Sunday, October 2, 2011

So Long September

September is one of my favorite months. Back to School, the leaves are starting to change and yet, none of the Halloween craziness has hit yet. Here are the highlights of this past month.

I took Sammie to see Mary Poppins. It is my favorite Broadway show, hands down. The dancing is phenomenal and we had great seats. Sammie loved her girl time with mom and i love hearing her talk like a valley girl as she gave me all the first grade gossip.

Luke and I went to a BYU football game. The whole experience was a bit frantic, as I was not prepared for the ridiculous traffic getting to Provo and then the nightmarish parking situation. (I ended up paying a college student 20 bones to let me park in his apartment complex. I told him it was highway robbery but I was over a barrel and the game had started.) We had fun and I tell you what--nothing tastes better than a stadium dog sometimes.

Ryan started preschool and looooves it. I wish it was all day.

I went to my law school reunion and since I know you are all, I did not wear tights. It was really hot and I was glad I didn't. I did have the worst zit on my chin and I was praying for dim lighting. No such luck--the dinner was in a room in the Wilkinson Center with florescent lighting (the kind in dressing rooms.) Shoot me now. Despite that, I had a great time and enjoyed seeing old friends. We had about 150 people in our graduating class but only about 30 came. It was still fun.

Luke started Flag Football and two nights out of the week, I am dragging my four kids, tons of treats (since it is dinner time), stroller and three camp chairs to the games. Luke absolutely loves it. I have no idea how some of you moms are doing tackle football every night!

Sammie is doing Tumbling, jazz, ballet and Luke and Sammie are doing piano. I spend a lot of time in the car.

Oh, and I am leader of the pack..the wolf pack that is...imagine me trying to manage five 8 year olds, keyed up like crazy, right after school, every Wednesday. I want to put a gun to my head but I am soldiering on.

The absolute highlight of the month was one glorious four hour spa day. Happy belated Mother's Day to me!

This week, the craziness begins...I am hosting Gourmet Dinner night...stay tuned!


Jill said...

Oh my gosh, you as a den mom is hilarious, you're probably make the uniform look stylish!

I'm impressed that you took Luke to the BYU game, how did that happen?

brooke said...

It was part of our Law school reunion weekend. He has wanted to go for a long time and I bit the bullet and took him. It was a great game...BYU pulled out the win right at the end.

Ashley said...

Luke looks sooooo much like you in that last picture!

I love these posts, the real stuff.

You sound so busy, and the Halloween frenzy is not even happening yet.

I miss Provo in the fall! That college student selling his parking spot makes me laugh.

melissa walker said...

I love early fall too--nice and cool, but no cold yet! And call my mom for den ideas. She and my dad are way into cub scouts. It's a little scary,but they have lots of stuff you could use!

Denise said...

It is so YOU to pay a student to park at his apt. I LOVE it.

Liz said...

Mary Poppins was amazing. Loved the tap dancing on the ceiling. And SOOOO amazed that you are doing flag football and all the other stuff. The hours between 3:30 and 9:00 about kill us moms, don't you think. Good for you taking your kid to a football game. I love fall! Glad you are enjoying it.

Lanea Sampson said...

Brooke-Steph lives right across from the stadium. I bet she would have sold you her parking space for $15!! :)

Amy M. said...

I'm the dang Wolf den leader too! Heaven help us. Can't wait for GN!!

nic said...

What a crazy month. I love September too. I can't believe it is already over. Mary Poppins was so cute. Your kids are darling. Can't wait for Gourmet night.

Elizabeth said...

You are a parenting Machine!
You looked fab at the reunion and all the pics of the kids are so sweet (except your kids all look very grown up... how did that happen).
Also the college kid totally made a profit!!!

Em said...

Good call on the bare legs to the reunion. If ya got it, flaunt it.

I love that you even thought of paying a kid for his parking spot. I never would have thought of something so brilliant.

Your kids are lucky kids having you for a mama.