Sunday, May 15, 2011

Part 1 The Road Trip

We just returned from a trip to Disneyland and Newport beach. I have waaaay too many pictures to condense it all into one post. So I am going to break it into three parts--the road trip, Disneyland and the beach.

Part 1 The Road Trip

I like a good road trip. I have posted my tips for road tripping in the past. We are kind of trashy on the road.

We let the kids take their shirts off:

We make really lame jokes about the "T&A" rest stop:

We let the kids watch movies the whole way (Zombie Ryan):

and I drink Diet Coke like it is going out of style.

We always stop in St. George and let the kids play at the park for about an hour. Buster loves the swings:

Sam wore compression stockings under his shorts to keep his knee from swelling up on the road. He had absolutely no shame in wearing them into gas stations, restaurants and the hotel. Notice the sheen on these babies:

I bought my kids these little suitcases before we left at DownEast Home. They have other kids' names embroidered on them but my kids didn't care. I had considered buying these same ones at PBK for 119 bucks each before I found them at DownEast for 29 bucks each. For that deal, I can live with calling the kids "Oliver and Meredith."

At the hotel we let Buster pull every tissue out of the box because he had no other toys and we were desperate:

The highlight of the trip down was eating the best breakfast of my life on Mother's Day at the hotel. I know you will think I am exaggerating but the complimentary breakfast at the Courtyard Marriott South in Vegas is second to none. I am talking made to order omelets, fresh fruit, muffins, french toast, eggs, hot chocolate with cream...basically anything you can think of for breakfast...they have it. Here is my delicious omelet:

The breakfast was all I got for Mother's Day and I was a happy lady.

Stay tuned for Disneyland.


The Mostess said...

I won't be able to sleep until parts 2 and 3 are posted!!

LAURA said...

the compression tights and the other-named suitcases made my morning, can't wait to hear more!

Heather said...

I've seen compression socks for athletes, and I've seen compression socks for geriatrics. I think Sam got the geriatric version...which is probably awesomer, especially for a blogging wife.

Linde said...

Sounds so fun! Love the kleenex box as a toy and zombie Ryan.

Looking forward to posts about the rest of the trip!

Em said...

I'm with the Mostess--I can't wait for the next installments!

I loved it all, but if pressed I'd have to say the Oliver suitcase, Buster's hair in the Kleenex picture, the Kleenex extravaganza itself, and Zombie Ryan. You seriously have cute kids.

Jill said...

The compression socks are hilarious!

It's funny to think of your stylish family being trashy while traveling.

If you drink that much diet Coke on the road are you the one demanding frequent pit stops or what?

Ashley said...

Hilarious. Roadies are about survival and comfort and not being seen by anyone you know. I love a good roadie! Your mother's day was better than mine. I envy your omlet.

Amy M. said...

I'm not sure what's funnier...Oliver and Meredith or the compression tights!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad Meredith and Oliver had a good Road trip.
Oh and that breaky on MD sounds fab!

Linda said...

LOVE the pictures - hurry and put up the rest. . .the kids are adorable no matter what their names (Meredith?) and what they are wearing. . .or not wearing. . .

KellyBelly said...

Oh wow - had to show Rebes the tights picture. She busted out loud :)

The Mostess said...

I meant to come back, but I got distracted.

I love that you cheaped out and got the monogrammed bags. That's so wrong.

Sam's stockings. Wow. Good luck getting that image out of your head when you're in the Fantasy Suite.

melissa walker said...

I'm glad you're back--I needed some funny in my life!