Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Review

It is Sunday night and I had to Become Bobby to get the kids to help me pick up the house..aka Thunder dome after the weekend. It wasn't pretty and I hate getting like that but the mess makes me crazy.

The highlights of the weekend:

Friday evening my wonderful in-laws brought us Zupas for dinner. Food is my love language and it was delicious.

We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow (finally!) Saturday morning. I have such a love hate relationship with the white stuff and by love hate I mean mostly hate. My kids dragged out the snow clothes and I spent 20 minutes getting them ready to go out:

Buster did this after they went out until I went and found him some snow clothes:

yes..those are bells on my front door...Christmas is in full swing around here...haven't got the decor down yet..sue me.)

All I could find was Sammie's old pink snowsuit. I think he makes a pretty little princess though:

Saturday afternoon I went to lunch with my friends Mandee and Katie at Hagerman's. Yum. Turkey Pomodoro, tomato bisque, diet coke. I decided to forgo the sugar cookie in a moment of complete restraint and then wished I had gotten it the rest of the day.

After lunch, I headed to Nordstrom to check out a new uniform. My friend Susan called me a few days ago to tell me she found my next uni. And let me say, I do understand what this says about my wardrobe to have a friend feel compelled to call when she finds a really exquisite sweat suit. She was right. It was everything I've ever wanted in a uni and it was on sale. Hallelujah! So cute. Check it out here:

It is Zella brand. If you want to order it, go to your local Nordstrom and they can order it in your size. They only have the xl online.

Saturday evening I took my kids swimming at my gym pool with Susan and we saw my friend Kami there with her kids. It was really fun. We hit In N Out burger on the way home and it made me grateful all over again for fun friends who help me be a fun mom who does fun things cause it's a lot easier to go do fun things with a mama friend in tow.

Sunday was church at 11 and we still managed to be late. This was supposed to be my year to be on time because of the later church but no dice. Every week I feel like a hero just for getting there with everyone dressed and fed. After church, my kids came home, stripped down, cranked up the Lady Gaga on my ipad, and had a dance party. They crack me up. Yes...check out that mess...swweeeeet.

That's real life folks. And it's finally clean. I should be taking down Christmas right now. Do me a solid and don't come to my house until Valentine' should be down by then!


Kim said...

Love it, it's so nice to see that my house isn't the only one that looks like that at the end of a weekend! I have always been told that Sundays are the day of rest....SO you can imagine what my Mondays are for... "Cleaning"! I'm in town and can't wait to see you...See you soon sweet friend.

katie said...

Love the pink suit on Michelle, I mean Mitchell.

Liz said... I'm craving Hagermann's. Those are my 3 favorite things to eat there. And I never deny myself the sugar cookie. Glad you had fun!

Ashley said...

This sounds like a fantastic weekend--besides the white stuff. Though Buster really is soooo cute in that pink snowsuit. It's a true friend who knows your need for and taste in unis. That was a bonehead move passing up that cookie.

Elizabeth said...

The pic of the kids dancing in their undies is gold!
Buster looks so so so cute in at little ski suit.
Lastly ... never pass up good food someone else has cooked!

LKC said...

"really exquisite sweat suit" Classic.

I just got myself a pair of old-school Adidas track pants for my pre-gym school run. Best feature: zippered pockets! I can hold loads of embarrassing junk in them without the fear of anything falling out.

Pandy said...

Buster is too cute. He wears pink well.

You're taking care of 4 kids - cut yourself some slack on that Valentines goal - move it to 4th of July - that's a red month, too.

Linde said...

Loved the pictures of Mitchell. So funny to see. I'm sure he did want to be out with the big kids. Did you have to go out with him??? That is the question. :)

alexandra said...

Your kids are so cute. I love that one of Buster in the pink snowsuit. He looks hilarious and adorable. I hate snow.

You are such a fun mom. I aspire to do all the things you do with your kids.

Lisa said...

I can't get past the cookie.

Greg said...

How come Buster didn't get to dance?

brooke said...

Linde, I didn't go out with him. Ever since my sister confided in me that she sends her one year old outside in back by himself, I sent him out with his siblings. But when I saw him playing in the gutter, I ran back out to get him! I am an idiot.

Lisa, I need that cookie and I haven't gotten over it. .

Greg, if you look closely through the mess, you will see buster in his high chair eating lunch. He does like to bust a move, but he loves food more.

The DeVito's said...

I love to see your house a mess! I always feel like it's only my house that looks like a mess in my blog pictures. Super fun weekend!

Heidi said...

What is it with the weekend? I can even make the whole crew spend time doing Saturday cleaning jobs and it looks just as bad or worse by Sunday night! So we quit liz'sdance back when I broke my leg because my daughter decided she didn't want to dance. Of course when all her friend's were doing dance recitals she cried and cried. I stuck to my guns all summer then by fall I gave in and let her take a class with a friend. Unfortunately, she is all about the friend, not the dance class, so it had to be where the friend is going. I would really prefer being at liz's. I especially mis being able to catch up as we did the dropping off and picking up.

Kami Galbraith said...

can't believe i made the blog:) You are soo cute with your kids. Morgan is still talking about how cute Buster is!! Love him in the pink suit!!

Have too say the sugar cookie at Hagermans is soo yummyI! It's why i usually go there:)