Saturday, July 10, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Each of these things have made me happy this week:

My McDonald's just remodeled their drive-thru--two lanes folks! I'm lovin' it. The drive-thru lady is still making a fuss over Buster--What can I say? I'm a regular.

Wipeout--Second best show on tv right now. My two-year-old loves this show as much as my husband....big balls.

I stumbled onto a huge sale at Gap the other day. I bought Ryan the cutest outfit. Watching him strut around the house in it made me and Sam laugh.

Lindsey Lohan got sentenced to 90 days in jail
for violating her probation. She cried in court. hahahaha.

Watching highlight clips of the Running of the Bulls in Spain. I love seeing middle aged American men (with mid-life crises) getting trampled by Bulls. It's weird that only men do this stuff..hmmm..

Re-discovering the joy of running--I've finally started running again after about a year off. I worked out at the gym during this pregnancy but didn't run . The other night, I had to keep looking over my shoulder to see if I was towing a couple of jet skis. It was scary how winded I was but it felt good to be out running again. I like being outside by myself with good tunes.

Sam bought me the most beautiful pair of tall black boots at the Nordstrom pre-sale. He just doesn't know it yet. Thanks Sam--we will call them my Mother's day gift 2012 since I've pretty much mortgaged out every other holiday between and now and then.

Not my exact boots but you get the idea.

Luke and Sammie started piano lessons. My parents gave us their old piano and I love to hear my kids playing it. I can't wait to see if they really take off like I did....I basically did a sight reading lesson every week for eight years.

That there is an R.V. This baby has been parked outside my neighbor's house all week. I came this close to hitting it every time I backed out of my drive-way. Every time I looked at it, I imagined that Uncle Eddie had come to stay and it made me happy.

Drumstick ice-cream cones. A friend brought my kids these when I had Buster. I've been hopelessly addicted ever since. Tonight, I accidently ate three. I can't figure out why I'm not losing any weight...


The Mostess said...

Buster is like Logan. I purposely roll down the windows on my nightly Starbucks run, and I let Logan mug @ the drive-thru window to cause a fuss. I'm totally suspicious of people who don't understand how cute and charming he is.

Lindsay Lohan--so long, Skankbucket! See you in 6 months. Seeing you cry brought me more joy than you can know!

I want those boots. Good job "Sam"

Nothing to do with this post, but your mom is so cute, and just as skinny, fashionable, and funny as she appears on your blog. I want her to be my mom. Want another sister? I come with a cute dog.

Greg said...

Our family loves Wipeout too! Good times!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Marta Dansie. I couldn't resist checking out your blog after reading your post about surviving swimsuit season. Who wouldn't? It was smart and very "right on"... LOVE it! :-)

I'm definitely adding your blog to my faves... I was already laughing my head off with your latest post... specifically the boots purchase. I thought I'm the only one! And I have to tell you I'm also mortgaged til Anniversary 2011. Aren't we geniuses?! LOL

So glad I found your blog and thanks for talking about yourself! :-)

Jill said...

Woohoo for 2 lanes at your McDonald's! Oh how I miss my diet Coke addiction, that place was a daily stop for me.

We watch Wipeout as a family every week and love it! The past 2 weeks have been rough for me though because of my cough. Every time I burst out laughing it triggers a coughing fit...but it's worth it. Big balls!

Seriously, running with the bulls?! Men are dumb.

The thought of you pulling jet skis behind you while you run is hilarious. Good for you for getting out there.

Sam is the nicest husband to understand your need for kicky boots.

Those drumstick cones would accidentally be eaten all up by me too, I can't buy them for this reason.

Jen (and her men) said...

Hey, they're snack size right? That's like permission on the box to eat twice as much! I love that you bought boots in July!! Whoo hoo!!

Ashley said...

Everything on this list is truly a joy. I wish I could watch the men getting chased by the bulls. Sounds fairly similar to Wipeout actually! I LOVE the boots. The two-lane drive-thrus are the best and of course I have strategies for making the most of them. You never ever commit to a lane until the speaker is free. People naturally pull into the shortest lane but you never know when the dude in front of you is ordering for his entire office. You don't want to take that risk.

Elizabeth said...

Oh look at you living life large. Excellent to see.
Well done on the running - you are an inspiration. Well done on choosing Sam as your hubs - he picks such good presents.
Lilo is an idiot and her mother should be made to time with her.

I'm loving all these summer posts!

Hannah said...

oh my goodness. Lindsey, Lindsey? What happened to her? She used to be such a cute little girl.

My husband buys me presents via proxy (me) all the time too. hehe. Love your boots.

sarahw said...

You should start a weekly routine and blog about your simple pleasures every week. Great post!! Can't wait for next week's post.

Heidi said...

Those drumsticks are the worst! I could eat them all too!

Heather said...

My family wants to sign me up for "Blind Date Wipeout"... multiple public humiliations on national TV... sounds great!

Em said...

That drive-thru totally overwhelms me. I'm surprised there hasn't been any accidents. We have one by my work that has two order stations--one right in front of the other--and Houstonians are baffled at how to use it correctly. Too complicated!

Love the GAP outfit. Dang, I want a little boy now. (Not really!) But how cute Ryan must look!

Stephanie said...

Okay, I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of Wipe-Out until my friend I grew up with won it a couple of weeks ago. She won $50,000 to take care of her future visits to a chiropractor! She was the "Sugar Momma" eating cookies when they interviewed her. She is officially the toughest girl/mom I have ever known!! She was the only girl in her group that made it into the finale--no guy can touch her! :) haha. (She was in episode 303 on June 24th.) My mom was watching it and told me my friend Debbie was on it. When I asked her how she was doing, she said, "Not very well." :) So, I was really suprised when my friend won it! I guess my mom has never watched WipeOut before. Ha! Nobody ever looks like their winning that game! Anyway, that was fun to watch--Steve is thinking he wants to do it next...hahahaNO!!!

Bachelorette Party tonight!!! :D

Dave and Christine said...

The 2 lane drive-thru brings out the the worst in me but is absolutely brilliant. I get all bent out of shape when people drive out of turn and when they leave a car length gap between them and the other car when pulling up to the windows.

I am glad someone else in this world loved and even cared that Lindsay Lohan cried in court.

My friend's little boy had that same tee on the other day and I wished I had a boy to dress when I saw it. So cute!

Good on you for the running! After doing my half I have slacked in the running department and now you have inspired me. Thanks!

Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Mother said...

Ahh, Brooke, what would I do without your posts like this? They are my favorite. It gives me my evening, "I have survived the day" contented sigh. Now I just need a brownie. Okay, two.

Amanda said...

My husband likes Wipeout too--I think he finds watching people fall to be very comical.