Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Halloween Week!

Buster's face kind of describes my feelings about Halloween this year. In the past, I have hit Halloween hard. We started early and did pumpkin patches, barnyard boos, and every Halloween party on the planet. Not this year. I am taking it easy. We only have one week until Halloween and we are going to do a few things but it is certainly a departure from years past. See here and here and here.

I did get my kids in their Halloween shirts and took them to our local pumpkin patch (which is just a guy's house with a million pumpkins and they're cheap!) to take the obligatory photos. My kids understand that they don't lay a finger on a wagon or a pumpkin until they have posed for the photos:

Stay tuned for the trunk or treat, school Halloween parties, my gym's Harry Potter Spootacular and Halloween night. I'm glad we are condensing it this year and gettin 'er done!


Em said...

I just woke up and am now thinking I should just go back to bed after reading your past Halloween posts. It exhausts me thinking of all you've done for you kids as a Halloween mother.

Can I tell you that I (read: Chuche) haven't even pulled out the Halloween decorations yet? Yeah, we're behind.

Love the pumpking patch photos of your kids. They are all adorable.

Liz said...

Your "simplify" is my "best Halloween ever". My kids would be so lucky to do all that stuff!

Ashley said...

Holy smokes, Buster is Ry Ry's size and Ry Ry is Luke's size. When did Buster become a real boy?

Very cute pics. Your kids are good posers.

Jaime said...

Brooke... Those pictures are great, it was so fun to see your kids the other night. I love that house in October. I don't blame you... I am all about simplifiying life,,,

Denise said...

Buster is so dang adorable. I love the pic of Luke and Sammie together too. Our ward only does a Trunk or Treat when Halloween falls on a Sunday - lame. Have fun!

Jill said...

I used to love pumpkin patch photos of my kids when they were little, it was one of the highlights of each they're huge and not cute so we are pumpkinless.

alexandra said...

your kids are so so so so cute. i can't get over it. i love how you define taking it easy this year on the halloween festivities. i am nominating you for mother of the year.

Ashley said...

Also Luke is looking soooo much like you. It's like a flash from my past.

Linda said...

The kids could all be in the PB catalog they are so cute!! Ash is right - we hadn't noticed before, but Luke does look like you. We've been saying that Sammie has turned into you at the same age. Glad that you got them to that pumpkin patch since I only got 2 good pumpkins in mine, and I messed up on the other pumpkin patch--it was last week!

brooke said...

He does look like's his eyes and hair and dimples...weird to actually have one that does.

Elizabeth said...

Brooke your kids are both adorable AND compliant … that is some good parenting right there.

Also this message is for your mate Greg.
Dear Greg,
I have tried to comment on your blog a few times and was denied access!!!
So I listed you on my blog list to see if that helped me comment. No dice.
So if you want an invite to my (lame) private blog email me at and maybe then I can stalk I mean comment on your blog.
See you from Brooke's friend from the Antipodes.

Greg said...


I love the skeleton shirts for your kids. You have great taste....I hear that skeleton costumes are the "in" thing this year for Halloween. :)

Stephanie said...

I love the pumpkin patch pics--I "trained" my kids with the same expectations when they were young--haha! Now they run the other way when the see the camera!--It took Justin coming home after being away on his mission for 2 years for me to catch him smiling for me on camera again. :) (Oh, and I'm not kidding!!) :D I went overboard taking pics for the first day he was home-feeling I was entitled--before I backed off again. Anyway, it gives me joy to see those pics of your kids!!

The Mostess said... know how much I LOVE October, and all of visits to various patches. You're a great mom for hauling your large brood there!

I like that there's an order to things--pics first, fun after. I love the junky old wagon on that first pic. It would make a great PDR.

I can't believe this is some random guys yard. That's a little weird to me.

Excited to see the real costumes in a few days!

Garrett and Shelly and baby Julia said...

So adorable! They are getting big! I am still trying to teach my boys to give me the obligatory photo.... When we took the photos for Shellys blessing and the outside two (Chris and Noa) were cut off.... I could not even get 8 freakin more seconds for a second go round! 8 Freakin seconds! (Chris got the whole group)

Garrett and Shelly and baby Julia said...

What? How am I now Shelly?
This is Sheryl. LOVE COMPUTERS