Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jason Mesnick is a Mess

Okay so the people have spoken. They want a post about the Bachelor. I don't have anything funny or insightful to say, just some random thoughts. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Jason should never have proposed to Melissa if he felt that terrible about dumping Molly.

2. I think he got back to "real life" without the helicopter rides and dream dates and life got boring with Melissa. I think the producers had a big part in what happened as well.

3. Just like Melissa said, he wasn't willing to work on their relationship because it is easier to run (probably what happened with his ex-wife--pure speculation.)

4. I have a gut feeling he spoke with Molly before the "After the final Rose" segment and made sure she was on board. She faked the surprise well though.

5. Jason is a small man and not that cute. He is no Brad Womack. There is no reason either of those women should be fauning over him.

6. He fake cries a lot.

7. Of course Jason fell in love with two women. I could probably fall in love with 10 hot men given the opportunity (hi Sam!). He was in heat with two women.

8. I don't think Jason and Molly will last. But I'm not a hater.

9. I bet Ty is one confused little kid right now.

10. Moral of the story: You can get away with murder if you "follow your heart."

ps. Jillian is darling. I'm glad she is the next bachelorette. I think women like her more than men do though.


The Mostess said...

Know how you couldn't understand my music post? That's this post for me.

Linda said...

I agree with everything you said. After the cute, classy widow left the show, I emotionally checked out. But I do think it was odd last night that Jason didn't give a ring to Molly - just to sum things up.
I can't wait for Dancing with the Stars.

Terra said...

Ditto and Amen

Ashley said...

I believe I dictated this post to you on the phone today. The one point I'm not in solid agreement on is the crying. I think it's legit. I think it's part of his emotionally wrecked personality--part of the mess that is Jason. Do you really think he's faking?

Mandee said...

He's totally fake crying. Come on Ashley, don't be fooled.

Good recap. I think you're right about Jillian. But I like her, so I'll watch again.

Shelly said...

Oh my gosh. Wasn't that whole thing just insane? I totally think that Molly knew something was up. She had to have seen the the preview for the "After the Final Rose" show where Chris was talking about how "emotionally difficult" it was going to be. And she came marching out from behind the curtain all happy and cheery and excited. Ugh.

brooke said...

Good point Shelby. She was just a little too giddy and excited when she came out.

Ashley, we did discuss all of this on the phone yesterday. If you would ever return to blogging--I wouldn't have to blog for the both of us!

Dave and Christine said...

I love the part about his fake cries. I thought I was the only woman in America who thought he needed to man up a little and stop shedding those dumb tears.

Thank goodness this seasons Biggest Loser hasn't let me down so far.

Sam said...

Jason is the furthest thing from a man's man that has ever been on the show. Always breaking down, misting up, wringing his hands, and doing anything else to appear like a total wuss.

Be a man for once Mesnick! $50 he and Ty still live with his mother.

Laura B. said...


Natalie said...

i hear ya sista!!! you watching melissa on ellen today? can't wait to hear what she says :)

Amy said...

I second every point you made. I was Jason fan until Monday night! He sickens me

coffee said...

the women on the Bachelor were blinded by their competitiveness to the point that they don't realize what a tool they are competing for

Linde said...

Did you see Melissa on Ellen? It was good to hear her side....that they had basically broken up privately, but when they went to tape the Rose show so much earlier she asked Jason if he was going to blind side her and he said no, then he told her about Molly. Melissa said that she knew Jason had contacted Molly once, to see how she was doing, but then she felt he had continued to contact her. Interesting.

Amy M. said...

Fun post. I don't think I'm in hate with Jason as much as most women. I do wish I could know what exactly went on w/him and Melissa after their engagement.
It'll be interesting to see what happens w/Jason and Molly.

JENNIE! said...

yeah, what was that? i couldn't sleep all night thinking about it. silly me. --- he was supposed to pick Jillian anyways:)

sheryl said...

Why did I start watching anyway!

Way to much mental energy on this whole thing!

No way did Jason and Molly not have any contact!

Melissa must have not been what he needed...which is fine. But...why then does he think Molly is! I think Melissa hit it on the aren't willing to work it out. Will he with Molly when things become real instead of tv? Isn't it funny that in the end he said "she is my best friend"...which is why he dumped Jillian! Stupid man! But, he did show another important thing. Notice how when he felt bad if the girl was angry he no longer felt bad. ...happens to all of us. We suddenly become justified.

When Melissa called him a bastard on public tv she lost my respect.