Friday, September 9, 2011

What I Won't Be Wearing This Fall

I spend a fair amount of time perusing In Style Magazine. I probably should spend more time in the Ensign but that is a post for another day. While I generally know what the trends are, I rarely follow them. I much prefer sweats. So here is what I won't be wearing:

Anything Menswear Inspired:

I spent the better part of the 90s dressing like a man. I don't need to ever do that again.

Brogues/oxford shoes:

Goes along with the menswear...I don't understand the appeal of these.


Apparently, fur is all the rage this fall. Can you even imagine me putting this on to go pick up the carpool?

Calf Length Hemlines:

Frumpy McFrumpy!


The heat Jerry!

Liberty boots:

I cannot figure out this trend for the life of me...Little House on the Prairie? Pioneer? Amelia Earhart? Not for me.

I'm still waiting for my uni to come back in style.


alexandra said...

i love it when tacky, unflattering things are stylish. it helps me look better by comparison. deadly serious. :)

The Mostess said...

Who said the uni was *out* of style? I think a classic velour suit is always in style.

What is up with those horrible items? I just renewed my subscription to InStyle, and now I'm thinking I might pretend some weirdo filled out the subscription card, and deny the charges. Truly heinous.

Calf length anything is the worst. So true about looking like a dude in the 90's. I am leaving that shiz in the dust!

Elizabeth said...

All true!!! I also want to add the following:

Fluro colours (looked hideous the first two times)

Pastel anything (who wants to dress like their toddler)

Lace over tops (just hideous)

Shiny pink stilletos (gag)

I have just come back from the shops and all this crap was for sale!!!

Jill said...

I am always baffled by runway looks! I love watching Project Runway, but still think fashion is kind of ridiculous.

Christie said...

For reals. It's like 9th grade has come back to haunt me. Minus the fur. No one in 9th grade wore the fur.

Ina said...

I think menswear inspired things are pretty cool, although I do agree with you with the fur.. :)

Em said...

Amen, sista!

Being a shorty, there's no way in h-e-l-l that you'll find me in a mid-calf skirt again.

Heather said...

I have to admit, the oxfords sucked me in...

I bought these, but I dare you to say they aren't adorable...

Stephanie said...

I guess if anyone wants some stylin' shoes for the next Trek, now's the time to shop for them. I don't imagine they'd be very comfortable though. Fun, fun!

By the way, that dress looks grrreat on you! :)