Friday, March 6, 2009

Forever in Blue Jeans

I'm not the type of girl that has a closet full of jeans. I usually only own two pairs at a time and I wear them constantly. That is why I can justify buying pricey jeans.

Both of my pairs got holes in them this week. So I've been out frantically looking for new jeans. I've had to haul Ryan with me everytime and sometimes Luke and Sammie too. What a nightmare--they cry, they crawl under the dressing room door, and my favorite, Luke makes running commentary about what I look like in my underwear while I try on pair after pair.

I usually just roll into Nordstrom and buy a pair and get on with my life. This time Nordstrom's selection is low because they are opening their new store right away. So I've been looking at the Buckle and Macys as well. I have five pairs of jeans in my possession right now. Sam, don't check the account balance--you don't want to know! Three pairs will go back. Since I've been thinking about jeans, here are my rules for buying jeans:

1. Buy them tight--obscenely tight--they will stretch out and be perfect.

2. High quality costs money--they are worth it. Don't flinch at spending 150 bones or more for a nice pair.

3. I believe the darker the better (for slimming purposes.)

4. I think you need one pair hemmed longer for evenings (to wear heals or boots) and one pair hemmed shorter for everyday (to wear flats.)

5. Try on a bazillion pairs--you never know what is going to look good.

Pretty simple, right? Now, tell me your secrets for finding jeans. I expect Nic and my cousin Lindsay to weigh in on this--you are both jean experts.


lindsey said...

Very excellent advice. I can't wait to come home and get some really nice jeans!

Pandy said...

Lindsay has found some new boy-jeans by Joes that she really likes. She's the expert though. Hopefully, she'll chime in. The hard lesson I've learned is about buying tight. I hate tight clothes, so I've bought my regular size. Mistake. I can't keep them up and have to wear a belt. I just bought some new trouser jeans and they're skin tight. I HOPE they loosen up. Seems I can't win.

You don't know tough until you're short and squatty. By the time I hem my jeans they're squares.

Kelly said...

OH jeans. Your rules are right on but Lindsay will have to chime in. She is the expert. You always have to go tight, no matter what. My last pair I bought 2 sizes smaller that I usually would and they are still a bit loose.

Natalie said...

Hey you look great in that picture Brooke.

Do you remember how Jaime use to say,"There's more to a great pair of jeans than just the side?"

Still holds true.

The Mostess said...

Good advice, girlie.

Peeps should always remember to pre-wash the dark-dark jeans *alone* in the washer before wearing them. They bleed ALL over everything else if you don't.

I should buy and hem a matching pair of jeans, but I'm too lazy. When I wear flats, I just do a chic roll of the hem, and it looks adorable. Good in a pinch.

I have to say I am LOVING my new Banana Republic skinny jeans...sooo cute and flattering. And they weren't obscenely priced--around $80.

Liz said...

Please wear the pictured pants....wouldn't it just make your day to see someone stroll around Target in those things? G's hanging out and all. So hot!!!!!

brooke said...


I totally forgot--I was going to work that quote into my post. That was for jeans that only good from the side! Good times. Back then, (in high school) I was wearing Banana Republic jeans that were super high waisted. My butt probably looked huge and long because the waist came up so high. But I remember thinking it was a small price to pay because I thought they looked good from the front. Now all I care about is how my A looks from behind.

D-dawg said...

Lately I am totally obsessed with jeans and have purchased a few too many pairs. My problem is when I spend over $150 I can't justify wearing them everyday! I want to, but usually find myself saving them for special days. So, my goal is to have so many pairs it just won't matter. My favorite are Hudson's and I just got a pair of Joes that I love.

p.s. You need to talk Ashley into coming back to blogland.

Linde said...

I do not like looking for jeans. When I was working (outside the home) I liked the fact that I couldn't wear them because they are sooo hard to find ones I like.

Now that this is my uniform I'm going through them fast...the jeans I have had for several years are slowing showing their wear. So, soon I will be doing what you did Brooke and buy some new ones. Since I haven't shopped for them for at least 5 years I'll have to let you know how jeans shopping is in this day and age for me. :)

Jaime said...

Always remember Brooke, "There's more to a great pair of jeans than just the side." Words to live by!

nic said...

So I am not an expert, but I do like nice jeans. I do believe it costs a lot to have a nice pair of jeans, but it is totally worth it. You want to feel cute in your jeans because as moms we wear them every day. You must buy them tight because they stretch bad. Good luck.


I love Old Navy's "The Goddess" jean--no peek a boo in the back, and only $19! I just blogged about jeans too. How funny!