Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Ifs. Ands, or Jiggly Butts (or arms)

About this time last year, I did Club Phat. It dang near ruined my life. So like an idiot, I am doing another weight loss competition again. I started last week. Honestly, I don't have a ton of weight to lose this time, I just really want to eat better, i.e. less junk, and be inspired to get in really great shape.

So my friend Kaari started a contest called Flab to Fit where we get points for working out and a point for every pound we lose. Simple. Which is what I love about it. No points for getting sleep, eating veggies, or drinking water. Which is good because I suck at all three. I love that you can get as many points as you want for working out and since I work out almost every day anyway, that one is easy.

My main goal in all of this is to lose five pounds (that I put on over Christmas) and firm up my lunch lady arms. I am a Warner. It is my destiny to carry weight in my upper arms (hi mom!) (Except Ashley, I don't know how she avoided chubby arms.) In fact, I got my body fat tested at the gym and it was 21% going off my leg and stomach measurements and freaking 26% going off the back of my ham hock arm! So I am going to be focusing on lifting more weight with my arms and eating less Oreos. Oreos=fat arms in my world.

So here is my plan (notice everything is moderation...I don't do well with hard and fast rules or strict diets.)

1. Get my can to the gym everyday for an hour.

2. Lift weights at least twice a week..focusing on my arms (increasing weight.)

3. Cut back on junk food. I have already lost 3 pounds in the first week by merely cutting back (not cutting out!) junk food. I have a serious addiction. I was eating a whore's breakfast of Oreos and diet coke and then going to work out. Insanity people! Now I eat oatmeal for breakfast...small changes make a big difference.

4. Get more protein in my diet...protein shakes, protein bars, hamburgers, Costco dogs (whatever..I don't worry about fat..for me cutting out the sugar and junk food allows me to eat whatever real food I want.)

5. I try to only drink the black acid (Diet Coke) when I go out to eat or when I really really want one.

That's it. Simple right? Six weeks and I am going to be a new woman. Let's DO THIS!


Ashley said...

You can keep eating the Oreos, just lift more of them at a time.

I wanted to do this competition but I didn't have a chance and I'm not entering a competition against Kaari unless I have a chance!

Ashley said...

And you may have gotten the Warner arms, but I got the Warner gut (Hi Dad, Uncle Scott, Uncle Mark, Aunt Jacqui . . . ) Fair trade.

Jessica said...

I love that you are only going to Drink Diet Coke when you really want one. That made me laugh!

Greg said...


Come on, are you really going to try and fool us that #5 on your list even counts??

First of all, don't you eat out pretty much all the time? Second, don't you "really really" want a DC most of the time anyway?

Finally, why did you even bother to put DC on the list? I thought the whole reason that people forced themselves to choke that stuff down was that it didn't have any calories. Heaven knows it doesn't taste good!

Otherwise good work and good luck in your contest!

Chuche said...

This post and all these comments are comedy gold.

Good luck to you! I love your junk food goal. Chuche's off sugar for the month of January. I didn't realize how much candy I was eating until I was the only one doing it. Not a pretty sight. And I love the Oreo breakfast of champs. It's the only thing that keeps me going till lunch.

Stephanie said...

I love it--I would join you in your competition but it wouldn't be fair because I would win...have much more than you to lose. ;) haha.

Good luck on your quest!

Linda said...

Sorry about the arms.

Elizabeth said...

Good Luck! Go for moderation ... and dont be too hasty in giving up the black death ;-)

Amy M. said...

"A whore's breakfast" is the best line ever.
I need to eat healthier too. Sigh.
You are looking amazing lately, by the way.

Linde said...

Good for you! Stuff like this always makes you feel better! I've been trying to exercise since Oct., but am not seeing a ton of results. Could it be all of the sugar I've been stuffing in my face during the holidays?? :)
Good luck!

The Mostess said...

If that's what whores eat, sign me up!

The Mostess said...

I'm glad Ashley has decided to hedge her bets a bit more wisely these days.

alexandra said...

So I am not a nutritionist or anything like that at all, but in the course of our adventures with Will's poor weight gain I have learned a few things. Fat doesnt matter but calories do. And i heard, but have not verified as fact, that oatmeal can be a weight-gainer. Somehow your body metabolizes it into sugar. Anyway, eggs, I have been told, are a good diet breakfast. Maybe this info is wrong. I eat them hard boiled iwth salt or microwaved. Sounds weird but its fast and easy clean-up. Plus avoids frying.

I am in awe that you work out ever day! You are awesome.

Molly said...

How many weeks into this are we? I was awesome for the first week, then I got all sorts of ailments from colds to other stuff and used it all as an excuse to be lazy. :) I'm glad I read this. I need to kick it up a notch. I have no chance of winning this competition, but I'll certainly look good by the end if I keep it up.

Brett said...

Seriously, do P90X. It is really tough and it works for women. I am having a lot of success. In fact, my wife can't keep her hands off me. Actually, it's more like I can't keep my hands off her, but I am sure it's all related.