Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Fever

What I am wearing this Spring:  These t-shirts from H&M.  These shirts come in a pack of two (with a white one) for $12.95.  They look cute under almost any color of cardigan or on their own.  They were so great I picked up a second set for when these get yellow pits and gnarly.

What I am trying not to kill:  My new hanging plant from Walmart. Every year I buy one and every year I kill it. My only goal for the summer is to keep this thing alive! I have been doing a lot of yard work lately because it finally hit me that no one else is going to do it. But I am proud of myself. The yard is coming along. Anyone want to come over and teach me to use a trimmer?

What I am unsure about:  These bright blue skinny jeans from Old Navy. I wasn't sure I should be stuffing my trash in these but for $19.00, I figured I would give it a go. I wear them with a neon pink and white tank from H&M. My kids give me funny looks and I don't care!

What I am accomplishing: Getting this picture made and framed for my living room wall. I have one of each of my kids at age two in matching frames. I think Buster's turned out cute.

What I am eating:  Cinnamon Cream Cake from Corner Bakery Cafe. Are you sick of hearing me talk about CBC yet? Good, me neither. Ron gave me some of this when I went to the VIP lunch (don't be jealous) and I can't get enough of it. My mom is addicted too. I find myself driving past Corner Bakery Cafes that aren't on the way home.

What I am pining for I just splurged on: This jacket from Impact Fitness. I work out every.single.day. So I can kind of justify this.  Plus, I think I could wear it outside of the gym.

What I am obsessed with:  Cute earrings from Rodworks. This is my third pair. They are all under 10 bucks and big earrings are my new thing. I've moved away from necklaces because they feel too dressy to me. But big earrings are my new favorite spring accessory.

What I will be reading:  He's Just Not That Into You. by Greg Behrendt.  I have read this book before and loved it.  The whole point of the book is summed up in a phrase in the introduction: don't waste the pretty.  You're pretty, you're smart, you're interesting.  So don't waste the pretty on men who don't reciprocate, or who make excuses, or who don't make you happy.  I think the book is empowering to women and every dating gal should read it.  It's funny too!

What I am using:  Jergens Natural Glow for Face in medium.  I use this every day as a moisturizer/sunscreen.  It gives you just the right amount of color without looking orange or fake.  Don't buy the light or you won't see any color at all. 

What I am decorating with: Bright candy in my candy jars. I want to replace the skittles with something red like Swedish Fish. I can't buy candy that holds any appeal for me or I would pound it all day every day.

Where I am going:  California to visit Ashley. I am leaving Thrsday and I am so excited for some R&R...good food, shopping, pedicures, movies, etc.   

What are eating/wearing/obsessed with this Spring?

*I have been meaning to thank my friend Greg forever for giving my blog a face lift.  He made it so I can have HUGE pictures, which may or may not be a good thing....


Molly said...

Love everything in this post. I want to be wearing those T-shirts from H&M right now. And I can't keep house plants or hanging plants alive. I want the blue skinny jeans, but I'm not so sure they look good on me. I seem to be obsessed with Easter candy this Spring. Must get past this phase.

Jill said...

Pretty much I'm obsessed with tulips and spring blossoms all over the place. We've been in Salt Lake for Spring Break and I have been driving my family crazy with all my photo detours.

katie said...

The skinny jeans are definitely a keeper. I love that they are only $19. I hate paying boku bucks for a "trendy" item that may be out of style in another season or two. The tank with it is adorable. I think this is yet another outfit I am going to copy from you. It's actually embarrassing how many thinks I have purchased after seeing you wear them. I need to start shopping with you and buying what you buy. I promise I won't wear them the same day you do!

I still need to make it to Corner Bakery too. Every time I read about it on your blog I crave it more and more. By the way, did you get the free soda for a year?

Ashley said...

The bright pants outfit is Where's Waldo, but it's very cute! We might have to go to Old Navy when you're here to see if they have some for me. You know how I love to throw my money in the garbage can at that place.

I like the big earrings too. The bachelor makes me want to wear bigger earrings but the right pair is hard to find.

Ashley said...

P.S. Can't believe you aren't tempted by skittles and starbursts. Those are my worst candy to pound--even worse than m&ms. And Buster is SO cute. Now I wish I had cute pics of my kids at age 2!

Greg said...

The flowers in your front garden look good. I've always thought that Utah is so pretty in the spring.

Ashley, I'd be tempted by those Skittles too, but I can only imagine they've been in there for years??

alexandra said...

I love those HM shirts and am glad you posted because I am saving money by just not shopping, but I can justify those shirts. I know what you mean about necklaces being too dressy, but earrings bother my ears. Yours are so cute and I am jealous that you can wear them without a huge allergic reaction.

I am obsessed with growing grass in our backyard. I had a similar awakening about yard work: it is up to me because Brigham just doesn't have time. It is slow, but isn't it sort of satisfying?

alexandra said...

As for your blue skinny jeans: I am usually opposed to bright jeans and to skinny jeans, but those look really cute on you. Keep em!

LAURA said...

I think that outfit is cute, I'd wear it if I had your figure.

Linde said...

Those tops and pants (I saw them in person) look darling on you.

I also think the picture of Buster is so cute and will look great with the othere!!

Love your candy comment--I too have to buy candy I am not tempted with. Hard candy usually does not do it for me, so it can sit around for months. Yesterday I drove by See's candy while running errands. Bought 7 pieces and snarfed most of them before I even got home!

My trimmer broke last year, so I need to get a new one and start on my yard. Some areas look good, but others (right by my front door) need help! :)

Em said...

First of all, I can't believe you aren't tempted by Swedish Fish! (or Skittles! The Starburst take effort to get to, but they are good, too.)

I LOVE big earrings. They are typically the only kind I wear. I am not really a bracelet or necklacey woman so for me it's go big or go home with earrings and rings.

You are soooo skinny! You look fabulous in those skinny jeans and striped (horizontal!!!) shirt. And that striped (horizontal!!!) jacket is super cute, too, and you will look amazing in it, as well.

Linda said...

Forget about the cinnamon creme cake - just looked it up - ONE slice is 770 calories - I knew it was too good to be reasonable. All butter & sugar.
OR, have the cake and start working out twice a day.
Gotta love Buster. I told him to say goodbye to the nursery leaders at the gym today. He simply looked back over his shoulder and threw them a kiss. It was priceless.

Linda said...

One more thing - they were already out of all the skinny bright jeans at my Old Navy - except REALLY large sizes.

Liz said...

Love it all.....I hope you guys are having a fabulous time.

The Mostess said...

I have a few more lbs to go, and then I can think about stuffing my trash into cheap colored jeans. Until then...

I love killing plants. Lance helps me not kill them.

Love the earrings. So cute!

I'm hoping I see you while you're here. Missing you would be such a bummer. And I totally want to hear about all of the "delicious" and "amazing" food you two are eating. Just kidding. You eat total crap.

Elizabeth said...

Your trash looks amazing in the bright jeans.
Dont your kids want to eat all the lollies? If I decorated with food my kids would eat even more crap than they do now.
I LOVED that book (as opposed to the lame movie). I wish I had read that book when I was 16!
I hope you are living life large in Cali :-)

Greg said...

Brooke, here's what I've been doing the Spring:

What I'm Eating: The other day was Corner Bakery Cafe where I met a former colleague for lunch. I had the chicken pomoodori panini and a slice of the cinnamon cream cake. Actually, it turned out to be two slices because they mistakenly brought out an extra one for us, which was a nice surprise. Then your mom had to ruin it by letting me know what an insane amount of calories each slice has (770). Good thing I saved one of them for the next day. I actually had coworkers raiding that slice because it looked too tempting!

Yesterday was a Mexican place called Las Fajitas. I had the California Burrito, mojado with green sauce. Very tasty!

What I'm Wearing: Yesterday, it was a navy suit (Brooks Brothers), light blue dress shirt (also Brooks Brothers), and a pink tie.

Usually, on a Friday, I'd prefer to be dressed more casually, for instance in a pair of dark Levi's 514 jeans at Costco that I bought recently for about $20-25. You can't go wrong with Costco.

What I'm Obsessed With: I feel like I should name some sort of fragrance here. Isn't there a perfume that goes by that name? Anyway, my recent obsession is this book that one of my friends recommended to me. It's called: "Unbroken". Anyway, I could hardly put it down and finished it yesterday...It was really good.

What I'm Trying Not to Kill: Some really sad plants in my office.

What I Just Splurged On: Some stuff to help me survive an upcoming bike ride I'm doing in St. George. I'm anxious to try this out...


Linda said...

Greg - if you see this, comment again, so I will know. If you liked "Unbroken," you will also really like my dad's book, "Soldier Slaves" by Lee Benson (and Jim Parkinson) I am going to mail you a copy. My dad was a Japanese POW (3 1/2 years in the Philippines & Japan) during WWII and survived the Bataan Death March, hell ships and slave labor in a Japanese steel mill. I'll get your address from Brooke.

Greg said...

Linda, you are so nice to recommend that book and I would love to read it! Thank you for being so thoughtful!

Emily Redd said...

First of all Brooke, I don't know if you got my texts of not but Kate could NOT STOP TALKING about the party at the Sorensen Museum and is STILL talking about it non stop....what a darling pic of those cuties...can I get a copy? Anyway, It definitely has me re-thinking the Lion House party I booked for Kate and Alex's 8th in Sept. It is expensive!! Oh, and the blue Old Navy Jeans...you look AMAZING! If I had your skinny butt I'd be buying one in every color. Plus, I have the turquoise, red and green ones from Nordstrom....these were more expensive probably because they were made stretchy and for people that just had babies and have that lovely c-section belly!! Like ME!! LOL!! Plus, I totally want one of those pink and white strip shirts....where did you get it again?? And, I was shopping today with Kate at Children's place and she saw this AMAZING charm bracelet that Sammie told her "she got at the mall with her mom...it was a Utah mall according to Sammie." Kate was ecstatic so how could I say no?? Thus, she i soooo excited to go to school tomorrow and show off her matching bracelet to Sammie, although she said Sammie made out with some cuter charms so now I promised to hit up the South Towne Children's Place to find some "cuter charms." Loving the H& M shirts too....maybe I should give that place a second chance. When are we going out again....I need another GNO....and I bought some new fun earrings at Brass Plum...also big, fun and cheap!!

Andrea said...

Keep the blue pants! I have not read others comments, but my take is the blue pants are great and the pink stripes look great with them!:)