Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Mini-Me

There is no question that Sammie is her mother's daughter. Here is why:

Like me, she hates pain. Her front tooth has been dangling for the last few days. Everyone has wanted to yank it out. She has been such a baby about it...holding a tissue on it, not eating, crying. FINALLY, the tooth came out at school yesterday.

She is waaaay too smart for mythical things like the tooth fairy. She went and got in my wallet and told me she was making change for a fiver because she has lost two teeth.

She is constantly asking in a very loud voice in front of her three brothers whether Santa is real. She is a born cynic. And Sammie, since I know you are reading my blog, he is!

She is all about going shopping with me and getting new clothes. She alternates between two backpacks at school just because she gets bored. Since the poor kid wears a uniform to school every day, her life is all about accessories and shoes. I indulge her.

She is always reading blogs on my ipad or texting Sam with my phone. Where does she get it?

She has no self-control when it comes to presents. I especially relate to this one. When I was a kid, I would find the xmas presents no matter how crafty and sneaky my parents got. I remember one year standing on a ladder on top of my dad's car to get into a box on the top shelf of the garage where all the presents were. I was also known to unwrap things and re wrap them before xmas. Sammie is getting an American Girl doll that looks like her for xmas from my mom and dad. It got delivered to my house and she wouldn't rest until she got a peek at it. I was completely beaten down from a day of badgering and she finally got my mom to show it to her.

She is constantly doing cartwheels, performing dance routines and various tricks in the house. I mean constantly. It makes me batty until I remember doing the same thing down the grocery store aisle or doing pirouettes in my mom's kitchen. Last night, Sammie insisted on performing the entire first grade program for me including all of the dances she is not in. It was my greatest achievement in patience as a mother.

So there you have it. I love that sassy girl but I understand now what I put my parents through. Mom, I'm sorry!


Liz said...

Her sass is pretty priceless. I've constantly got my eye on her in dance class because she'll always pipe up with something hilarious and awesome. I love that girl. She is her own girl, which I just love.

D-dawg said...

LOL on the dance routine. Lexi does the same thing and sometimes I feel like I"m going to choke or throw up from having to watch for so long. I always have good intentions to smile and nod encouragingly but then she pushes me past the breaking point and I end up cutting her off and begging to be left alone so I can catch my breath... patience is a weakness of mine. Anyway, question. Does she ask you to buy her the accessories/clothes/extra backpack? My girls are like this, and I love making sure they look adorable, but when they ask for stuff I hate it and then I feel annoyed and think they're going to be spoiled/bratty because they have so much. Please tell me what you do about that issue or maybe you don't worry about it. Should I have just emailed you?

brooke said...


She doesn't ask unless she is out shopping with me and then will show me stuff and beg. I just got snookered into buying her earmuffs of all for the backpack..she is using the one from last year as the second one. But I do know it was ridiculous that I bought her a new one for this year when last year's was fine...I am a pushover.

Elizabeth said...

This post is so lovely. Sammie is lucky to be your Mini-Me :-)

Jill said...

Oh my, you're in trouble! At least you know where she gets it and won't be fighting her on any of it.

I was strolling down an aisle in Wal-Mart yesterday thinking about how I used to dance or practice fast-pitch softball pitches down the aisles of the grocery store when I was young...I didn't even play fast pitch softball!

Anonymous said...

There are so many things I could say... Sammie is 6 (the same age as Easton) and is reading blogs? I can't even get him to read the back of a cereal box. Not bc he can't, he just doesn't want to. Ahhhh. And the Easter bunny and wallet... So funny! She is such a cutie!

Sam said...

This is all accurate, but there are a few ommissions. With respect to the pain and emotional meltdowns, once she starts you have to ride out the storm--it's usually a 10 minute journey of tears.

As for shopping, she now swipes my debit card and enters the PIN herself. No assistance necessary.

She also loves nudity and potty talk and already talks like a teenage valley girl while chewing gum. After getting straight A's in school, she is quick to inform everyone that Luke got two B+'s. And I will probably forever buy her whatever she wants.

Em said...

I love a girl who knows her mind. A very good trait to have in these dark times.

And if she's getting straight A's...shoot, buy her whatever she damn well wants! :)

I hope Mita is spunky like Sammie--dance routines and all.

Ashley said...

I am dying that she made change in your wallet for her two teeth. "All I want is what I have coming to me; all I want is my fair share!"

Dancing down the grocery store aisles--how obnoxious! (Of course, that is not even the tip of the our obnoxious childhood iceberg.)

I have a daughter vicariously through such posts as this. You are so so lucky to have her.

nic said...

She is so cute. I love your Minnie me. I love that she is just like you.

Linda said...

"Mini-me" could not be more true!! (Who would know better than me??) We had a saying when Brooke was growing up. . ."if you want a good time, take Brookie shopping. If you want a REALLY good time, take Brookie shopping for BROOKIE!!" I also remember you, Brooke as being the "know it all before anyone else - Santa, Birds & Bees, etc.--and you were more than happy to enlighten other siblings and peers.

Linde said...

That last picture with the cartwheel is terrific! So funny about her and good for you sitting through the whole 1st grade production in the comfort of your living room!!

alexandra said...

Your daughter is to die for. I love how smart she is and I am trying not to compare her to my own 6 year old and reminding myself that he is in Kindergarten and that is the only reason he cannot read blogs or text (!!). I will pretend that she has not been reading for years. I love that she has so much spunk. There are so many great things that will flow from that kind of personality, one of which is that she will never be the victim. You will be one of those moms who does not have to worry about her daughter getting used or abused. I am so jealous. I want a girl so bad! PS you look like a supermodel in that top photo. Seriously.

alexandra said...

I love Ashley's comment. Charlie Brown Christmas is the best, and I find myself saying that line often.

The Mostess said...

Holy smokes, she sounds like ME!! Which means I sound like you. Which means if Blakely follows suit, I will also have my own Mini. Yes!! I LOVE me!