Sunday, October 30, 2011

High Maintenance Halloween

I condensed Halloween this year all into one action-packed high-maintenance week. Here is what we did:

I took my kids to our ward Trunk or Treat: It was obscenely cold. I don't do cold. That is why I gave up skiing. We lasted thirty minutes and I called it quits.

It pains me to not have them coordinate in any way. Luckily, tomorrow I am helping at Sammie's Halloween party in a matching poodle girl outfit.

We made Halloween cut-out cookies:

I wore this get up to help at Ryan's Halloween party:

I know this is a recycled picture but trust me, I looked exactly the same this year. Ryan wanted to be a pirate for his preschool party (I forgot his sash):

I made freezer jam. This has nothing to do with Halloween but I have to brag about it. Forget the fact that it is easier than a batch of cookies. I feel so domestic making jam! I'm a homemaker for crying out loud!

I took my kids to our gym's Spooktacular. It was awesome. This year was a Harry Potter theme which thrilled Luke. Here he is with some dude dressed as Hagrid:

My gym doesn't do anything half-way. Here is part of the buffet table:

And live owl. I just loooove owls:

Luke and Sammie loved doing the climbing wall in costume:

Saturday afternoon, I took a much needed break and saw Footloose with Mandee.

I loved the original so I was surprised at how much I loved the new one as well. They do a good job of updating the original and yet keeping some of the things that made the original so good. And the new kid that plays Ren McCormick reminds me of Kevin Bacon. I may or may not have an inappropriate crush on him. Yes, I know I should be crushing on Dennis Quaid who plays Ariel's father. He is much closer to my same age. Bygones.

Back to Halloween.

Saturday evening, I hauled Luke's rotting pumpking back to the pumpkin patch and traded it for a new one. Then we carved pumpkins and by we, I mean Sam. Sam donned his orange shirt (way to be festive!) I sat in a big chair and looked at my ipad and yelled words of encouragement.

Check back for photos of Buster in his costume. On Saturday, I also found the world's best leggings...miracle magic pants I tell you. I will reveal them next week.


Greg said...

You put the rest of us to shame with your Halloween activities. No wonder Halloween makes you tired.

I'm impressed that you found the time to make freezer jam as well. But was that just a prop for your "Stepford Wife" costume?

Your kids and their costumes are really cute. I'm also amazed at the elaborate Harry Potter-themed party your gym put on. How come you didn't included the picture of you holding the owl in your post?

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Love your posts. Jam is SO easy isn't it? It seems like it should take a lot of longer/harder to make. And I totally have Adam do all the pumpkin carving. It's his "thing" (actually i just make him have it be his "thing", ha). Looks like fun!

LKC said...

You should do a freezer jam tutorial. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I just buy my jam.

Em said...

Amen with the jelly tutorial. But you look FABULOUS in that photo with the jam! I am coveting everything you have on and the jam jar in your hands.

Idk about Footloose. I'm glad you saw it and gave it a good review, but I don't think that main guy is cute at all. Although, that could be cured by looking at his face on the big screen for 2 hours. But for some inexplicable reason I have a real problem with Julianne Hough...

Happy Halloween! Your kids are cute as ever. Luke as HP is the best costume ever.

Christie said...

Your Footloose review has convinced me to see it. I had a friend hate it, so I was scared to go. Wish you lived here. I'd make you go with me. And we'd get big diet cokes because we're awesome like that. Sigh...

Jaime said...

Brooke... I am with you! Halloween is exhausting. It never ends. You are a better person than I with the costume. My kids are always so disappointed that I don't dress up. You amaze me in every way!

The Mostess said...

I love the jam. You look foxy in the kitchen!

I totally knew that you recycled that picture. This may make me a stalker.

Harry Potter--I love it! A climbing wall???? We were lucky to get dry ice at the ward party. I'm going to send this to the Bishop.

Footloose RULED and I loved Ren, too. I'm going to go see it in the theater again. Go see it, girls. It was good!

The Mostess said...

I need to know about these magic pants. Spill.

Elizabeth said...

The first pic of you in the boots and stripped cardi belongs in a modeling catalogue!!! HAWT.

Ashley said...

I can't believe you got close enough to that bird to take a picture.

I immediately knew you in your witch get-up was a stock photo.

That guy at your gym is scary.


Andrea said...

Luke looks so different with dark hair! I love the Harry Potter. Jam intimidates me! So I am impressed!