Friday, September 16, 2011

The Color Purple

This post is not about that movie where Oprah was nominated for an Oscar. No, this post is about my current obsession with the color purple. I used to hate purple but for some reason, I'm into it right now. Maybe it's the fall weather...I can't get enough.

It all started with a pair of purple tights. I was at Macy's a couple weeks ago and saw these bright purple tights. I had nothing to put them with but I bought them anyway and started my search for a cute church outfit.

I ended up with the dress (pictured above) from Dillard's and cropped sweater from Charlotte Russe (don't judge...cropped purple sweaters are hard to find) Forgive me for my awkward you see why Barbazon never came calling

But when I tried on the outfit with the purple tights, Luke said "Why do you have on a Halloween outfit mom?" I knew the tights were too much. Of course, it looks best with bare legs.

Black tights are okay too for fall:

So I put the purple tights with a black pencil skirt and purple tank (also purchased at Dillard's). What do you think? Is it too crazy for church? (Sammie was my photographer and cut off my legs):

I'm not that conservative in what I wear as long as it is dressy...don't get me started about t-shirts and flip flops at church!

And when this line goes on sale at Janie and Jack..I'm totally picking up the bubble skirt, top and shoes for Sammie so we can coordinate:

Oh, and I found this handbag in the back of my closet that was a free gift from Lancome a couple years ago...I am going to be so matchy-matchy!:

Does anyone else out there where colored tights to work or church? Do you like bare legs or black tights for my law school reunion with the dress? I want to look hot but lawyerly....but not too lawyerly or I would be wearing a suit.


Linda said...

1 - you will look hot whatever you wear, but I actually like the black tights w/ the dress. Love the dress. Perfect for the reunion.
2 - The blk skirt/purple tights outfit is fun - you can wear it to church. It will be cuter when coordinated w/ Sammie.
3 - that Janie 'n Jack outfit is ADORABLE - wish that was in adult sizes.
4 - do you have purple for the boys yet?? c'mon. . .

Liz said...

I'm crazy in love with that dress! It's all I can do not to throw the 4 kids in the car and run to Dillards. Adorable on you. I'm liking purple too, but I call it eggplant to sound fancy.

alexandra said...

I think purple looks really good on people with blonde hair and dark brown hair. But it looks so bad on me. I never even consider it. You look super cute. I cannot decide btwn tights and bare for the reunion, but I tend to think I looks skinnier in black tights so I might err on that side (but I am also blindingly white).

I wish I had a daughter every time I enter Janie and Jack.

cjdustin said...

Love the tights with the black skirt. It says I have it all together but I still like to have fun!!

The DeVito's said...

I think you need to wear the tights to the reunion. I wouldn't put the purple purse with any of the outfits - way too matchy matchy. Put it with jeans and a cute top for a punch of color.
The dress is darling and I LOVE the purple tights.

Elizabeth said...

I love the dress without the tights and with the peeptoe shoes. Also how did the dress go you bought a size bigger for length and got taken in?. I loved that dress.

katie said...

I think the dress is hot, and not too lawyerly. I would wait to see how cold it is before you decide on tights or not.

I think my favorite fall accessory is tights. I have at least six different pairs from polka dots to lace. A cute pair of tights can really make an outfit. It is funny how often I have old people tell me they like my tights.

I like the purple tights too. It's nice to have something fun like that for church. I love the outfit for Sammie. I checked out Janie and Jack after reading you post. All I can say is I hope I have a girl someday.

Em said...

Cute! I love the CR cardi. When I need that rare piece to bring an outfit together, I usually find it there.

While a fan of tights, I personally never wear them if I can get away with bare legs. Let's just attribute it to years of this Latina wearing badly matched nylons. (Nude, much?)

You have great legs, so I love the dress without the tights. But for your reunion, and for the onset of fall weather, I love the black tights, too!

Brittney Engel said...

I love wearing colored tights! I love just wearing a solid black dress with colored tights and black shoes. Bam!
To answer your question, I am liking the black tights with the dress. I think it's very fitting the cooler weather plus I think it's a little more dressy.

Denise said...

Barbazon - hahahahaha!!!

Bare legs for the reunion, but it's been a long times since I've been in Utah-land so forgive me if that is not pioneer woman enough for THE place.

I like the outfit with the purple tights, I would like it a very small TAD bit better if the skirt was a little bit longer, but I know you hate that length. It is also hard to tell without seeing your shoes.

You are adorable, btw.

Denise said...

Yes, I know that should be time (not times). Just had to let you know it was a typo and that I'm not an idiot.

Kelli said...

I bought some purple tights last year at anthro. I planned my whole winter wardrobe around my purple tights. Even for church.

Linde said...

I love the dress with the black tights and the black skirt with the purple tights. So cute!!!

Ashley said...

You will get lots of comments on this bc everyone loves chiming in with fashion opinions, myself included.

All the outfits look great--I don't know why you can wear dressed and I can't. I think you look hottest in the first one without tights so that's what I would wear to the reunion. The tights are really cute with it too, but I would go for hotness over warmth or decorum.

I like the purple tights outfit but I think it needs a long and fancy necklace as a centerpiece. And of course Sammie will be your best accessory to that outfit.

No Barabazzon, and surprisingly no acting calls from Uno Modeling (or whatever that place was called)--in spite of our stellar Pee Wee/Francis routine! (What was Mom thinking?!?!)

Heather said...

I like the black tights... or you could always wear black boots and wear it through winter. I have tried fancy tights at church and an 90-year old man commented on my "sexy stockings"... it scares me.

Linda said...

Ashley (and Brooke) you got some really great "head shots" from UNO (well, I guess I paid them $200) What was I thinking?? I think UNO was targeting moms like me.

tony & marissa said...

i'm in love with those purple tights!! but i think they would look better with just a solid black dress... that's just me though! :)

Stephanie said...

You looked beautiful today in your purple dress!! :)