Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Team Frank

I know half of America is ready to crucify Frank right now. But I don't think he was dishonest and I don't think he was a coward. I'm just relieved to finally know why he couldn't commit to Ali. The mystery to me is why he spent the first half of the season so obsessed with Ali and so concerned every time another guy went out with her. Next thing we know, Ali is falling in love with him and he's not so sure about her.

This is what I love about the show--it's real life folks. I have to hand it to Frank though--I'm glad he figured this out now, instead of after she gave him the final rose. I was a little embarassed for Ali in how hard she took the news. Her pity party on the beach with Chris Harrison was a little hard to watch.

Of course Frank wasn't going to tell Ali about Rachel or Danielle or whatever the heck her name was earlier in the season. He kept thinking that as things progressed with Ali, his feelings for his ex would go away. I side with Frank on this one. Its not as if he was dating his ex on the sly during the show like Justin or Ed from last season.

The interesting thing about the situation is that clearly, Ali had already chosen Frank in her head. That's why she took it so hard. The question now is--Will she choose on of these other guys? Is either one marriage material?

Of course Roberto is not ugly--not one little bit--but once again, does the dude even have a personality? I'm still not sure.

What about Chris? I like Chris. He is a stand up guy. But if she picks him, she might as well pack her bags for Cape Cod because he ain't never leaving home. In fact, she can just plan to spend every holiday and every waking minute right there at his dad's house with his brothers and their wives. I love a man that loves his family but in this case, it scares me a bit.

Let's talk about Ali's clothes. My favorite swimsuit was the one she wore with Chris--the navy and white one with the white skirt and little sweater over the top. I loved the dress she wore on her romantic evening date with Roberto. I hated the outfit Ali wore on her evening date with Chris--basically a tie-dyed tank with sweats. However, in all honestly, when I went to Kauai with Sam last year, I basically wore the same kind of stuff out to dinner every night and I never even bothered to wear make-up. I was in complete vacation mode. (That Sam's a lucky guy!) I also hated the mu mu Ali wore at the faux rose ceremony.

Speaking of the rose ceremony. Do you think the producers made Ali still have it just to fill the time? I thought it was interesting that Ali didn't tell the other guys that Frank left her for his ex. She said he had unfinished business at home implying it was something shady.

I don't know who she's going to pick now. I could kind of see her not pick either guy a la Brad Womack (best bachelor ever.) In the end, I guess I think she will pick Roberto even though I would rather see her with Chris. To be honest, I've lost interest now that Frank is gone. I think they had the most chemistry. We're off to Bora Bora to meet the fam. I refuse to watch the Men Tell All unless next Monday rolls around and I'm completely desperate.


Ashley said...

Agreed about Frank as Ali's favorite. She seemed so sad to be left with her runner-ups. It was good tv. Did you notice how incredibly roasted-tan everyone was? I am convinced the producers made them all fry in the sun for a few days before their dates. Roberto was sweating profusely the whole time. Get the man some AC! The island dates are always fantastic though and I'm dying to go to Tahiti now. (Tyler over my shoulder, "Now everyone's rallying around Frank? What about that shirt? (the beater/cardi combo)") Is it wierd that her family is coming to Bora Bora?

Laura B. said...

I'm just glad that Frank's ugly mug is off my tv. He skeeved me out from the beginning.
Roberto is hot, but do they ever really talk about anything except how cute the other person is?
I love Chris. He's real. Yes, he loves his mom (that tat was a little too much) and loves his family, but I also loves that he's totally into Ali and ready to start a life with her. I really hope she picks him so he's not devestated.
Her outfits...agree with the swimsuit and the date dress with Roberto. The rose ceremony dress was the most HIDEOUS creation ever. I'm wondering if she gained so much weight that she had to wear mumus and gauze pants. If those were by choice, then that is unforgivable.

Jek said...

I wrote a long comment awhile back about bachelor and also about your baby boy Mitchell. I must have erased it on accident. Anyways, i have twin boys and a girl and my boy is Mitchell! Love that name, so i really like your little boy that much more!

ANyways, Chris is darling to me. He may be a little on the quiet, reserved side because he is probably just real and normal. Actually roberto too. They both seem way to normal for her and I actually hope she doesn't pick either one, because i don't want to see those two darling boys all over tv and dancing shows in the future. They don't need to be tainted. She secretly wants the media life i think. So, Chris's mother from above is praying that this doesn't work because she will be seeing her sons name in lights all over her sky from media crap. Keep that cute boy sheltered and with his great family for as long as possible. ANy cute mormon girls in the Cape?? Plan of Salvation the whole nine yards could do them all some good.
ROberto's family is not at all interested in the joint business, career woman idea. NOT GONNA FLY with daddy Roberto. Chris will forever talk about how his mom was at home and how she always wanted that for her grandkids and then that will cause a divorce.
I agree with the non hating of Frank. No offense, haven't we ALL been there. LIke a guy, but in the end just can't get the oldie off the brain? I wouldn't be calling a Frank a slut. (facebook people) He didn't do anything wrong. Didn't Ali lead Jake on then, jsut to choose career over him in the end. Didn't she THINK about that before coming on the show???? She made innocent little girlies go home before their TIME. Frankie aint lookin so bad now huh ALi?? Yeah the meltdown was AWKWARD!!! I felt like the other two guys were just left over raw meat in her mind. SPeaking of cuteness. Frank is cute sometimes as was girlfriend NICOLE. sometimes cute, sometimes not, depending on the camera shot. They will get married and be happy for three months until they realize they broke up for a reason and realize again it just aint gonna work. WE will one day see Frank as the bachelor and Nicole will be that girl who visits the house and gives Frank advice about the girl he should choose.

Yes lots of Roberto sweat. I noticed that. Hmm, i bet that didn't make him smell to fresh. I LOVED when he touched her nose when he was making her nervous about the talk they were having. I LOVE THINGS LIKE THAT! He seemed so cute and normal. I would pick him just for that. Yeah the loungie pants and dress were not good. I also hated seeing the underwater shot of Chris's long legs walking through miles of the water to the 'yet another island' holding ALi. Looked wierd! Let's keep the camera above water. And the fantasy sweet bedding was TERRIBLE! Get with it tahaahaahaa.

Jek said...
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SewSara said...

I am happy to see Frank go. I never really liked him anyway. I bet she'll pick Roberto but it won't last more than a month or two.

i hated her tie-dye tank outfit, too. she clearly cared more about her date w/ Roberto.

I HATE watching her and chris kiss ... it's really bad.

Jenn J. said...

I totally respected Frank's choice last night. I was worried he was going to pull something shady, but I don't think it was shady at all. Good for him. I hope him and Nicole(?) live happily ever after. I agree that he was Ali's favorite, but what can she do?... The show must go on. I stand by what I said earlier and think she should go for looks at this point. Frank was her true love. Now she should just go for the guy she wants to make out with most (Roberto) since we all know it's not going to work out anyway.

Jenn J. said...

P.S. I saw Sam at Sun Valley. He was innocently walking by when I said, "Are you Sam?" I told him the reason I knew that was because I'm an internet stalker and I'm thinking he was totally impressed. :) I also saw your mom and she told me you were taking one for the team and keeping all the kids with you at home for the week. Way to go, super mom/wife. I hope you survived. It would have been fun to see you.

Magdalena said...

Oh ya know you'll be watchin' casey get grilled for that hideous tattoo next week! It's like flies to honey when it comes to the bachelorette madness, love it, love it!

jacey said...

I've tuned out this season because Ali was kind of a wreck last season. But I decided to watch last night just to see where the show was at. Ali was still a wreck so I don't feel like I've missed out on much. I was proud of Frank for coming clean as soon as Ali got there. Shouldn't Roberto's name be pronounced with some sort of accent? I agree, he is eye candy. It sounds like I've missed out on that.

Laura said...

It's so funny that Ali was so upset because that is exactly what she does to some guy every week. She tells them that it was fun, but there is something missing. Frank did throw another girl in the mix, but he was real and I applaud him for doing it now and not at the end.

I feel bad for her and her crazy bauling rant session. She seemed to forget that there were two other guys that are crazy about her! My prediction now is that she doesn't pick either of them. Frank was the one and now she has to rethink what she is going to do.

Leslie said...

Totally agree with you on Frank, although I was wondering if his story was real. I thought the whole scene with the ex-girlfriend felt a little staged… not sincere. I’m bored with the 2 guys left as well. It just seems like something is missing. I think she’s going to pick Roberto, which I’m okay with because I do not see her with Chris at all. About her clothes, I just feel strongly she needs help picking cute (ie, flattering) clothes. Don’t they have people to help her with that!? I did not like anything she wore last night. The mumu was particularly disturbing. But I do agree that the swimsuit with the white skirt was the best swimsuit. Anyway, I love your Bachelorette updates. By the way, I know Ashley from a while back and read both of your blogs when I get a chance.

Denise said...

Yeah right, you won't watch the men tell all... I am really liking Chris and I think they can deal with the family thing. Alternating seems to work. I think he is just WAY nervous around the cameras. I like Rob, but I don't see much substance. I don't think she knows either enough to marry the guy, but that's just me. I think Frank and Nicole (I think) were SO sweet. I hope it works out for them and sometimes, even when you're dating one guy, he chooses someone else at the last minute. That's life...

Josette said...

i don't blame frank for leaving, but i also don't blame ali for being so crushed. personally, i think chris is WAY better than frank and frank did ali a favor by leaving.
sometimes i really wonder about her wardrobe choices. is she making these choices or are their wardrobe people?? lots of bad choices however you look at it.

Elizabeth said...

I have nothing to contribute ... except I want to go and live on one of those little houses in the sea.

marta said...

i love that you and ashley always say exactly what i'm thinking! yeah, frank is the good guy here! he's the one who figured it all out. and yeah, it was pretty interesting how she said how excited she was for frank to meet her fam. who was she gonna kick off?!! hmmm. wasn't it funny how he wanted advice from chris harrison and chris didn't really give him any whatsoever. that was rad.

i keep thinking she won't choose anyone at the end. i said that to dan and he replied (in all seriousness), 'we'll have to see what brooke has to say.' i love that you're the go-to gal in this reality saga. i agree that roberto and her only have the hots for each other; like vienna and jake. nothing real. and we know how great that relationship turned out. so yeah, chris is cute for her. but i think she wants more drama and hollywood. i mean, can we talk about her crying / sobbing with hands through hair and everything?! man, she's made for the soaps!

i was laughing when she and frank were just sobbing in silence together; it was pretty awkward and she kept saying how excited she was for their date. she wanted to show off her third bathing suit, the free goods, the exclusive beach, the fantasy suite. it was all crashing around her! good for frank. and really, what is she bawling about?! she did this exact same thing to jake.

anyway, i was wondering about those flowy pants and see-through white tank top. what's with that?? i totally thought the pearl thing was a gimmick at first, but ended up to be pretty cute.

and please watch the men tell all. come on.. don't you want to know about weather man and craig?! and ty and those other losers? if you don't watch it, i'll have to fill you in.

Linda said...

I've waited til the end to comment - just read all the others. Very good, insightful comments. I do have to agree with Laura B. My sentiments exactly. Seems like we agreed on Jake as well - back before he was the bachelor and picked Vienna.
I just have to say that it's all so staged and edited and annoying and yes, it's the one show I DVR and watch every week. sad.

The Mostess said...

My formerly rotten sister Eriika read all of your blog posts about this craptastic show, and decided that she likes you based on your love of this show.

Linde said...

I agree about Chris being a good guy, but so into the family...would he ever branch out. On Roberto...when they were on their date did anyone notice that all they did was kiss? When they had dinner their lines were "We were at a beach that was a frickin heart!" "It was ridiculous!!" They didn't talk about much. Will be interesting to see.