Monday, April 9, 2012

How We Spent Our Easter Vacation

I have a love hate relationship with Spring break. I have all of these grand plans to take my kids to do fun things and then I panic about crowds and don't take them anywhere except the gym and the mall. (Like Ashley, it is my life's work to avoid crowds!)

But I did manage to eek out a few pretty good activities:

Sammie's birthday party..cutest invitations from Tiny Prints:

Party at Sorenson House in is 60 bucks people! And I would describe it as a poor man's Lion House. It was an incredible party for 60 bones.

Girl's Night Out with Sammie. For her birthday, Sammie wanted to go to dinner at Kneaders and get pedicures. It was hilarious and scary to watch her reading the friend magazine while this man rubbed her dogs. I texted Sam to say "we are in trouble..she has had her first taste of the good life!"

Horseback Riding with Luke. I know..I am the bomb. I bought this on Groupon and it was really fun. We rode horses in Midway. My horse was smaller than Luke's which makes me look like a giganto woman on this little pony but I think he survived:

Luke was obsessed with the horses' bladder and bowel functions. He insisted I take this photo:

It was a fun day for the two of us.

Last but not least, my Mom and I took my kids to the zoo and then she helped me wrestle them at Subway afterwards. My mom is a good woman:

Now it's back to real life.


alexandra said...

This whole post was hilarious. I am also so impressed with what a wonderful mom you are!

Linda said...

I thought the horse relieving himself was the worst picture...then I saw the next one & how bad my hair looked that day at the zoo. Oh well, we had fun.

Linde said...

Loved the horse picture you HAD to post! :)

Spring break gave me a taste of summer and how I have to come up with something for every afternoon to do since there is no preschool. Do I have the energy???:)

Greg said...

I have no idea how you find the time or energy to cram so much stuff into one small week!

Linda, I'm always amazed at how young you look in all of these pictures!

Denise said...

The fact that you posted that horse pee picture is both nasty and makes me love you.

The kids are cute, blah, blah, blah.

Most importantly, I NEED to know all about your sandals. Seriously, I'd better be able to buy them. Give up the info...

brooke said...

Denise, I had to go back and look..yes I love those and they are a classy alternative to flip flops. They are report brand from DSW last year. I don't know if they still have them...good luck!

Ashley said...

Greg is such a kiss up! Luke is the cutest--he is SO your face as a kid. Love the peeing horse! I've always been able to count on Luke for the potty humor. I can't believe that party was 60 bones. That's reason enough to move to Utah.

Linda said...

I have to stick up for Greg. He is NOT a kiss up! He is a sincere, bright, handsome and truthful man!

brooke said...

Now you're kissing up to Greg, Mom!

Em said...

These Greg comments are funny.

That picture of Sammie with the Friend and her pedicurist needs to go in a photo album. For real.