Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Life in Triage Mode

Do you ever feel like you are in "triage mode?" That is when all you do is put out fires and stay one step ahead of the next emergency.

I know my life is in triage mode when:

I am at Harmon's grocery store searching for a gift for our piano teacher 15 minutes before she gets to my house.

I let the house go to hell in a hand basket.

Mr. Peeks (our version of the Elf on the Shelf) hasn't been hid in two one notices.

My car is so dirty that my kids are disgusted and beg me to wash it.

I am at the store at 11:30 at night in my uni looking for gingerbread houses for a party I am throwing the next morning at 10:00 am.

All of the clean laundry is still in baskets waiting to be folded and we have to "go fish" to find underwear or a pair of socks. I am just happy that there is clean laundry.

We are eating Little Caesars for lunch and dinner and lunch again.

I mix up the tags on the gifts for the primary teachers and don't even bother to call and apologize.

I am ten minutes late for EVERYTHING.

I am texting babysitters at stoplights and making all of my phone calls in the car.

I am running into my house and back out again 15 times a day.

I find a rump roast in the trunk of my car that has been there for two weeks....thank goodness for the cold.

I don't have time to read the newsletters that come with my friends' Christmas cards.

I am summoned for jury duty and have to appear. I am actually grateful for the diversion from the craziness at home.

Getting to the gym every day feels like One.More.Thing.

Christmas is exhausting.

Anyone else in triage mode right now?


Greg said...

Yes, I am too, but at least you're still organized enough to blog about it.

SewSara said...

triage mode - totally. it's 2 am and i'm barely going to bed - ugh. it's too hard to pull late nights like this when pregnant AND at xmas time.

Jill said...

I hate being in Triage mode! I felt like that the past 2 weeks, but since I've been off work this week and since we've been almost obligation-free it has been nice. I know there's more I could be doing (i.e., treats for neighbors and such) but that hasn't happened yet and might not because I don't want to transition back into that mode!

Linda said...

Triage mode is the perfect description of what is going on right now - got the list and checking it off. It's the ONLY way we're all looking forward to January. I, too (even at my stage of life) have been up to 2:30 a.m. almost every night.

Jen said...

December is not for sleeping, that's for sure! I just cut out the workouts, eat lots of crap including every treat brought to my door, hang out with friends when I should be cleaning/wrapping/baking/shopping, and drag Doug to Smiths with me at 11:30 at night. I love Christmas!! Good luck!

Em said...

Triage mode for me was the last 3 days before we left for Christmas vacay. I was a stressed out wreck. Thankfully it has passed, but I don't think it was quite as intense as yours.

I can't believe you're still fitting in gym visits with everything else. You are Wonder Woman.

I read this and now feel the need to go take a nap.

Someone In Mind said...

This is hilarious. This would describe my normal life. Rigth now I am not in triage mode, but only because I'm in bed recovering from surgery. I have to just close my eyes and hope it all goes away.

The Mostess said...

Yes to all of the above. Burning the candle on both ends, not sleeping, and eating way more pizza than I should be. House is a wreck, b needs a bath. Help us all!!

Elizabeth said...

I cant believe you are doing all that with really young kiddos! You are a legend.

This year hasn't been as crazy because we are home... I always go mental trying to pack up my life for two weeks to stay at my MIL.

PS surely you didn't mean my letter? I just know you devoured that snorefest :-)

Ashley said...

The worst part about Christmas triage is that you can't just open a can of Bobby bc that would RUIN CHRISTMAS. (Remember how mom used to cry--usually on Christmas Eve when no one was helping? We were terrible. I have been thinking about her and how she will out-Christmas us no matter what we ever do. Not only was she exercising--she was bringing gifts and sugar cookies for all her Jazzercisers . . .and I was just laughing today thinking about that big tub of shrimp cocktail drink in the outside fridge along with multiple 2-liters of diet 7-up for the punch. She is the master and we will spend our lives trying (but failing) to match her.)