Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Weekend Report

Friday afternoon:

Ryan got his first haircut:

He instantly became a little boy:
Friday Evening: We went to dinner at our favorite pizza joint. We ran into my parents, brother Rex and his family and brother Cam and wife Katie. My kids loved seeing their cousins who were visiting from California. Ryan came home and enjoyed an Oreo in his highchair:

Saturday afternoon:

Sammie modeled the princess dress that she wore on GTU again in a fashion show at La Caille. It was a fundraiser tea and they were auctioning the dresses. She only cried three different times and threatened to back out once. Luckily, a quick bribe (a trip to Target to buy ANYTHING she wanted) did the trick and the show went on. Here is a photo of her when her dress was being auctioned. She had removed her crown at this point:

She got to wear her own princess dress to the tea and she chose to go as Snow White:

Even though the food was excellent, Sammie only ate cucumbers dipped in ranch dressing:

Saturday Evening:

Ryan had his first birthday party:

We always let the birthday baby eat their own mini cake with their hands:

He was spoiled by all of his grandparents:

Sunday afternoon:
We took part of the top off the jeep for a Sunday drive:

Sam is ecstatic about me posting this photo:

Sunday Late Afternoon:

Our house when we returned from our drive. It looked like a bomb went off and this is only the kitchen:
I seriously have no dignity posting this photo and my mother will just die. This is what happens when you are too tired to clean up after the party Saturday night and you just go to bed. The mess grows on Sunday. It is now clean and I'm buried in laundry.


The Mostess said...

I'm feeling better about that kid after the last post. I was afraid I would somehow be tricked into spending time with him, and he would whine and cry for hours, demanding to be carried around by me.

Psshaw. Your mom would have been horrified at my house. I did a shower on Thursday, and JUST emptied out the punchbowl...and cleaned up all of the other junk. It's Sunday.

Looks like a fun party. I wanna dig into that cake with my fingers too!

Heidi said...

Why is it that Monday mornings the house looks like a disaster. It doesn't madder what we do over the weekend, I always have stacks of laundry, toys everywhere, dishes and cups left everywhere. You would think I had 10 kids! The weekends are truly a killer!
Your kids are adorable! Looks like you had a fun and busy weekend!
Good luck pulling your house back together!

Pandy said...

Where to start? Ryan is so cute I can't stand it. I almost cried to see his hair being cut. (I can't believe he sat there.) Hair is in high demand in Kelly's house. Maybe we could borrow some of Ryan's. By the way, he DOES look like a toddler now.

Sammy is the perfect princess. I love her as Snow White. I'm sure she was the belle of the ball....urr... the toast of the tea.

By the way, you look great. I love the skirt and boots. Very classy.

As for the house. I'm glad you chose to take a Sunday drive with the fam rather than clean the house. I wish I had done that more often. Good choice!

Sam is cute.

Laura B. said...

Fabulous weekend. It's nice to know you're normal like me and occasionally can't see your floor. It makes me feel better about myself.

Jessica said...

What is it about kids and Target? When I tell Collin we need to run errands, he always asks if we can go to Target, not Toys R Us or some other toy store. He wants Target. Way fun weekend! Happy Birthday Ryan.

Ashley said...

Those are great pictures. Ryan looks so cute and grown up with his haircut! I wish we could have been there for his party. Charlie has been talking about Baby Ryan's birthday. Sammie looks beautiful. Glad she delivered! Fun to cruise around in the jeep with the kids' (and Sam's) sunglasses. I'm glad you have a blog.

Kelly said...

Love the pics! Ryan does look like a little boy! I can't believe they are already 1. Cake looked Yummy! Sammy is the PERFECT princess, you look amazing and Sunday drives are the best. I wish I wasn't so compulsive about a stupid clean house. It could allow for more of the fun stuff! What a great weekend! Sam is always cute.

Liz said...

I laugh that you think your kitchen looked messy. That is how mine looks on a daily basis. I've given up! Happy Birthday, Ryan. It goes too quick. Fyi, what's your favorite pizza joint? I'm looking for a change!

Linda said...

"My mom will die (when she sees this photo)" Do you have another mom? I'm the mom who hasn't even made my bed yet today!!
I'm glad you documented the weekend! And glad we could share in the birthday party and see Sammie in her princess dresses. By the way, Brooke looked fabulous on Sat. in her brown ensemble! Ryan was so cute and sweet - I think you need to delete the post about him being a high-maintenance baby! And finally, Sam looks like he should be a movie star with his hot car and shades! "sitting tall and lookin' good. . .oughta be in Hollywood!. . ." (all of you!)
Liz - the pizza place is Smoky Mt. Pizza on 94th and Highland Dr. - make sure you get the house salad with your pizza - with the house dressing.

brooke said...

Mom--It's not that I thought you would die at the mess--you've seen it like this a lot and probably worse--it's that you would probably die that I was shameless enough to post a picture of it.

Liz--my mom is right--Smokey Mountain Pizza--love the house salad with house dressing and sandwiches--roast beef on a pita. Sam gets pasta--the kids get spaghetti. The pizza is good too but we never get it. I swear every time we go out to dinner as a family--that's where we end up.

sheryl said...

Can I say ditto to all the great compliments!

What a darling baby. What a beautiful family! What a fun time!

You are just getting to the perfect days of spring...we are headed for the worst time of year and soon I will be jealous!

sheryl said...

I just looked at the pictures again. You look so great! You should go get a couple photo done of you and Sam.

I have to say I am mad at you! How can you talk about all the oreos etc you eat and be so skinny! Even talking about junk makes me fatter!

Linde said...

Cute post! Sammie was so cute both of her dresses. :) I love the hair cut picture too. We trimmed Jacob's hair about a month ago and it DOES change them from a baby to a little boy!

Can you believe it has been a year since he was born?

Linde said...

Brooke, I have now had time to read more of your blogs and they are soooooo funny! I love them!!! You are a great writer!

Amy M. said...

-Cute pictures. I love Sammie in her dresses and little Ryan's face is adorable.
-Your kitchen looks sparkling clean compared to mine when it's messy.
-Everyone is dying to read what you post about the dramatic twist at the end of the Bachelor. Do it, we beg.