Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Finery

*Random passerby holding a dog took these fabulous pictures.  I am too lazy to crop.  Most looked like this:

*Luke told me this morning he was going to wear his BYU tie.  As I started to bark at him about coordinating with the fam, he laughed and said, "I'm kidding Mom."  He knows how to push my buttons.

*Ryan whispered in my ear at church "You look pretty Mom."  Swoon.

*I love Buster in the back of this shot.

*Buster looks like an orphan.  He needs a haircut in the worst way.  Tuesday at 2 it is happening.

*Sun was a little bright (open your eyes everybody!) 

*Sammie is darling as always.  We discovered this morning her ears are infected (from getting her ears pierced.)  If you know anything about Sammie's sweet disposition, you can imagine how changing out her earrings went down.

Happy Easter! 


Ashley said...

I want to know where you got your outfit. Sammie does look so pretty and her dress is darling. I didn't know she got her ears pierced!

brooke said...

Ashley: Skirt--Ann Taylor Loft, Top--Ann Taylor, Cardigan--DownEast, shoes--Nordstrom, belt--Target

Linde said...

Love that Luke is old enough to figure out how to push your buttons!

Jacob tells me I'm beautiful now and again...I agree with you--it makes you just melt!!

Such cute pictures!!!

Linda said...

You have a real gift for dressing and coordinating everyone. Beautifully done!

alexandra said...

Those are some cute kids. I laughed out loud about Buster looking like an orphan. You should see Porter's hair. He looks like an orphan girl living on the streets. But there is something really cute about that longish hair. They look so old once you cut it.

Thanks for the info on your outfit origins. You look super skinny, too.

Liz said...


Elizabeth said...

Happy Easter :-) you all look so gorgeous.

Jill said...

You guys are all kinds of cute and coordinated. Sadly, my house is the opposite.

Lisa said...

You all look so darling. Love your outfit!

Em said...

Thanks for your outfit breakdown! I was wondering about it, too.

You all look beautiful. And Ryan praising your beauty is exactly the reason I've always wanted a son. ...Dangit.

SewSara said...

I love your outfit! And your hair! You all look great. And how hilarious that Luke teased about wearing the BYU tie. Max is starting to pick up on lame jokes like that now too. HA!

The Mostess said...

That's some finery. You all look so cute and festive!

I remember furiously cleaning my ears with hydrogen peroxide for the first 2 weeks, and then giving up out of laziness. Until this post, I was convinced no one ever really got infected ears. Looks like I was wrong!

Buster may be an orphan, but I would take him into my home, no questions asked. He's so dang squishy!