Friday, November 11, 2011

11 Things on 11/11/11

1. I met a guy at my gym's spooktacular who told me I look just like Keesha. I had no idea who he was talking about. I went home and googled her and found stuff that looked a lot like pOrn. Unfortunately, I kind of see the resemblance:

2.I am almost done Christmas shopping for my kids. I love shopping for them because they are so easy to please and I know just what they would love. This time of year, I have this neurotic condition where if I buy anything...(think underwear or a clock radio) for one of my kids, I have to fight to urge to save it for Christmas. Anyone else have this problem?

3. Buster is finally taking steps....not walking. But this is not nothing people! The kid is 18 and 1/2 months old and heavier than a load of bricks. He is one lazy mother and I didn't think he would ever turn the corner.

4. Snapfish has the best customer service on the planet. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed to admit that I have called them twice in the past week to get price adjustments for various things. Both times, I spoke to some guy in India who I could barely understand but both times the dude totally hooked me up...yesterday I got $19.99 in shipping refunded to my account just because I called and asked him to do it.

5. I am the proud owner of a new yellow handbag! Thanks mom. Isn't it cute?!

6. I've got my eye on a Shellac UV nail dryer on Amazon for about 50 bucks. If I bought my own Shellac polish, I could do my own manicures and save a ton of cash. It usually costs 2o bucks to get a shellac manicure and that is if you are getting a Groupon deal and it doesn't include anything except getting your nails painted. So my friend Lisa recommended buying my own dryer and doing it myself...what do we think folks?

7. Are flower headbands still in style for adult women? I am guessing no. I was going to wear this to the Spootacular and then felt silly in it. These headbands are much cuter on Sammie.

8. I love Tiny Prints Christmas cards. This year, their selection of cards are colorful, modern and original. You will pay more, but they are the cutest. I went with Snapfish this year (thanks for the free shipping Rashan!) but I still think Tiny Prints are #1.

9. Ryan recently went on a field trip to a fire station with his preschool where they each got to hold the hose and knock down orange cones with the water. This was heaven for a little boy who is obsessed with being a fireman.

10. I love Fall and this year was no different. I love the leaves on the ground before they get raked. I wish it could be fall year round. Notice Luke is in his cub scout uni. I am his Akaela...for those of you not down with cub scout lingo..that is his leader. Shoot me now. I am trying to learn to love it.

11. Is it totally tacky to return a giganto unopened bag of candy to Costco? Good, because I am doing that today. The alternative is that I will eat the whole damn thing before Thanksgiving.


Megan said...

Love, love the yellow bag. Go Linda, as always.

I also DESPISE scouts. I weekly curse out my friend who conviced Ian to do it, after we had conviced him not to. And then I report to her each Sunday how many times I cursed her out that week. I'm sure she loves it.

I say NO to the flower headband on adults. Ever time I see a grown woman wearing one I heave a big, internal sigh of, "Oh, honey." Give it to Sammy.

Jack's Mama said...

Costco is really good for returns, go for it! has really good prices but i do agree tinyprints are the cutest.
It was kind of a pain but I upload all of my addresses to and I've been using them for over a year now to send out invites and xmas cards. They print and send the invites for you! It has been great for babyshower, bday parties, xmas etc because you can just choose from your address book who you want to send to!
Congrats on the baby steps!

Linda said...

All I did is pay for the purse. Brooke picked it out. It was supposed to be a Christmas present. . .see the post "mini me!"
When I first saw that picture of Keesha, I thought it WAS you, Brookie! (with Halloween makeup)
Thanks for the sweet picture and tribute to Grandpa!

Elizabeth said...

I had blogger issues and failed to do a 11 things on 11/11/11 (also I wasn't smart enough to come up with it) so I will subject you to 11 of my opinions.

1. You DO look like Kee$ha (mustn't forget the sneaky $) without the slapper factor.
2. I ALWAYS want to wrap up my December purchases as gifts for christmas. I have hit a new low this year ... Bear is getting the lost librray book fee I had to pay for him as a present.
3. Buster knows he is your last Bubba and acts accordingly.
4.I think if you brave the Indian callcentre you deserve your postage back.
5.The handbag is very stylish and cute (you will wear it so well).
6.Getting Shellac here costs a bomb too but make sure the machine you buy is brandnew as I have had a pedi with a broken dryer and the shellac didnt set and they had to give me my $ back. Who has time to waste on a shellacing with no bang at the end?
7.I feel the same way about flowers in my hair BUT you look great with that flower.
8.I have been very lax in my Christmas card organisation and at this stage we dont even have a family photo! ALl the pics I have of the 4 of us involve us sitting around a table eating!
9. This pic rocks! He looks so big too.
10. Being a scout leader sounds like the seventh layer of a very bad place. You get extra Mum points for doing this.
11.Are you realy allowed to return food? Do you think they chuck it back on the shelf? I would if I could as having it in the house will just lead to eaters remorse.

This was fun (for me).

Greg said...

Brooke, great post!

The DeVito's said...

I love that yellow bag! I definitely need one.

I say no on the nail dryer. How are you going to get the polish off? Grind it yourself?

I think flowers are cute in other people's hair, but every time I try to pull it off I end up putting it in Bella's hair.

The DeVito's said...

BTW, Costco will definitely take the candy back, they take everything back. I just returned open formula to them, cause my baby was throwing it up.

Ashley said...

I am considering returning a half eaten box of cereal to Costco. You can hold your head high as you return that bag. Props to you for not eating it already--I eat one of those big bags by myself every Halloween.

I'm so happy for Buster! It's cute to see him upright! Luke is so cute and grown up too.

Love the yellow bag. Where'd you get it?

Also love the juxtaposition of Kei$ha and you as Martha Stewart with the jam.

Lisa Cannon said...

That is the exact dryer I bought. Do it, for sure!

I totally copied you and bought that black/grey shirt/sweater. I had to have it shipped to me because they only had L and XL at the mall today. I used your coupon. Thanks!

Oh, I also bought the black pants at the Gap today. I need to try them on. I might wait until I get the shirt so it will cover my huge arse. I have a feeling those pants might be going back. We'll see....

Tell Sam hello. Doesn't he love all the money I'm potentially saving him (Gap and Shellac)?

Jill said...

I don't know who Keesha is either but there's definitely a resemblance!

The words "thanks for the free shipping Rashan!" are going to have me giggling all day!

I love the thought of you as a scout leader!

LKC said...

I'm using tiny prints for our cards this year. For any of your international readers (who send a lot of cards to the states), Tiny Prints will mail them for you (for a small premium, plus postage), but that saves you from having to pay for international postage.

Maybe this only applies to me, but I think it's interesting.

LKC said...

PS. I tried on the pants at gap yesterday. I felt like a stuffed sausage. I think I prefer my normal black legging where I can let loose in all my jiggly glory.

Linde said...

On the scout thing...I keep thinking that in 5 years they'll be calling me in to be the wolf leader....maybe if I keep saying I REALLY, REALLY want to be a scout leader it won't happen. Isn't that what they say--do not aspire to callings???? :)

Linda said...

I just looked at the picture of Buster again. No wonder that kid is not walking...trying to toddle around in those huge spiderman slippers!

Laura said...

Where did you get the yellow bag? i have been looking for a yellow bag for a while. I ordered the black pants from the gap but also the black ponte pants from WHBM too, I will see which ones I like better. I am an online shopper so i will have to wait to see which one is magical for me.

I was a webelos leader for 8 months and it was pretty much torture. good luck

brooke said...

I got the yellow bag at thanksiving point emporium..kinda weird and it was the only one of it's kind. I do love it though and think it will be really cute with all of my black and white stuff fon WHBM!

The Mostess said...

Hmm. Your resemblance to Ke$ha is uncanny. But I do have to say you're a hotter version of her, even with your jam.

I cannot keep my nails up to date because of chips. I am SO hard on my hands, my nails always look like crap. I didn't even paint them on my wedding day--a chip was inevitable. But now you have me thinking about this in a whole new light with your shellac and dryer. This may be the way to go.

I am totally done shopping for B, and have to constantly remind myself that she does not need a stroller, shopping cart, and play food in November.

I love the bag! Is it zipper detailing?

Love Tinyprints. I may use that red and white one that was featured on their mailer. I'm in love.

Terri said...

I was getting tired of shelling out money for Shellac nails, so I bought everything required and am happy to say I am now on my 3rd month of doing my own nails. Glad I made the decision - I'm saving money and time (takes me about 1 hour start to finish)..

Em said...

Is it bad that I am dead set on doing an email Christmas card this year? Probably. I will send you one. :)

Yay Buster!!!! Love him in those Spidey slippers!

Andrea said...

Mary is finally taking steps too. Walking about 30%. Those two are a hoot! Love the mustard purse!