Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Proof I Have Lost My Mind

All of this happened in a 72 hour window:

1. I left my purse at Sam's boss' house after his Christmas party. I was too busy enjoying all the fun stuff like launching these huge lanterns:

2. I completely spaced that Ryan had preschool yesterday...took him to the gym with me. Didn't even remember that I had forgotten it until last night.

3. I was helping the kids wrap presents for each other and put a gift for Sammie into a medium sized (fairly flat) box. The present wasn't cheap for being relatively small. I gave the gift to Ryan to carry upstairs. A mere minute later, I saw him playing and he didn't know where the gift was. We searched for THREE HOURS. I was going out of my mind and trying not to beat him. We finally found the gift behind the door right where he was playing. Why didn't I think to look there before I tore apart my entire house?

My naughty little helper:

4. I took Buster to a well child dr appt yesterday afternoon. When I got there, the receptionist told me they had no record of him having an appt that day.

Awesome photo of Buster with Santa:

5. I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies with Ryan and burned the entire thing. That's what you get for having a double oven and putting cookies in both ovens and forgetting to set the timer. We are still eating them.

6. I drove to Gourmet Dinner night last night and forgot my camera. Turned around and drove all the way back home to get it just because I wanted this picture:

7. I forgot to pick up Luke's friend today for scouts. I drive this kid every week. I had to go back home and get him (15 minutes late!)\

8. I prepared everything to put a roast into the crockpot and then couldn't find the roast. I knew I had purchased it at the grocery store the day before.

Impressive right? Someone please tell me they are as brain dead as I am right now. I am hoping it is a combination of Christmas and some other stressful stuff going on in my life. I am too young for this!


Ashley said...

I was just thinking about how I had lost my mind a year ago right now (Christmastime with a really hard four-month-old). I was doing things like getting my car towed ($375) and locking myself out of the house ($90). I think those things are the signs that there is too much going on and something has to give. That is the one and only thing that is nice about January. It's got nothin.

Natalie Wright said...

Your not alone. I took off Lily's pajamas for preschool this morning and put on... more pajamas. It wouldn't be such a big deal if I hadn't done it last week as well. :(

Em said...

That photo of Buster is classic. I could photoshop MIta's head in that picture because I know she arch her back the same way. She hasn't meet Santa yet and it's partly because I don't want her to injure the old man in red.

This post made me laugh really hard. I am sorry you are so stressed. But I am also jealous you got to launch lanterns. That is on my bucket list.

Natty said...

I LOVE your blog! I think I am a bit addicted...Your honesty is what I have always loved & admired about you. You keep me laughing. I wish I could say that I had no idea what you are talking about in this post...but, um...yeah.

Jill T said...

I'm brain dead too. Just take my word for it. I'm glad you turned around and got your camera. :) And I love the crying santa picture. Those are the best!

melissa walker said...

It's nice to know some one else is going through early senility with me. I believe it is caused by pregnancy and children.

Liz said...

Um....yes. You are allowed some "mind-losing" about now. Hope your mind comes back soon.

alexandra said...

I just found my car keys today after a week of having ot use the spare. And that was a lot smarter than half the things I said to people in conversations. I think it is being tired. But i have to say that I was impressed reading your list that you are doing so much to make the holiday full of cheer and love and memories for your kids! Basically everything, even forgetting the carpool boy, happened in the setting of doing stuff for your kids to enrich their little lives. That is really nice. My favorite part was that you looked for that present while you tried to not beat your son. So funny.

Elizabeth said...

December is a hard time of year I reckon. So much going on and so many expectations to make things happy and jolly. You are doing great!
The pic of Buster is a Classic and I agree with Em about the lanterns.

The Mostess said...

I'm with you. My mind is long gone.

The Mostess said...

See!! I published before I was done! I just got back from a very closed preschool. Ugh.