero costumes. Ryan loves his cousins and he is so lucky to have two that are his same age. This is my brother Rex's little boy:

3. Sobe beverages. I only buy the no-calorie ones because no one in their right mind would drink their calories. My favorite flavor is raspberry lemonade. It is actually not a life water one (with vitamins).

These babies went on sale at Smith's for 48 cents a piece and I cleaned 'em out. If the big one hits--I will be drinking Sobe. I justify it because I'm trying to limit my diet coke consumption. (I'm not giving it up, but trying to step down a level so to speak--the Sobe is my nicotine patch for Diet Coke.)

4. Halloween masks in the grocery store. I know you're confused. Let me explain. For years at Halloween time, I've been putting on scary masks and sneaking up on my unsuspecting kids in the cart. I love to watch them scream in horror. Then I take the mask off and laugh my guts out. I made Sammie take a picture of me. She was scared even though she knew it was me!

5. Leggings=as comfortable as sweats but stylish. My new staple. I can wear them with flats or boots. Getcha some.

6. Buster is finally getting his hair back. I think he is officially coming out of the ugly phase. This is cause for celebration. Someone get me a Sobe.

7. Gourmet Dinner Night with my girlfriends last night. There is nothing better than great food and girl talk. Last night was especially fun since the hostess' husband came out to kiss her goodnight in nothing but a pair of black "tighty whiteys." We all screamed. I wished I had my camera.

8. Glee. I've mentioned this show at least 8 times on my blog. If you're not watching this, you are seriously missing out. Sue Sylvester made me laugh 'til I cried this week. I'm so glad she won the Emmy. The Beast is brilliant too.

9. My new living room rug. It's from Target and I love it. Ignore the lack of accessories on the table. I am about to decorate for Halloween.

10. This one takes the cake. Star magazine (not as legit as Us and People but still....) and Reality Steve are reporting that Brad Womack is going to be the next bachelor. This is BIG! He was the Bachelor who didn't pick anyone last time he was on the show. Can you imagine the cajones it took to say no to both girls? I'll always remember him saying to Deanna, "I'm sorry, but I've got to say good-bye" in the hottest southern accent. I love that guy.

Update: I just read in Us magazine that Brad is the new bachelor. It is confirmed!!

I've got a lot of things annoying me right now too but I''ll save those for another post!


The Mostess said...

I'm fat and immobile--it leaves me plenty of time to comment on blogs, namely yours. Plus, D-Dub's new show is on right now, so it's me and the couch for the night. Lucky you!

The on ramp must be so nice--how convenient!

Ryan looks so big and cute!

Flavored water=an invention as bad as mixed fruit. Gack. I won't be knocking on your door during the Big One.

Love leggings, as long as they cover the boo-tay.

Love me some Glee. I needed that distraction this week. It worked.

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

I totally remember that!! It was the ONLY season of the Bachelor I have ever watched.. but now that we have cable at home I think I will give it a shot the next time it comes on!

LAURA said...

oh my, the mask made my day...that would scare the crap out of me! ha ha!

Where do you buy your leggings at?

Dave and Christine said...

How cute are Ryan and Trevor!! I have to tell you that when I was with your Mom and Sarah at Wheeler Farm Ryan was melting my heart. He is the cutest, cuddliest little guy. I couldn't get enough of him.

I think I had the same mask on at Target the other day scaring my girls. I love going to the halloween section!(I think my girls hate it.)

brooke said...


I got mine at Macy's. I saw cute ones at Nordstrom and White House Black Market too. They are only about 35 bucks most places. You'll love them.

Jill said...

Hooray for a new post from you!

Congratulations on the new on ramp. I'm loving the new road out to Freakin Eagle Mountain, it cuts 15 minutes off the trip to my parents' house.

Kids in costumes are so cute! Landon spend a good portion of his childhood dressed as Spiderman.

I don't think I've ever had a Sobe beverage. I'm deprived.

That is just too funny that you enjoy scaring/scarring your kids by wearing grocery store masks!

My legs are too beefy for wearing leggings in good conscience.

Buster looks adorable!

For real, the husband came out in his undies?

I like the new rug!

Denise said...

Yay, your back! I can't find a minute to update so I don't know how you can with four. I'm glad you are posting, though.

I wish you were here, because I've tried leggings a few times and have only received a couple of complements. I wonder if the lack of saying anything is because they make me look like I have two black sausages hanging out? I don't know anyone else who wears them and I feel out of place, so I've kind of given up on them.

I'll have to try that Sobe. I've switched from DC to Diet Rite, no caffine, no sodium. (Ok, I had a DC today, but I'm switching tomorrow.)

LOVE the rug!

And, Glee, brilliant!

Amy M. said...

That undies stunt was somethin' else. The things he'll do to make people laugh. Thank goodness for the pillow in front!
Dying that you put on masks and scare kids! SO FUNNY! I'm totally trying it. Do the moms ever get mad at you?
Your rug is cute.
Sue Sylvester was extra funny this week, especially when she scolded Boobs MaGee. Also, how did they find the perfect person to play Coach Beist?
Can't wait for the Bach.

Liz said...

I swear the Beast is last year's football coach...dressed as a woman. Am I right?

Your a good mom to scare the kiddos.

The new interchange is changing my life. Wish they would finish all the other crap around my house.

Ryan and Buster are uber-cute right now.

brooke said...


I only scare my own kids but that would be really funny to scare other kids.


I swear the Beast is the old football coach but another friend googled it and swears it is a real woman. I'll look into it.

Elizabeth said...

I love that one of the labels for this post was "happy".
Please do a post on HOW to wear the leggings and with WHAT... I have a pair and so far I have put them on about 5 times and never made it out the house...I am obviously a legging loser.
Both Ryan and Buster are adorable (Ryan looks very big as a superhero).
I told Dave that Beast was the old Ken Tanaka... now I will have to set him straight...good thing he never pays much attention to what I'm yakking about.

SewSara said...

i just love your posts!
and i'm glad i'm not the only mean mom who scares my kids w/ halloween stuff in the stores. i used to take them down that aisle at walmart just to watch them freak out.

oh and i almost emailed you the other night when i read about brad being (possibly?) the next bachelor ... i never even thought he'd consider doing it again, nor that they would want a repeat. wonder if he'll end things the same the next go-round. haha! i'd be a nervous wreck if i was one of the girls he was dating at the end.

sarahw said...
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sarahw said...

I just have to say that the pic of Ryan and Trev is adorable. He misses Ryan sooo much. Can't wait to be up there again...hopefully the big one hits while we're up there, so I can enjoy me some Sobe.

Have you heard of JEGGINGS?...a mix of leggings and jeans. Macy's and Nordstroms had them on their website main page a couple of weeks ago. Leggings I can do, but jeggings I just don't know about.

Ashley said...

This post was the Brookie at her finest. You deserve another Sobe! (Though I don't understand why you are stepping down the acid.) The grocery store masks is so funny and disturbing and I want to start doing it. Dino and Trevor are so dang cute--Max would fit in so well with them! And I am SOOOOOO excited about Brad Womack! You know how I feel about him. He is going to keep me warm this winter! And I need to look into leggings--perhaps leggings and mumu tops are the solution for our body type.

Ashley said...

And it's so funny that someone thinks you are going around scaring strangers' kids!

Heather said...

I've been using the Sobe Fuji Apple Pear as my diet coke patch. It is so delicious! Love it! I'm also a big thumbs up on the leggings...I just wish I could apologize to all who have to see me wearing them. SORRY!

Jill T said...

Your mask tradition is a hoot!

Amy M. said...

Ha ha ha! Just read the comments. I totally missed the "my" before the "kids" and thought you scared all the kids at the store. I was thinking that was pretty brave of you. So funny.

alexandra said...

Scaring my kids is one of the sweet, simply joys of motherhood. Costco has some wonderful masks for this purpose. It is also great to just pop out at them and scream when they come looking for you in the house.

Buster is definitely out of the ugly stage. (though he was never ugly, of course, but still, he is even cuter now!).

I am not sure about leggings. They looked great on one of my friends, but I am not sure I can pull it off. Definitely comfortable, though.

alexandra said...

i just read the other comments (heather's made me laugh out loud) and now i am just wishing that you were scaring others' kids, too.

Em said...

Man, if you wait too long to post a comment on your blog, you're too late to have an original idea...

That being said, I love Sue Sylvester, Boobs McGee, and the fact that Schue isn't rapping anymore! (And John Stamos, of course!)

Buster is so definitely hitting his stride. What an adorable little man.

And you and Ashley have me so intrigued by Brad Womack, I was practically excited to hear he's the new Bachelor. Your recaps will be highly anticipated!

Stephanie said...

Hi Brooke,

Okay, I missed the "my" before the kids too--I think I was still shocked at the mask! haha. Although, it is more fun to think of you sneaking up on stranger's kids! Ha!

Can't wait to get caught up on Glee--so happy there is another fun show to watch.

Also, I think I may need to give the "Diet Coke patch" a try! Just writing that makes me want to go grab a D.C. out of the fridge! I can already imagine the fizzy bubbles popping on my tongue. haha

Jen (and her men) said...

Love your new rug! Very chic. and Brad? I just might start watching again... oh yeah, and the masks...brilliant!

Em said...

PLEASE tell me you've seen this!!!!

Megan said...

I'm not exactly sure how to pull off leggings with my post-baby bod. You'll have to do a post with tips on this topic... PLEASE!


I sub'd Diet Coke for Diet Pepsi today...may have to give Sobe a try.

Buster is SO ugly phase.

Leggings are great--but I've seen some ladies white underthings through the cheap ones. No thanks. Wear something long over them or get yoself a black thong PLEASE.

At least hubby wasn't in a black thong.

Glee--LOVE it, but feel like it is SO hyppocritical for me to watch since it glamorizes everything against which I believe...eek, so there a Sobe for Glee?

Onramp--we just got one too! Five years later!! And then we moved. Poo.

I'd like to hear your complaints now please! :) Because I am quite sure they will make me pee my pants laughing.

Granted this is not hard after four kids, but still.


Oh and you are the best mom ever. I am too busy trying to remember why I went to the store with four kids to put on a mask and have some fun! (You ever think of who had that mask on before you?) Bleck. I wish my mind didn't always consider germiness.

nic said...

Gotta love Brad and gourmet girls night. Nothing better.