Monday, May 23, 2011

Please Tell Me I Wasn't the Only One Who Got Sucked In!

I wasn't going to watch. Then I thought of 20 guys getting out of the limo and I had to watch. I'm not going to commit to recapping every week. It starts to feel like a job and Heaven knows I hate to work!

So here are my really quick thoughts from tonight (because I'm dead tired but I always have something to say.)

*Ashley looked cute in her dress. Do we think she got an "augmentation?" She was sooo flat before. I think she may have eyelash extensions too but who can blame her. If I was going on the show (just humor me for a minute) I would have a spray tan, fake eyelashes, and every procedure the show was willing to pay for.

*I liked the Butcher. He was sooo the cliche guy named Anthony from New Jersey. He reminded me of Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck. I was so sad she sent him home.

*There were a lot of guys this season with real careers (with the exception of the cell phone salesmen and the guy who works at Staples.) I like that. She likes that.

*Do I even have to say how completely ridiculous it was for Tim to get fall down drunk and pass out? My question is why did Ashley feel like she needed to go to all the work to put him in a cab? I would have just left him for dead and not wasted my time!

*I've seen a lot of party tricks and gimmicks over the years on this show but the masked dude is the very worst. It is totally embarrassing that he is 35....way too old for that crap.

*How did you like Ashley's conversation with Chris about Bentley? Leave it to SLC to bring the drama. We are two for two folks. I'm going to give Bentley the benefit of the doubt for now. Rumor has it, his ex-wife is besties with Michelle Money. Do the math.

*I don't trust the producers further than I can throw them (and with my bad knee, I shouldn't be throwing the movie!) I can pretty much guarantee that Bentley doesn't say all of the stuff they have him saying in the preview of the season.

*There is a guy (I'm too lazy to look up names) that totally looks like a young Tom Hanks.

*Love Ryan who got the first impression rose. He is cute and seems confident without being arrogant.

*Love Nick, the blond surfer looking guy from Florida who is a personal trainer. He is a hottie.

*I like the two lawyers so far but I think Ben might be a little too eager.

*West is sweet. He would have been the perfect match for Emily...both from the South...both with a dead fiance/spouse.

*I was so embarrassed for the two guys who blubbered to the camera after they got sent packing. It is the first night!! Somehow, it is even worse for a guy to be crying and talking about how he will never find love!

I'm excited. I hate to admit it but I love looking forward to Mondays. Are you watching?


Jill said...

You always make me laugh.

I find it frightening that any of the people on the show think they're actually going to find true love this way.

Alyse Burt said...

I wasn't going to watch either but I have a dang cold and there was nothing else on! I think she got implants as well, she had that certain dent. I loved William, he reminds me of Prince William and I'm a sucker for dimples, just look at my husband and kids. Btw, Ryan and Rachel had a baby girl, Jane. There is a new princess in the pink room!

LAURA said...

you weren't the only one to get sucked in. I didn't like Ashley and was too good to watch this season. Great recap. And it did look like she got some work done, do those little cutlets help THAT much? And I really think that Tim took some muscle relaxers before going in the limo, and add alcohol to that!

Was I the only one who didn't think Bently or Bennett or whatever was that cute?

leandparkermakes3 said...

Oh Brooke, Why do we watch these men make such fools of themselves? It really is painful! Ditto to your whole post. Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, why another crazy from Utah??? I like West, even though he is pretty cheesy. Tim was a jerk even before he was drunk. I was sad she sent home the funny guy who threw the guitar into the water! Why would she keep the creepy masked man? I so don't want to watch this season, but I know I will!

SewSara said...

you knew i'd be watching, right?- i never miss a season.
and i was so hoping you'd watch, too, even though i know we don't really like ashley.

she does look so much better ... the bangs and the hair color suit her better than the blonde.

i don't like that butcher at ALL! i'm glad he went.
and what the crap with the mask guy? i bet they made her keep him just for the drama.

i had the same thought w/ bentley/michele ... they are just making SLC look bad!

i really like william and west.

Linde said...

I was wondering if you were going to watch (since you hadn't mentioned it on your blog). Glad you are. Gives me someone to talk to/read about it with. (Is that a sentence??)

I kept thinking--why (from the previews) does it look like SLC comes with these people like Bentley and Michelle Money????

Can't wait to see the rest. I agree on the jobs. There are several guys who seem to have it together.

Vermont Madsens said...

So glad I am not the only sucked into this rubbish! I too liked the stereotypical Jersey boy and was sad to see him sent. I don't love Ashley though. It's hard to watch her after Brad was so dang likable. What's the inside scoop on Bentley? We'll see what drama unfolds!

P.S. Have you seen Check it out and vote for Jane to be then next bachelorette.

Ashley said...

I haven't watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette since Jason Mesnicks season when he ended up being the BIGGEST jerk ever. But watched last night and now I'm hooked!
One of Bentleys friends called into a radio station in SLC totally defending him and was saying what a great guy he is and how he's not a jerk, he's really sarcastic and was joking,etc. YA RIGHT!

Ashley said...

So I am about 3/4 the way through it. I love the guy who got the first impression rose. He's smart and smiley and handsome. What was she talking about about hearing something bad about Bentley? I think I may have fast forwarded through that (I skip anything with Chris Harrison.) I think it's funny that you like the Florida guy. Ashley is not the greatest to watch. We need someone like an Emily where the guys will be falling all over themselves to get her.

KellyBelly said...

Rebes and I are watching. One has to see those fab dates in order to give details to our dreams, right? However, we think the Disneyland posts are giving these show recaps a run for the money. So we are planning a trip to Sea World, any advice there or will Sam not venture out of "the happiest place on earth". :)

The Mostess said...

I am not watching. I am only halfway judging your choice to do so.

Then again, I didn't come here to make friends.

Sam said...

Sea World is Hell on earth. We made the mistake one year of driving down to Sea World after Disneyland.

It was like going from Halle Berry to Rosanne Barr. There is no always is a Pepsi venue. I will never go to Sea World again.

Raderstorf Family said...

Isn't the line something about a knee, instead of back? If so then I say "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller"

Raderstorf Family said...

Sam that is funny about Sea World, cause we love that it is a Pepsi joint and would choose SW over Disney any day..he he

brooke said...


It was knee! I have been messing up all my Ferris Bueller lines lately!

Jaime said...

Edward Rooney!!!!!!!!

nic said...

I love your Ferris comment. That was a great movie. I am not a fan of Bentley already. What was up with Tim. Do you really get that Drunk on the show? Some of the guys seem really cute and nice. I wasn't going to watch, but I just had to.

Elizabeth said...

Ive got nuthin.

Water for Elies was OK, just not worth going to the movies for. It's a great DVD I reckon. My Dad warned me there was animal cruelty and I hate seeing any cruelty in films but ... it wasn't that bad and if I can cope with it anyone can. Also the love affair between Reese and RPatz didn't feel real, although both of them look luminous up on the screen - just gorgeous.
Hang in there

Linda said...

Just finished it - DVR'd. I have to say that even tho I watched - I'm not as into it as other seasons - Last night I actually turned it off before the rose ceremony, then finished it tonight. Maybe it will get better. . .but yes, dammit, I'm watching.

Raderstorf Family said...

It's cool Brooke, I thought so but thought maybe you were talking about another movie...I may not know much but I my movie quotes. Sam would be proud cause once at a Disney resort I won pool side Disney movie trivia!! Dave wishes he could send me somewhere to make money with all the worthless trivia I know!!

KellyBelly said...

Sam - Unfortunately we have already told the kids about Sea World. Dang it! We will for sure smuggle in a 12 pack of diet coke now though. Unless you have any bright ideas about how to break the bad news to the girls that Sea World closed down.

Sam said...


When dealing with children, I think honesty is the best policy. Simply tell them, "Sea World sucks."

If you want to take a different approach, try one of the following:
(a) A "dirty bomb" went off in San Diego, and Sea World was destroyed.
(b) A tsunami wave hit Sea World, and the high tide freed all of the animals.
(c) The Taliban/Al Qaeda snuck into the park after hours and killed all of the animals to retaliate for Osama's death.

I would say whatever is necessary to avoid Sea World. And if it didn't work, I would bribe them. Every kid has a price.

Em said...

I love that your mom said dammit. Too funny!

There will be a lot of drama this season, I can tell just by reading your recap. That guy who lost his wife...I read something about how the details of her death were suspicious. Yikers! Look out, Ashley.

Love the beach pics of your kids, and I especially love the one of them eating french fries. Yum.

Get well soon!

Stephanie said...

I knew I could count on you...haha...I didn't kid myself into thinking I might not watch it. It's just too much fun to pass up! :) Immediately liked Ryan, the "happy guy"--and guessed he would get the first impression rose. I could see him going to at least the final 3. How could Ashley not like someone whe seems so happy all the time. :D I also liked William right off the start--I love that he is a cell-phone salesman!!! haha. I am sure that doesn't stop him from getting dates. He's probably dated every girl that walked into Staples. I think he looks like a young Josh Lucas. After seeing the previews for next week I'm a little scared. I don't think he should have ever mentioned Chantel or Emily--but I'm sure they edited that part to make it look worse...i hope. The Butcher did give me that "Moonstruck" feel--ha! Oh, and that one lawyer guy with all the degrees reminds me of Brendan Frasier with his wide-set eyes. Bentley, don't even get me started! ha. My friend's son has met him--Can't we get someone normal on the show to represent Utah? What are the chances that he would know Michelle Money? Are they related? jk. I think they should go on a date--that would be interesting and scary. I cringe to think of Bentley's parents watching him on the show. Not sure who would consider dating him after that. He is the next Michelle...and then some!

Stephanie said...

Bummer about Sea World, I still want to go and take our family. It's been so long since I've been there, but from your description, it doesn't sound like it's changed! ;)