Sunday, May 29, 2011

Part 3--The Beach

I kind of forgot that I was doing a three part series on our trip to California. Not that anyone cares, but here is part three--the Beach.

When Sam told me he wanted to get a four-day park hopper, I demanded one day at the beach. Next time, I will wise-up and demand at least two days there. We went to Newport Beach and it was perfect.

The weather could have been a little warmer but it wasn't terrible. The kids built sand castles and loved playing in the water. Luke even made a couple buddies and went body surfing for about an hour.

There is nothing finer than Mickie D's on the beach:

My dad taught me a long time ago, you never come to the beach unprepared. The necessary items are a cooler, beach chairs, mats, towels, umbrellas, sand toys and sunscreen. I looked over at the family next to us who literally brought nothing but towels, and felt bad for them. That is no way to spend a day at the beach.

The only bad part of the day was when I was tossing a frisbee with Sam and I stepped into some tar in the sand. It looked like some sort of sea creature had crabbed my toes and I couldn't get it off. I screamed like a maniac until I figured out it was just tar. It took me all night in the hotel hot tub to work the tar off my toes with a towel...don't say I'm not classy.


Jill said...

Wow, I'm amazed you were able to pack all of that beach stuff in your van for the road trip! That's great planning and packing.

Ashley said...

That tar story has me laughing out loud. And yes we have been taught to go big or go home at the beach. Buster looks so cute and big!

Mandee said...

Aaron says the ultimate sign of a tourist is tar on your feet. Rubbing alcohol gets it off with ease.

And I agree- except we skip the umbrellas. I want all the sunshine I can get. Looks like fun- it makes me want to put a for sale sign in my front yard. Can't wait to see you this week!

Elizabeth said...

I care!!!! I am jealous of how nice and quiet the beach looks. All the kids look like they are having a blast too. I agree with you on taking "stuff" to the beach and I feel for all the teenage chickybabes wandering down to the sand with just their towels and bikinis... lol.

Jen said...

I was the girl at the beach with only a towel and a book for years. I rarely even wore shoes. That's just the way we did it. Then I had a billion kids and they just can't roll like that. I miss the good 'ol days. There's nothing quite like growing up at the beach. Cowabunga Bay just doesn't cut it for me. Sniff. Sniff.

The Mostess said...

Hauling two tons of junk is the only way to go. We tapped into this business way before we even had a kid. All of the things you mentioned are essential, though I would add in Aquasocks. I love mine, though I wore a hole in the toe doing water aerobics.

Buster is adorbs! And the rest of your kids are looking so big!

Tar on the feet--that's a new one. I would have no idea how to pick that off my toes. Blech.

Linde said...

How fun! I love Newport beach!!