Sunday, July 4, 2010

Blessing Day

We blessed baby Mitchell today:

It was a really nice, relaxing day. Unfortunately, Mitchell has gotten completely fat. Luckily, he still has his hair, but when that goes, it's all over. The funny thing is, he put on all this weight in the last two weeks. I took this picture of him in his outfit two weeks ago:

Here he was yesterday!

We attempted to get a family picture. We took about 45 shots and this one was the best we could get. They were all horrible. I don't even know why I try:

My cute parents (notice how I did them a solid and took the picture from above):

The blessing was nice. We named him Mitchell Harold after my Grandpa Poole. I loved that we blessed him on the Fourth of July because my grandpa was a war hero and he loved this country so much.

The funny thing was, I had a really awkward moment with our stake president on the way out of the chapel. He congratulated me and I wasn't sure if we were going to hug or shake hands (I've known him for a long time.) I was holding the baby and sort of leaned in and he put his arm out and I ended up patting his stomach. Very embarrassing for me!

My mom flew home from helping Ashley with her collapsed lung in order to be here for the blessing. She is flying out again tonight to go back to help Ashley again. My mom has a tradition of buying the babies their blessing outfits and getting the babies dressed in them on their blessing day:

Sam talked me out of having anyone over after the blessing. I have to admit, I felt guilty not doing it but Sam just convinced me that new moms shouldn't have to go to all that work when they are not even sleeping through the night and no one cares anyway. So we didn't and it was such a relief to just sit and enjoy the blessing and not rush home to put out the spread!

This is my favorite picture of the day--Ryan insisted on holding the baby--very funny:


The Mostess said... here you come! Did you notice that Sam's left eye is on the camera, whereas his right eye is, well, who knows. I won't lie, that picture ain't great. At least you tried.

Buster got SUPER TUBS! I love it, and I'm sure it's good for his health. He's so cute, I just want to snuggle him.

Your mom is amazing.

Glad you ditched the spread and open house. That might have just led to more tummy and/or heiney rubs. You have enough awkwardness for now.

PS--long post, I know. But Little J who I help with was asking about Max and Charlie, and I explained they were meeting their new cousin Buster for a few days. Her response: "Bustard? Like, rhymes with mustard?" I explained that would be a bad name, and she replied "Buster's not much better." Good thing his real name is Mitchell.

The Mostess said...

AND you look super hot--love the hair, makeup, outfit. Smokin.

Elizabeth said...

You and Mitchell are just gorgeous!!!
Well done on NOT running around after peeps who get a full nights sleep after the blessing.
Your Mum rocks and Busters outfit is divine.
All the pics are great especially the family shot 'cos you all look like you belong together and that is all that matters.
The old baby and the new baby pic is priceless!

alexandra said...

So adorable, and I honestly don't see what is so wrong with the family photo you posted. This whole post makes me feel depressed and guilty about our dearth of photos from little Porter's blessing. The last photo is my favorite. (Great lighting, too)

alexandra said...

also you do look beautiful and that depresses me, too. is taht so wrong?

Raquel said...

That Buster has the best cheeks. I don't think I would get anything done with baby around - I would want to just nuzzle him all the time. What a cutie!

Natalie said...

we blessed Landon, too! love the pic of you two...unfortunately i don't have a good one with me in it because whoever had my camera was sitting on the couch whilst I was standing, thus double chin to the max in every pic :(
and i gave in and had people over wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

gwen said...

Mitchell is huge! What a relief...from the looks of him, that guy will be just fine! :-) And you...are looking awesome! You gotta tell me your secret. I'm as big as a house right now!

Ashley said...

First and foremost, you look fantastic. That first picture of you and Buster is great. He looks so cute and tiny and chubalicious in that outfit. I had to stare at the two pictures for a while before I even noticed that his cheeks were bigger. He has chubby cheeks but he is not the bad fat . . . yet! I'm relieved that you didn't try to do a spread--that's so exhausting. Sorry to hog mom this week.

Jek said...

Very nice post. My baby Is Mitchell too, so I am very partial to yours. You got me laughing in my pitch black bedroom next to my sleeping husband when I read about the stake president tummy pat!!!! Hahaha!!! Been there I am sure.

Bachelor spoilers....

Now to the IMPORTANT stuff.... Jake and Vienna interview? What did u think? Glad Ty is gone. Kirks dad single handedly has ruined his chances. Not sure Ali will really go for the never road a scooter before type. Roberto is very cute. Frank is growing on me. Oh yeah, I don't want chris to end up with the career type girl. That won't make him happy. Anyways, can't wait to read your post.

Jen (and her men) said...

Adorable. All six of you. Eight actually. I do like the above shot of the folks. Nice. Why are you so stinkin cute? And Mitchell...don't even get me started. I could eat him. I'm a total believer that a man started that baby blessing lunch crap. SO wrong to do that to a new mommy. Good for Sam (and you!). Love the Stake President story. I could totally picture it. That's something I have done and will probably do again in my life. Awkward!!

Jill said...

Chubby babies are the best!

Taking family photos is super frustrating when the kids are little (and sometimes when they're big). You need someone behind the photographer to make everyone look in the same place and laugh, and even then it's a crap shoot.

You look beautiful and way too good for just having a baby!

The awkward moment with your stake president is hilarious! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has moments like those.

Shooting from above is a kindness everyone shout get/give.

Mandee said...

I love your outfit in these pictures- so cute, and patriotic, and navy ... I love navy. And nice job on not having a party. Ours got smaller with each child, but scrapping the whole thing was brilliant. Laughing about your incident with the Stake Pres- so funny!

I miss you- let's get together soon and gossip about Ali and her extra 15.

Linde said...

You patted his stomach? The is HILARIOUS!! I am laughing at that one.

I must have seemed out of it on Sunday when I talked to you--I was trying to find teachers for a class without them.

Great seeing you!!

Em said...

First, little chubby Mitchell is absolutely adorable! Love it, love it. You look beautiful as well!

And I am laughing laughing laughing about your awkward encounter with the stake pres. I'm telling ya--we NEED a universal greeting! The handshake should be a thing of the past. Someone, pass it into law--quick!

Jill T said...

He is such a cute baby! I'm glad it was a good day for you!

Melissa Walker said...

You look great in your picture with Mitchell and he is adorable! I never get a good family picture at these events, so I think yours isn't too shabby! And I also love your mom--so cute with the grandbabies and doing everything to help Ashley too!