Friday, December 23, 2011

Best of Christmas 2011

I know Christmas isn't even here yet but I know you don't want to read about all this stuff come Dec 26th. And instead of doing a post for each of these activities, I am condensing it all into a single post. Consider it an early Christmas present from me to you!

Best Yearly tradition: Seeing the lights from a trolley at Thanksgiving Point. This year we did it twice with two different groups of family members. Mama doesn't do the the lights at Temple Square are out. And Thanksgiving Point has real reindeer!

Best Mom of the Year moment: Throwing a gingerbread house party for Sammie's friends. She invited five friends over to decorate tiny gingerbread houses (purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99!) We also played games and had lunch and these little girls couldn't have been cuter.

Best Party that never happened: Luke's cub scout den party at our home. The other leader's son got the stomach flu and we had to tears here!

Best breakfast we will never do again: Breakfast with Santa at Thanksgiving Point. Apparently, I didn't learn my lesson last year. Crowded and overpriced for a mediocre breakfast. Next year, I am taking my kids to our gym's breakfast with Santa that is catered by Kneaders!

Best activity that sounds good in theory but is a massive pain in the butt: Festival of Trees:

Best big baby/boyfriend a mom could ask for: Buster in the boots he refused to take off. He only has two words..ball and "Ho Ho Ho." He says it everytime he sees a Santa.

Best Stage Mom Moment: Watching Sammie's small dance performance and dying at how cute she was.

Best escape from Christmas craziness: Jury duty. I was summoned the week before Christmas and had to call in each night to see if I had to appear. Sure enough, I had to go in Wednesday morning. Is it wrong that I enjoyed dressing up (yes, I'm old school and can't enter a courtroom without wearing slacks and a cardigan. I had to resist the urge to wear a blazer!)

I must have a face that says "Please stranger..tell me your life story as you scoot your chair one inch from mine." The guy next to me (rides motorcycles, hates policeman, has been called to jury duty 4 times in the past two years and lives less than a mile from my house)...he told me all of this with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. I was scared to death he was going to ask to exchange email addresses.

Best Free activity: Sam's boss' annual Christmas party at his home. Joe Morley's BBQ for the adults, Chic fil a for the kids and an appearance by Santa who brings a nice gift for each kids live for this.

Best grandma activity: tie between making gingerbread houses and baking cut out cookies for Santa.

Best Girls' Night out: Gourmet Dinner Night/gift exchange at Jaime's house..fabulous food, hilarious conversation.

Best trip: Luke and Sam's boys' trip to San Francisco to see the Steelers play the 49ers. The miracle is, I haven't heard Sam mention the Pomp and Pageantry of Monday Night Football even once. But I have heard about all the fun stuff they did...Alcatraz, the Aquarium, NFL training camp for Luke, and I am happy for them!

I am not even mentioning the school parties I helped with, the ward Christmas party and the many other small activites. It is a wonderful time of year, and by wonderful, I mean crazy hairy busy!


Ashley said...

Was this "gift of not having multiple posts" a dig at my last 8 blog posts?

Luke by the Golden Gate is the cutest.

Or maybe Buster in his boots is the cutest.

I don't know, but the festival of trees with little kids sounds awful. That's something for you and Sammie (and me) when Sammie is 14.

Greg said...

I think that the Festival of Trees with little kids sounds like a nightmare for the parents...heaven for the kids.

Breakable items everywhere, tons of crowds (i.e. lots of opportunities for your kids to get lost), and parking is probably a nightmare...

I'm impressed that you even attempted it!

Em said...

All the photos of your kids are so cute. I love the one of Buster in his boots, too, and that he says Ho Ho Ho.

Merry Christmas!

Steven said...

Good recap. I've been attempting to recap my December too, it'll be a really long post. You did yours well! -Jill

Greg said...

That really is such a great picture of Sammie during her dance performance. She looks so graceful.