Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Best Ever Bachelorette in Hong Kong

I loved last night's show for so many reasons. The drama people!! What a good show!

I went up to my mom's house to watch Ashley reunite with Bentley on the big screen. My sister Ashley was in town and it was so fun to eat everything in sight and watch the show together.

The funniest part of the night was when my mom and I declared that Ames was the best guy left. A mere moments later, he had his scene in the elevator with Ashley where he was sooo cheesy and both me and my mom tried to back off of our love of Ames. My sister held us to it and kept saying "he's your guy!"

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning. Hong Kong is the coolest city in the world. I dream of going there on a vacay.

Next, Bentley is sooooo lame. He is disgusting and I love that Ashley got closure with him. He was still trying to flirt with her while he was saying he wasn't interested. I can't stand him. I love that Ashley told him off. She can finally put an end to the dreaded dot dot dot! Good-bye forever Bentley!

I am loving Ashley these days. I know. She won me over. I think she is cute and smart and ready to find love. I do have to say, she is the most bow-legged woman I have ever seen. I also think telling the guys about Bentley was a crucial mistake. That totally backfired. Sometimes honestly isn't always the best policy. But I felt really bad for her when all the guys ganged up and were being mean to her. I seriously wanted her to take Lucas' rose back. I would have. He is a total jerk. And I'm glad she didn't give Blake a rose. I know he came around at the end of the show but he made Ashley cry. I don't think she was into him anyway and it was time for him to go.

My sister Ashley loved Mickie. I think he is really good looking but I didn't like how he acted like Ashley owed him something. He was traveling the world on ABC's dime. With that said, I am voting for him to be our next Bachelor. Check out these photos I found of him. Ashley, these are for you:

I loved the group date. It was like Bachelorette meets the Apprentice or something. My mom and sis and I were cheering for Ames and Mickie so we were thrilled when they won. I have to hand it to the cavemen though. It did make me laugh when they gave up on finding people and just went looking for sweet robes to wear in the race.

I thought one of the funniest parts of the show was when Ashley gave Ryan the rose on the group date. The looks on the other guys' faces were priceless.

What do we think about Ames? My friend Laura calls him "a Ken doll that slipped through quality control." I am so torn on him. I think he is cute--he's got a Harry Connick Jr. thing going and he is so polite which I love but he says really cheesy stuff which I don't love. All of my gourmet dinner night friends will totally laugh at what he was wearing at the rose ceremony last night (with the navy blazer!--inside joke!)

I still like him though, mostly because he is smart and can look cute sometimes when he keeps his mouth shut. Rumor has it that he is actually on the upcoming Bachelor Pad 2 (did he just lose all credibility?!) and is dating Jackie from Brad's season of the Bachelor.

J.P. is totally the front runner. I'm convinced she picks him and I would be happy with that. What scares the living hell out of me is that caveman #1 (Ben) would be the runner up and thus be our next bachelor! My prediction is that Caveman #2 (Constantine) sticks around a bit longer but he is on the way out. At the end of the show last night, we watched the preview of the upcoming episodes twice! Every time we could identify a guy, we said his name so we could figure out who was going home next week and who goes to Fiji. Whenever we saw Ben or Constantine, we simply said "caveman" and didn't differentiate between the two.

I predict Lucas is going home next week. He is rude and didn't have a good reason for his divorce and I say good riddance. Plus, we didn't see him in Fiji so we know he gets canned next week. We are trying to figure out who gets sent home and then comes back. My guess is J.P. but it could also be Blake. What do you all think?


Denise said...

I was thinking that it was Blake coming back, but I'm not sure.

I still love JP but I thought he should have, at least, checked on her during all of the chaos, just to comfort her. I want him to be the guy.

I think Ames is BUTT ugly!!!! Yuck. You found a REALLY good picture of him. I'm not a fan, he is boring too.

I was starting to like Lucas and thinking they had a good connection, but he was WAY harsh. I can see them working it out, but I can see her letting him go, too. I think he was the most hurtful one.

You didn't mention if you thought Ryan would make it far. The previews made me think he would be there for a long time... I haven't seen much substance to him.

SOOOOOOOOO, proud of Ashley when she told Bently, through the camera, "*&c% you". I may have woken up a kid when she did that.

This season is getting good. I guess the the producers really knew what they were doing when they casted sleezeball. (Yeah, I know my spelling and grammar are all off but I'm being beaten by a two year old right now!)

Kami Galbraith said...

Bentley is lame and totally got busted for wanted a vacay! Mickey is cute...thinking he might be the one that comes back. I think she likes Jordan Paul the most. (I like his name)He seems the most into her. Gotta say this season has been boring..hope next week is more exciting.. Soo fun you got to watch bach with your mom and sis. I'm coming to town. We should totally hook up for a bach night... I know our moms know eachother too.

Amy M. said...

Bentley got just what he wanted. He must be feeling so smug right now knowing he derailed an entire season. What a trainwreck it has been. I was so embarrassed for Ashley when she kept pursuing the dot dot dot. Hooray that she can finally be done with the jerk.
I say JP all the way!
Fun that you watched at your mom's!

Sam said...

I haven't watched for a few weeks, so I can't comment on the substance of this post. But the following exerpt may be the funniest two sentence combination in the history of your blog:

I think she is cute and smart and ready to find love. I do have to say, she is the most bow-legged woman I have ever seen.

I think Ashley is the bomb! She just walks like she is holding a watermelon between her legs. Funny stuff.

BTW, I have been informed that Bentley is not part of the upcoming Bachelor Pad.

SewSara said...

ken doll who slipped thru quality control!! ahhhaha! so true and funny.
that's a great pic you found of him.

i was REALLY ticked that she kept both cavemen AND ryan but sent blake packing. i thought he was normal and down-to-earth. and why in the world did she give the rose to Ryan?

the only good one left is JP! it has to be him.

Stephanie said...

I was thoroughly entertained by all the drama--what a mess! I thought it was hilarious that Bentley came all that way just to see her...yeah right! That was funny! I am glad Ashley finally got to see him for who he was, even though he should have "just called." That stupid dot, dot, dot thing was driving me crazy. He just makes up stuff as he goes along and talks about things without even saying anything..."I think you know where I'm coming from." What are you talking about?!! Bentley belongs on Bachelor Pad.

I think Sam has it about Ashley walking like she has a watermelon between her legs. It is the oddest thing, can't get past that.

I think Kami may be right, that did seem like it could be Mickey that was coming back. I think it was kind of funny how he told Ashley basically that if Bentley was the type of guy she was looking for that she should send him home. It seemed like he tripped up himself when that might have not been what he meant. After the incident with Bentley, Ashley seemed like she was on a warpath. Blake tripped up too. He wasn't such a bad guy. All those guys just starting getting each other all heated up. Sad. Got a glimpse of Lucas' hot-headed side and glad he showed himself for the jerk he was. I hope he is gone next. That Texas charm can only go so far. :)

I think Ames is a good guy though his brain seems to be shaken loose. We were just cracking up that he was staring off into space each time the camera was on him. You have to watch the rose ceremony again. We were having fun putting words in his mouth too. I like him, but he would be the most boring Bachelor--Mickey would be interesting to have for Bachelor.

Ryan seems like he could go far but he seems so fake/insincere. I don't see it.

JP seems like he's the one. They have a good chemistry together. I like the sparkle in his eyes. He handled the Bentley thing better than I expected. I am hoping he isn't the one that leaves in the end. I kind of had the feeling it was Ryan. Hmmm...I need to watch it again. ;)

Stephanie said...

Let me correct myself--Constantine should be the next to go! Steve like the Cavemen comment! :)

sheryl said...

wish I had time to see the show...but those are three cute girls and SKINNY...

Elizabeth said...

This looks like a really fun night! How could you go wrong with those huge recliner chairs and yummy food.

Greg said...

Did Bentley invent the "dot-dot-dot"? I've never heard of it before, but I'm so sick of it.

Let's hope that the "dot-dot-dot" is not the new equivalent of the old "it's not you...it's me" line.

Greg said...

or should I say "dot.dot.dot."??

Stephanie said...

By the way, I think Ames was going for the Safari Ken doll look. :)

Em said...

This truly was the episode to remember. This was an excellent recap!

My greatest wish is that Mickey will be the next Bachelor. But truthfully, I don't think he has the/a personality. By golly, he is hot stuff, though.

I laughed and laughed at the Cavemen and the Red Dragon kimonos and their entire boat race. It made me like Ben (Caveman No. 1) a lot more. The best part about the last two group dates is that Ashley picks manly activities and I am able rope Chuche into watching them. Then he gets interested in the rest of the episode and actually wants to know who gets cut (although the majority of the guys drive him nuts).

He likes JP the best, and so do I.

I think Ryan will get cut and beg Ashley to take him back. He is so gaga for her and totally the type to lay his smiley face all out on the line for her. I just can't see Caveman No 2 doing something like that...

Leslie said...

Loved your post, especially because I had such a similar reaction to the show. 'Loved the drama…it’s exactly what makes the show so great. Seeing all the men ticked off after she tells them about Bentley -- the raw emotional reaction was just fabulous.

I think Ames is great. He gets cuter as I see more of his personality. I think he's got the best personality of those left.

I was dying at the cavemen in the robes--so funny!. I thought the outtake with Ben and Ashley doing the funny voices at the end was hilarious. Ben is funny, but he's gotta go soon.

I like Ashley-- her style is really cute, her clothes are way better than Ali’s. I'm so curious about the drama at the very end. It's like all of her greatest fears coming to pass--she picks JP, but he's not ready to propose so she feels rejected? That's my guess from the previews. We also had to watch them twice to try to figure out who gets kicked off when.

Megan said...

If you can get to Hong Kong, get there. Best shopping ever, and most excellent country in the world, except ours, of course.