Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm Turning 29...again

I used to love my birthday.  The attention!  The gifts!  The excuse to lounge in bed and go out to eat!  But now that I am single, I hate getting a year older. I have been back in the dating pool and I am finally going to bring y'all the dating posts you have been begging for.  Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for coming out of the woodwork to enter my contest for the maxi-skirt.  It was so fun to read what posts you liked and see who is out there reading my blog!  I was flattered and happy and it made my day.  I was hard to decide but I picked Molly!  Molly, send me an email with your address and the skirt will be on it's way!

If you didn't win the skirt, don't despair.  I am doing my annual Hapari swimsuit giveaway this week as well.  I will be using to pick that winner so check back and make sure to enter to win a fun swimsuit.

I was going to do a Birthday 36 of 36 more things about me..but I didn't have the energy.  How about 10 things you probably don't know about me?!  Here goes:

1.  When I was about 10 (and totally not cute) my mom decided to get me and Ashley involved in modeling.  I had a face only a mother could love.  Of course, she thought we were beautiful and talented.  Ashley and I had to perform a skit for these ad execs to see if they wanted to cast us in commercials.  We did a scene from Peewee Herman's Big Adventure.  I was Pee Wee and Ashley was Francis.  It was horrible and obnoxious and all I remember was the blank stares on the ad execs faces.  My brother Rex still begs us to do it to this day.  Glad someone appreciates it.

2.  I hate sushi.  I don't like Anthropology clothing, and I have never been on Pinterest.  It's amazing you all still talk to me.

3.  My biggest fear in the world is being called as the Primary chorister.

4.  There are people from high school that I still feel like I am not cool enough to be friends with on Facebook.  I have all kinds of thoughts about Facebook.  This probably deserves it's own post. 

5.  If I was getting married right now, my wedding colors would be pink and grey.  My wedding wouldn't be elaborate but I do want a nice dinner for close friends and family and no gifts.  I hope I remarry before pink and grey go out of style.

6.  I hate the moustache craze.  Is it over yet?  Please say it is.

7. I love grocery store birthday cake.  I might have to go buy myself one.  Forget the ice-cream.  I could eat the whole cake myself..standing over it--with a fork--straightening out my lines.

8.  My least favorite thing in the world is when you are at a restaurant and a guy with a guitar is walking around and he comes to perform at your table and you have to stop and listen. 

9.  My mom gave me this gorgeous Coach handbag for my birthday.  I am scared to death to use it.  I have a history of being hard on handbags.  Right now, you could find a bunch of used kleenex, matchbox cars and a rock-hard protein bar with no wrapper stuck to the inside of my purse.

10.  I only wash my hair every other day and I no longer take my make-up off at night (I know--it's awful!) but I will always floss every night until the day I die. 


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!! Oh how I would love to see you and Ashley act out the scene from Pee Wee Herman! Hilarious.

I don't understand the mustache craze at all, but sometimes it's funny.

That Mexican restaurant on 12300 has the wandering guitar singer doesn't it? I seem to recall eating there and being mighty uncomfortable.

Denise said...

Happy happy birthday Brooke. I missed the giveaway, but still commented. (You get an early start on Mondays!). Really, I hope you have such a great day. you are somewone who I admire. You are fun and graceful as you share your experiences. have a great day. you deserve it.

katie said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!!

That Coach bag is to die for!!!

When it is time to start planning your wedding I am starting a pinterest account for you. That pink and grey picture looks like it came straight from pinterest.

I hate the mustaches too.

ellen said...

Enjoy your birthday!

alexandra said...

Happy Birthday! I loved reading these. Everything you write is so fun and interesting. I related to many, esp the facebook one. I deleted the app from my phone and I think I feel healthier already. I laughed so hard at the Pee Wee skit. Did you guys choose it out yourselves? Either way, I love it.

I am excited to read your dating stories. I hope you find a wonderful guy soon. Is it super shallow to say that one nice thing about getting married again is that you can plan a wedding as a grown up with good taste? I cringe when I think about how I did my wedding. CRINGE. I love pink and grey. I don't think that goes out of style, does it?

Anyway, happy birthday and get yourself a costco cake. Best store bought ever.

Heather said...

Happy happy birthday! My mom thought Missy and I were also beautiful and talented... and made us try out for something Disney. We didn't even perform... I think we just stood there doing nothing. Needless to say, neither one of us was chosen as a new Mousketeer. Let's go celebrate your 36!

leandparkermakes3 said...

Brooke- Happy Birthday, dear friend! I love this post. I hope you have the best birthday. You so deserve it! Sad you can't make it on Thursday night.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, I love this post. I belly laughed so hard at the Pee Wee/Uno modeling story. I have to comment on them all:

1. Why did mom let us perform the pee wee/Francis skit?!? We were young and naive but she should have known better! So so funny that she thought we could be models. And we picked the two most flattering people to emulate (Pee Wee and Francis). At least you got Pee Wee!

2. I also hate sushi and haven't been on Pinterest. I think anthro clothes are pretty on other people but it's not for me.

3. Ditto to primary chorister--now that the church has gotten rid of the activity's committee. I stand by my claim that I'd rather be seen naked than sing in church, even in my post-partum condition.

4. I was JUST thinking about this bc a BHS class of 98 group just formed on FB--there are people I would never dare add.

5. Pink and grey would be gorgeous. And I went to Alex's reception and it was beautiful so I don't know what she's talking about. You will also get a nice wedding video this time and not have bangs.

6. I HAAAAAAAAAATE the mustache craze.

7. I currently have the tail end of a costco coke in my fridge with my fork marks all the way down the side.

8. Yes the guitar guy is bad but I'd rather have him than (1) sit at a table with more than 6 people or (2) split a check any way other than equally.

9. I laughed so hard at this part again. My purse is the gnarliest (I think I have an old bottle in there) and after I destroyed that fine leather bag I got in Italy I'll never go back to a nice one.

10. Just in the past year I started leaving my make-up on at night--no energy at night and then you have make-up on (sort of) til you shower the next day! I also floss religiously but I do wash my hair every day.

I think this is my new favorite post of yours, and I'm happy Molly got the skirt. I hope you have a wonderful day--nothing says that you can't nap and eat out all day just because you're single!

Jessica said...

Happy Happy Birthday Darling!I am totally with you on the ability to eat an entire cake by myself so long as it is chocolate!

Kimmie said...

Happy Birthday friend! I second the interest notion.....never ever will I succumb! And I used to floss every.single.damn.night! and you know what i got to show for my hygenic efforts? 6 damn cavities! my flossing days are over. forever.

sure love are the bomb!

Kimmie said...

"Pinterest notion" that is.

LAURA said...

you are adorable. I am the same with costco cake...glad there are others out there. happy birthday!

Liz said...

Sign me up for a showing of the Pee Wee skit. I'm all about it. The mustache craze is dumb. You'd totally enjoy Pinterest....I love it more than Facebook.

And I never commented on your last post, but that story is so funny. I'd kill to have been that tall in high school.....and now too.


Josette said...

happy birthday brooke! i too laughed hard at the mention of the pee wee skit for i remember it well. you were both actually really good at your parts, so i'm surprised you didn't get the gig.
thanks for the jog down memory lane.
still laughing.

Megan said...

I'm with you on anthropology clothing. It looks cute on the models but never in real life.

Love the bag. Just use it. Hot pink won't be in forever.

And Happy Birthday! And I'm coming to your next wedding. And I'm dying for the dating posts.

Here Here on the guys with guitars. Ruins everything.

Molly said...

Hurray! I'm so excited! I'll send you my address. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on Facebook. I have mixed feelings about it. And I'm glad to hear you have unwrapped protein bars in your purse, too. I'm often scared to reach my hand to the bottom of mine...

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday :-) I know what you mean about the bag. My sis in law bought me the most gorgeous green bag for my 40th... I love using it but want to keep it pristine!
I am not a fan of grey and pink so I dont think I can be one of your 12 bridesmaids ... lol...

sarahw said...

Happy Bday! Hope you took a nap.

Never heard the pee wee story, hilarious.

I think you look have no need to worry in the dating world.

Grocery store cake is the best, particularly Harmon's. I think we may need one of those for Easter.

Your bag is soo cute. You deserve it, especially since your last is almost out of diapers. No need for bulky bags anymore.

Linda said...

Okay, Okay. Where to begin. . .FIRST of all, THANK you, Josette for backing me up - sort of - You two were hilarious as PeeWee and Francis. And it showed that you were not afraid to get up and perform. You were both adorable - the "execs" actually loved it. That wasn't the problem w/ the modeling gig. Turns out the only way the imposter execs made $$ was from the $200 sign up fees from the stage moms. (yes, I'm guilty of that)
And Liz, why don't we have them perform between dances at your recital this spring. . .they still can do the skit.
I'm with you on all the rest. . . the ONLY church job I've had to say "no" to was Primary chorister. I remember saying, "don't you have to be able to sing??" (Oh yeah, and camp director.)
You will have another lovely pink and grey wedding with the best damn wedding video money can buy. We'll get the videographer to come and get cheesy footage of you getting ready, footage of you & groom running thru the park, gaggy interviews, the whole nine yards!

melissa walker said...

Happy late birthday! I love your Coach bag--do you think your mom can start shopping for me for my birthday?! I think hot pink will be in forever. And I love a pink and grey wedding. I have a pinterest board should I ever need another wedding. Sad, but true. My poor husband thinks I'm crazy whenever I ask if he wants to get married again, to me I mean.

Linde said...

I am with you on the cake. I could eat it also with just a fork, and like you--keep straightening out the line. :)

I'll suggest your name to Megan for Primary chorister. ;) Just teasing!!

Lisa said...

I hope you had a great birthday! Your list is so funny, you always make me laugh so hard.

Jaime said...

I adore you, but I take issue with no. 2! Wha? I mean, what?! I love you anyway and hope you have an awesome birthday. And yes, I feel you, not so keen on more birthdays... Blech. And I am with you on the moustache craze. Please end now.

Sara said...

I read this on my phone last night and had to come back to the computer to comment. I read #1 to David and we were dying laughing. Classic. hilarious!

And THANK YOU for hating sushi. me too! but i think you're the first person I've met who will admit it. Why is it so cool to love it? Bleh. Cooked food, please.

And just the other day, David was asking me "whats with all the mustaches in people's pictures? i don't get it." seriously.

Hope you had a great bday! Looking fwd to the dating posts.

Em said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Just a few things:

--I can't get over the Pee Wee/Francis thing. How great that you and Ashley get to relive it together and that it wasn't just you up there as Pee Wee by your lonesome.

--Yay for Molly! After coming to know her through her blog, I believe she will wear the skirt well!

--I love sushi, have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest (I tell myself that most of those bloggers/crafty peeps are probably all hooked on prescription meds). I also don't love Anthro. Not my style. (And, well, they once sent me a Latin American-themed catalog with their skinny models posing with indigenous peoples of Peru and then charged $400 for a damned cotton skirt. I banned them from my life from then on.)

--Ditto about Primary and I am going to include ALL Primary callings (minus the pianist, which I happen to love doing). I know my days are numbered for avoiding Primary, so I may as well be honest about it.

--Thanks to my sis and mother, I love Coach, who spoil me with a new Coach almost yearly. (Bless their Outlet store!) They hold up to hard treatment currently used Coach is a diaper bag and I love it and it is my favorite thing ever. Although, here in H-town ya gotta keep your head on a swivel--someone tried stealing it once.

These posts of yours are my fave, I think. You are truly hilarious.

Amy M. said...

HILARIOUS that you did a Pee Wee skit! I'm totally with you on chorister, moustache, and guitar!
Can't wait for dating post.

The Mostess said...

Love the bag!

I don't like Anthro, either. We can still hang.

I have a friend that did Pee-Wee's dance in a pageant, and there's VHS tape of it somewhere. I nedd to break into her house to look for it. I guarantee it would be a YouTube sensation.

Happy belated bday!!

The Mostess said...

PS--UGH to the mustache craze. I hate it, along with hipsters.