Friday, November 11, 2011

Which Brad Do You Prefer?

I am dying to see Moneyball while it is still in the theater. Has anyone seen it? Is it worth my time? Generally, anything with Brad Pitt is worth my time.

My sister Ashley just saw Moneyball and gave it the thumbs up. That doesn't mean the movie is good. It just means Brad was good.

The tricky thing is, sometimes Brad can be totally hot in a movie..think A River Runs Through It:

and Ocean's Eleven:

(gratuitous photo of George!)

and sometimes he can be on the edge of nasty..think Legends of the Fall:

Angelina has not done good things for that man.

I much preferred him in his Jennifer Aniston days.

How cute were their his and hers highlights?

I guess I just prefer a more clean cut Brad:

Damn Baby!

This one, I have no use for:

Which Brad do you prefer? And if you don't prefer Brad, please refrain from bagging on him in your comments. This blog is a bagging on Brad free zone.


The Mostess said...

"Jen and Brad" is totally the hottest Brad around.

He was SO hot in Seven, even though the movie was creepy as all get out.

I didn't even mind him in Legends, because his character made me love him.

This new, bearded ZZTop Brad is the pitts. heh.

Greg said...

I'm assuming you're only asking for the ladies to comment on this one, right Brooke?

I will say that I agree with Kaari on this one and prefer "Jen and Brad" to Brangelina.

The Mostess said...

Greg said Brangelina!

Corrine said...

Clean cut Brad is so much better! The last pictures gives me flashback nightmares of Harry and the Hendersons!

Christie said...

I don't mind his head hair being a little longer, but that beard has GOT TO GO. Nasty. And the Legends of the Fall hair is very 80s Fabio, but I'd probably not kick him out of bed for it, you know?

He is so sexy when he's clean cut. I have a huge crush on him, but am ashamed to admit it because I think Angelina is such a freak. Please do a weekly Brad post and put up pictures for me. Please??!!

Laura said...

He was HOT on the friends episode. He was much better in the Jen and Brad era. I saw Moneyball and it was a GREAT movie and Brad was great. I do have a baseball loving husband so I know too much about baseball, but it was fun to watch, and Brad was good eye candy.

sarahw said...

Just saw a blurb on the internet saying that Brad will quit acting at age 50........what? He is 47, so we only have 3 years left to ogle him on the big screen.

He definitely is my fav on the oceans' series and the river runs through it.

Good post.

The Mostess said...

I just came back to let you know we only had Brad for 3 more years, but someone beat me to it. Yawn.

Ashley said...

This may have been your best post, based solely on pictures.

As if there's a discussion of which Brad is better, but I like the excuse for the post.

We'll go see Moneyball when you're here! It really was good, not boring, and I can totally handle the scenery again.

I don't like this 3 years left rumor.

Liz said...

I can't believe anyone could debate the hotness of River Runs Through It Brad and especially Oceans 11 Brad. Jen was good to him and Angelina is a skank.

Terri said...

Go see Moneyball, I really enjoyed it. Brad is starting to show his age but aren't we all? He did look better in the day with Jen, but I am one of the few who likes him better with Angelina. He has a family and seems happy - Jen on the other hand can't decide who to be with - she has quite the track record.

alexandra said...

He really is so attractive when he is clean. Most of my previous celebrity attractions have later somewhat baffled me, but him, never him.

GWACK said...

My favorite Brad is "River Runs Through It" Brad. I totally prefer men to be clean. Another example is Johnny Depp. So much better clean instead of looking like a hobo.

Brad and I actually have a special bond. We share the same birthday. ;)


Carolyn said...

I give Moneyball a thumbs up! (even though it is a baseball movie). I give Brad a thumbs up too although he does look a little old in this movie. The Ocean's brad is my favorite. Carolyn M and I often have the conversation who is better - Brad or Tom C. - I have to say Brad hands down... she prefers Tom. What do you think on that one?

brooke said...

Carolyn. I prefer Brad. Tom is a small man and I don't do small men. Plus Tom Is a little crazy in real life, which I know doesn't matter for the sake of this comparison.

But if I had to choose one Tom, I would go with Jerry Mcquire Tom or maybe A few good men Tom! I am sure the bishop is going to be really impressed with this post of mine!

Cameron said...

I don't have a dog in this fight...all I wish to add is that Moneyball is a great movie, even if you know nothing about baseball.

Ashley said...

I actually came home from Moneyball and googled "how tall is Brad Pitt?" The web says he's 5'11. You would be in flats all the time. Hollywood is so short. Tom C is miniature. I love him though. Tom C., Brad, Luke Wilson and RDJ--I will see and love anything with those four.

Ashley said...

Supposedly Luke is 5'11 and Robert Downey is 5'8. Madness I tell you.

brooke said...

And if Luke and Brad are claiming to be 5'11...we all know they are 5'10 on a good day and RDJ is probably 5'7. That is why I always say I am 5'10 even though I am 5'9. They guy next to be would claim 6'0 and we would be the exact same height.

You forgot Hugh Jackman, my personal favorite who is 6'2 1/2 according to wikipedia. Now that is a man, baby! I already did a post about him here:

Carolyn said...

I guess being 5"4' on a good day is a happy thing then! :)

Brooke - You have hit my note - HUGH JACKMAN. Enough said!

Don't worry - the bishop doesn't read blogs. We're good!

Ashley said...

I'm back again. Your label "hotties" is hilarious and that group of posts is fantastic. I want Brad Womack back for a third attempt to find love.

Micah said...

CLEAN Brad. Hands down!

Kami Galbraith said...

clean brad all the way!! he is soo hot!!

Kristine Gray said...

Since I actually get to meet you in person this week, I better give you my opinion.

Clean cut Brad/Jennifer & Brad= way hot!
Scruffy Brad=What is he thinking?

Dang! That man is 47! He and George Clooney are keeping their sexy on.

I loved Moneyball. I read the book and couldn't figure out they could make it into a movie, but they (whoever "they" are) did a good job.

Kelly said...

Moneyball Brad is SMOKIN'...from the neck down. The man can wear a pair of pants.

Elizabeth said...

Wow I loved this post (but only read it for the pictures).

The thing is Brad and Jen looked like hollywood ... so gorgeous and way better looking than the rest of us slobs but I suspect Brad is much happier with the wrecker and all those kids.

Tom C is both crazy and short and I cant believe Katie hasnt been liberated yet.

I want to see Moneytball even more now.

Jill said...

I'm with you on this! Long facial hair is so nasty that I can't help feeling like it's obscene!

Jill said...

What about Thelma & Louise Brad?!!

Em said...

Blogging at its finest! I loved Brad's looks in pretty much anything pre-Angelina. And I remember seeing Oceans 11 and thinking that there was not a more beautiful man to grace the earth.

I do not think that now.

...I have to show the love to the short men, but I can do that because I am a short woman. I feel that I've done tall women a solid by marrying a 5'7er--leaving one more tall man out there for a tall woman. I'll take y'alls thanks in the form of Nordstrom gift cards or cold hard cash.