Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Week in My Life

It's been one of those weeks. I didn't get any of my to-do list done. Here's what I did do:

On Monday, I got a make-over from my friend Andrea. She is now selling Mary Kay and she did an awesome job. I promised her I would start wearing lipstick...sometimes...okay--once in a long while. Andrea is one of the hippest, cutest girls I know and the make up is really cool--definately not the pink-cadillac Mary Kay image I had in mind. Here is a picture of the new me. Forgive me for the blatant glamour-shot look of this photo and for the fact that I'm too lazy to crop it.

On Tuesday, I had a birthday dinner at Nordstrom with my neighborhood friends. My friend Lori (who also had a March b-day) and I chose to go to Nordstrom cafe. Great company, great bisque, great shoes purchased during the excursion--and great warning from my friend Marni about dating older men--just in case I ever find myself in that situation! This photo is actually from my friend Kristen's b-day dinner because I didn't have my camera that night.

On Wednesday, I volunteered at Luke's school. He's only in kindergarten and he's already ashamed of me. I wave at him and he looks away. Yet, he still loves it when I come. It is so weird to see him as a "real person" at school interacting with other kids.

I already told you how I hate the dentist. On Thursday I had to get a crown--one of the worst experiences of my life. I dry-heaved twice with his hands in my mouth. As the hour progressed I got more and more ticked that I was sitting there, with him hurting me. As I was leaving, I said to him, "I don't know why they send people to prison--they should just send them to the dentist everyday." I wasn't joking when I said it and now I feel bad. Should I apologize? The best is I got to pay $700 bones on my way out and come back in three weeks--thanks for the good time!

Thurday night I went to activity days. Friday morning I had my kids Easter pictures taken (I will share those soon!) Friday afternoon I went to the mall and did a bunch of returns and bought this stuff at Janie and Jack: (Much like the pink and brown at Gymboree, I like to choose one line and just ride it.)

This is all in addition to my "normal activities"--ballet for Sammie, soccer for Luke, carpool, preschool, etc. Sam is so tired of my evening activites. I'm now on house arrest. but aren't those sandals to die for?


Heidi said...

For the first time I am a little sad I am not having a girl after seeing those clothes! How stinkin cute are they!
Your week sounds busy and fun. Except for the trip to the dentist, but lunch and a shoe purchase might have made up for that!
I say this almost every time but your kids really are very adorable! I am glad you blog so I can see pictures of them. Can't wait to see the Easter pictures!

The Mostess said...

Haha. I used to pretend I was an orphan, and always ignored my parents around my peeps. It's the thing to do.

K--I LOVE my dentist. I like him so much I don't even mind going to see him, even when I'm spitting out blood. I'm a weirdo.

Amy said...

Oh how I wish my girls were still little enough to wear Janie and Jack! So cute. I don't think you needed a makeover, and don't give in to lip stick. I never wear it, and I'm still okay. Sounds like a crazy week. There's definitely more of those to come!

Pandy said...

I love Janie and Jack and recently did serious damage there for Bai's birthday. Lindsay bought her a red and white bikini with a cover-up to match from there. It's adorable.

So you think you had a bad experience at the dentist??? My dentist is my friend's husband - we travel with them and go out almost every weekend with them. So.....I had to have a dead tooth extracted and Tim (The Death Dentist) took photos (he said, for my file). They were lovely photos, of course, of a gaping hole in my face. The next time I strolled into the office I saw 20 of those photos, blown up and hanging on the walls. I almost killed him!

I haven't yet thought of a revenge that is worthy. But I will.

I'm not sure this will make you feel better, but my weeks look no better than yours. Only difference is I can sleep in! Hang in there.

Ashley said...

The night at Nordy's sounds fun! I love that Lukers. And yes, those sandals are adorable!

I need to find out who Kaari's dentist is.

And don't apologize to yours. Just let it go.

Kimmie said...

I about peed in my pants reading your prison/dentist line...Im still laughing. I agree 100% and see no need for you to apologize.

P.S. I have 9...yes 9 crowns! (A very expesnive mouth)

Liz said...

Dentists get paid a lot of mula to inflict pain and guilt on all of us. They can handle a rude comment or two.

Kelly said...

You crack me up!! I will never wear lipstick (I can use the excuse that I am actually allergic), the dentist always sucks and the clothes are to die for!!!!! you crack me up and you look great!!

joslyn said...

i am dying over the new red line (cia bella) at jj. i think that is the line i will be diving into next.

Amy M. said...

Lookin' good with that new makeup. Fun to have Andrea do a makeover. I love the pink sandals. That line is cute - I heart pink and green together.
I have had a couple painful dental experiences. Dreadful. I'm glad my husband chose a specialty that doesn't hurt people.
Luke looks cute in his uni.

Jill said...

Wow, so what WAS on the to-do list? It sounds like you got a lot accomplished to me.

Whenever I hear MaryKay I think I will forever think of Mr. DeWeber's wife coming to our 5th grade and teaching us about makeup. She must have racked up a lot of points for that visit!

Bonnie said...

I've used Mary Kay off and on thru the years. She did a great job. You have very nice skin :)
The lipstick looks very natural on you. I have trouble finding a shade that looks natural on me.

Your little guy is so cute. My 8yr old does the same thing when I come to his classroom although he loves for me to come.

Heather said...

Brooke - I am DYING to know about the advice from your friend Marni about dating older men. I sort of have alittle experience in the 'older man' department myself and my advice would be.....Run!! Run to hills!! (Sort of kidding) If your friend Marni is a single gal, tell her I think she doesn't need any sort of man. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but men are pains no matter what age they happen to be, oh except for my brother Sam, who is the most good-lookin', thoughtful, kind, patient, intelligent, helpful man out there, right?!

brooke said...

Heather--your comment made me laugh. This is a family blog and Marni's advice is something I must share with you over the phone. It made me cry I was laughing so hard. She is happily married but is full of good advice.

Andrea said...

Brooke, thanks for the shout out, you are sooo nice!!! I have not been on blogs for a week plus and I am loving the spring clothes you picked out. Can't wait to see the photos! See you soon!