Monday, July 5, 2010

We're Down to Four!

I don't have a lot to say about tonight's episode. I know. Rarely am I at a loss for words. Maybe it's that they finished the show with Jake and Vienna and I'm still in shock at what a complete ass Jake is. I'm sorry to use that word on my blog. I honestly can't think of another word to describe him. Could you believe he yelled at Sausage on national tv?

I swore I wouldn't watch the Jake and Vienna special--I didn't want to give those people another minute of my time. And then I did. I got sucked in. I just couldn't believe the hatred and animosity between them. They haven't been together that long. But I have to say Sausage won this one in my book. Jake scares the crap out of me.

On to happier things: Ali made the right decision tonight! Hooray that Ty is going home. At least he was classy as he made his exit.

I really like the four guys that are left. To me, Frank and Kirk have the most connection with Ali. You can tell Ali just adores Frank. And Kirk is so real. At least the guy talks about real stuff. I love Roberto (have I mentioned how hot he is?!) but he just flirts with Ali. I never hear the guy talk about anything meaningful or about real life. It bugs me.

Of course, I still like Chris but could he have driven any slower on the scooter? I know he loves his dead mother but at some point he has to stop talking about her and start talking about other stuff or their relationship is never going to go anywhere. I did love the bracelet he gave Ali. That was sweet.

Did you see the preview of the hometown dates? Is Kirk's dad a carbon copy of him or what? It is uncanny. The funny thing is--my cute Grandpa Poole that I just talked about in my last post had a taxidermy room in his basement exactly like Kirk's dad's. It was so scary.

I predict that poor Kirk is going home next week because Ali just got a glimpse of what Kirk will look like in 20 years and it ain't pretty.

Is Ali putting on weight? I should be the last person to bring this up but I think she least she's human.

We're off to the hometown dates.


Laura B. said...

Yes! I just read that Ali gained 15 pounds during filming. At least she's real is right.
Frank gives me the heebie jeebies. I cannot stand him at all. He leers at her, but that's a post for my blog.
Vienna and Jake are sad. They're both fame whores who don't deserve one more moment of our attention. She paints Jake out to be this monster...I don't believe it.
All in all...good tv.

Mandee said...

oh my gosh, the whole standing in the rain bit over Ty was a bit much for me. But I loved Frank this episode, and holy crap, I don't know if I will make it to next week- I might have to consult Reality Steve.

As for Jake and Sausage- that was award winning tv, I tell ya. From "fame whore" to "fake liar", it was all so awesome. Aaron and I laid in bed and laughed and laughed, and then felt like white trash for watching it. Vicious cycle.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent- it's friends like you with blogs like this who make my life better.

Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor said...

You are so funny and I love these little episode recaps!! I didn't watch last night but I wish I did. I missed the whole Jake Saga... dang it. But you should read here - I think you will love it too!

The DeVito's said...

I don't buy Jake is a monster thing. Did you see how she started to cry? PUHLEASE! My two year old cried the same way when I told her she couldn't have dessert! Frank is a weirdo, I don't know what she sees in him. Roberto is HOT - he's a one night stand kind of guy not a marriage type of guy. I LOVE Kirk!

KellyBelly said...

Dang it, I also got sucked into the interview at the end. Vienna did win some points back with me last night, or maybe it was that Jake lost points.

My votes for Ali are all for Roberto! Frank will come out of the closet eventually, and I don't see the connection with the other two.

Jenn J. said...

I still love Frank. I love that he's that type of guy that wins you over with his sincerity and not with his in-your-face good looks. He's real and I hope he wins.
Ty needed to go. 'Nuf said.
Roberto is lovely on the eyes and holds a close second place for me. I think if she gets Frank and Roberto in the final two, she's got it made. Although, I'm just not convinced yet that Roberto has staying power. (Albeit optional, since we are talking Bachelorette here.)
Kirk still bugs me. I too, think he'll get the axe soon and the crazy taxidermy isn't going to help his case.
And Craig... he's a super nice guy and definitely deserves to still be there, but I'm not sure he's got enough spunk.
As for the train wreck,(aka: Vienna and Jake) that was nuts. I couldn't turn away. We all knew Vienna was weird already, but I was impressed last night that Jake was able to out-weird her by volumes. And although I'm ashamed to admit it, watching two fame-hoarding lovers publicly battle it out in front of the nation did make for some good tv.

Ashley said...

Mom and I just watched the Jake and Vienna fiasco. Priceless. We all knew Vienna was like that all along. Jake knew or should have known what she was when he picked up. But this was the first time he really showed his uptight controlling obnoxious ways and I have to side with Sausage. Please tell me we'll get a decent bachelor next time around. I'm dying over here.

Linde said...

From the previews does Frank have a girlfriend???? I like Roberto, but need to see if they really have a connection to talk about anything.

Jake and Vienna...I think she has problems and he is over controlling. Both have PROBLEMS!! :)

Denise said...

I used to love Jake and now I think he is a controlling jerk. If he could talk to her like that on tv, he's got to be brutal at home! Yes, she interrupted a lot, but come on! He's a jerk and I think she is telling the truth. For once, I'm on her side except for the tabloid issue. Jake was like wah wah she doesn't respect me and she immasculates me. Well, duh, that's what we do!

As for Ali, I don't care about the 15 lbs, I didn't notice and I know it is possible to gain that much in a few weeks because I'm a big meatball right now and I'm probably 20 lbs up from 2 months ago...seriously it's scary.

Frank is starting to scare me. I think he is just a dude who can't handle having other guys interested in his woman. This isn't the show for him. I love Roberto but it is hard for me to think that the romantic stuff will continue. I guess there are some guys like that out there, I wouldn't know, though. I'm just not into Kirk. I have to say that when I think about myself being in these relationships and making a decision after only 2 or 3 more dates, the whole thing seems redicuous. She barely knows any of them.

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

I guess I'm just really slow at making time to read your fun blog or I like to get in the last word...maybe a little of both.

That whole Jake & Vienna thing was a bit of a downer to end the night on--but too hard not to watch! I agree that we all knew what Jake got with Vienna so no surprises there but Jake is quite the controller with some rage issues that I felt he covered up pretty well. I was impressed that he was able to bite his lip as much as he did when Sausage interrupted him (instead of hurting her--intense to watch.)Vienna played the forced tears a bit too much for me as if that was proof that she was the victim. I have a hard time thinking she's that helpless but I do think Jake is showing more of his true colors now. What a sad mess!

As for Ali, I'm glad she sent Ty home--he wasn't the right type of guy for her. Ali is too independent for him. I think Ty needs to see if he can find a cute Utah girl :)

To me, Frank has a fun sense of humor but gets more and more scary every time I see him. He seems like a stalker to me. He seems like he is only interested in gaining her attention so no one else can have her. Freaksville!

Roberto is nice to look at but not sure what else there is between Roberto and Ali. They don't seem to talk about anything on a deeper level.

Kirk seems geniunely interested in Ali. A bit immature but likeable.I don't think it's going to help to introduce Ali to his dad. Scary! If it doesn't work out with Kirk and Alli, maybe he can get together with Sausage...their dads may hit it off.

I am a fan of Chris'. He may be an ultra-slow, but he is a good guy and has more long term potential than Roberto and Frank and, as far as I know, Chris is the only one aside from Kirk that doesn't have a girlfriend. I thought it was awkward, funny and cute when Ali took over the driving--Ha! That pretty much sums up their relationship! I hope there is more between Chris and Ali they aren't showing us yet--hope so. I did hear Ali say that she hoped Chris would open up more over the next 2 weeks--hinting that she was going to keep him around longer.

I am rooting for Chris but I think Frank's eccentric side would fit in with Ali's life in San Francisco. :)

Can't wait for next week!

Stephanie said...

One more thing, hearing Ali say or prounounce "Roberto" is absolutely painful--if you can't learn to say his name right than you don't deserve him. ;)