Saturday, September 17, 2011

Buster's Got Himself A Girlfriend!

One of my blogging friends Em called me this last week and invited me to meet her for breakfast while she was in town. I was so excited to finally meet her in person. She is one of the funniest bloggers out there. Go to her blog here.

Plus, she has an ADORABLE little girl the same age as Buster. We decided a long time ago that these two are getting married. What? You say that arranged marriages are a thing of the past? Nonsense. How could these two little chubbies not meet and fall in love?

They did.

And I fell in love with Em and the Chunky French Toast at Kneaders. We talked about everything from fashion to kids to serious family stuff and back again. That is what I love about need to get to know each other...we felt like we already did.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Greg and his cute wife Julie came to visit me as well. I met Greg in law school and haven't laid eyes on him in ten years. We got to laugh and catch up over Cafe Rio. It was so much fun. Greg and Sam are my only male commenters and I have been bugging Greg for some time to start a blog. He finally did! I like reading blogs written by men because I think they offer a different perspective on life. And Greg is really funny so he's easy to read.

He just did a male fashion post. Go show him some love here. Tell him Brooke sent you.


Linda said...

This is the cutest thing ever. . .Buster & his girlfriend. But I have to say I'm a little jealous--I thought I was his "numero uno!!"
Glad I got to meet Greg & his cute wife, Julie - great couple! I went to his blog - it is funny. I guess I'd better go back & comment on it.

Ashley said...

Damita is sooo cute, and Em looks smaller than I imagined her when I see her next to you--no offense, you know what I mean. I am obviously jealous of that meeting. I should have been there.

Greg hasn't changed a bit in 12 years!

alexandra said...

He has great taste! She is beautiful. He is just a doll, too. That is fun that you guys met up and had a great time.

Greg said...

Brooke, I hope I don't owe you some exorbitant pay-per-click rate for all of the web traffic you sent my way with your post...

It was really fun to be able to stop by for a visit, we had a great time too!

Elizabeth said...

That is so cool that you and Em got to meet up. Both babies are so adorable ... they will be lucky to have mother-in-laws like you 2 ;-)

Em said...

I loooove this! I am going to steal these photos b/c I love them so much. I am so happy we got to get together and partake of Chunky French Toast and let the Buster and Damita have their first meet-and-greet!

Hopefully there will be a next time, and Ashley will be there, too.

Thanks for the blog plug, too! Greg's comment cracked me up b/c my blog traffic blew up as well. :)

Jill said...

I love meeting blogging friends! It's nice that Buster's love life is all set.

The Mostess said...


I also like this Greg cat. He hates owls.