Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Black and White and Red All Over

old photo from Christmas

My last post was about slowing down.  That hasn't really happened.  I don't think the word slow is in my vocabulary.  So as my life continues at a break neck pace, let me update you.  I was looking at the photos on my phone and I noticed how many are black and white and red-hence the title. 

Here is what I have been up to lately:

I bought the Sorel jrs in Black.  Yeah I know I told y'all I was keeping #4 boots--the Call of the Wild .  I changed my mind, which will surprise no one.  After clomping around the mall for one afternoon in the other boots, I knew they had to go back.  I decided I needed the lightest snow boots I could find. Behold the fifth pair of boots I purchased:

It was the right decision.

Ryan's birthday is coming up and I am throwing him a pirate pizza party on Saturday.  13 little boys.  I am insane. 

Here is a picture of me and Ryan right before church a few weeks ago..thrown in because it goes with my black, red and white theme.  My nose is getting better every day.  Thanks for asking!:

Ashley had the cutest baby ever a few days ago.  The big news is that he is NOT a red.  I love her little red heads but it is fun to see a blonde from her. 

Both of us have babies with tons of hair and seeing this little guy made me baby hungry for about ten minutes.  Then I got over it.  But doesn't he have the cutest face?

John and his kids spent President's Day weekend with us and we had a great time.  My kids were in Heaven..6 kids might as well be 16 though.  We felt like the Duggars trying to go places.  We don't even all fit in my car!  Things are great but John and I have decided to keep dating but date other people as well and not be as serious.  We will see how that goes.

I will end on the silly.  I won this skirt in a facebook drawing and had already bought it.  So I am giving away the extra one!  Check back to my blog in the next couple weeks for drawings to win this skirt and a Hapari swimsuit! (Sorry for two lame mirror shots in one post!)


SewSara said...


really, facebook is making me lazy.
i just like everything in this post.
Your hair always looks so great. and i love the outfit in the pic w/ john. so cute.

that baby davis is adorable!
i have twin baby girls living next door and i'm trying so hard to not get baby hungry.

Heather said...

I had big plans for us to have a joint wedding in July! :) As long as you are happy, I am happy. I love the skirt...but I think I'm too short to pull it off. :(

Linde said...

Ashley's baby is soooooooo cute!

GNB said...

Ryan's dimples in that picture are adorable and your nephew is really cute.

That's amazing that you won that skirt in a giveaway, but don't tease us by making us wait a couple of weeks to re-gift it to us!

Jill said...

Cute pictures as always Brooke! Your boot purchase cracked me up, I'm glad you got some you like!

That last picture of you in the skirt looks like Ashley! I did a triple take.

Andrea said...

Fun post! I never really believed people won on those drawings on Facebook. I know there's not much faith over here when it comes to free advertising. However, have you already done the drawing??? I would love that skirt--I could do the park and work in that skirt.

Elizabeth said...

You look like a model in the striped skirt pic! I love your hair. I hope all is good and that you and John are happy (together or apart).

Ashley said...

I'm so flattered that Jill thought the skirt picture was me! You look sooo good in all these. Cute pic with John!

brooke said...

Gonna do the drawing next week Andrea!

Em said...

Okay, you look so cute in that skirt, I'm almost sorry I told you where I got mine! But, I learned long ago from my years of living in Utah that it does absolutely no good to compare myself to tall, skinny, beautiful blondes. :)

So happy you got one (and won one, too)!

I love your sweater in the photo of you and John, and I love the photo of you and Ryan. It is precious.