Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm Giving Winter the Boot

This post is going to give you a glimse into my insanity.  But this is how I operate people.  I decide I need to buy something and I smother it.  At times like this, when I have four pairs of Sorel boots on my Am Ex card, I am glad there is no husband in the picture!

Let me start at the beginning.  This winter in Utah has been BRUTAL.  I am talking bitter cold with tons of snow.  I have a really really old pair of snow boots that I have been wearing to shovel snow and do other outside activities.  They are completely thrashed with no insulation.  When I went tubing, my toes were frozen solid. 

I decided I needed to buy a really good pair of snow boots and wear them the rest of my life.  No pressure or anything to find the right pair.  I am not normally a brand name person (except for jeans) but when it comes to snow boots, I know Sorels are the gold standard.   I ordered a pair.  And then another pair.  And then another and another.  I wasn't quite sure about any one pair.  That's where you come in Dear Reader.   Help me decide which pair to keep.  Let me introduce you to each pair.

1.  These are the JOAN of ARC boot.

Truth be known, I first got sucked into the Sorels because I saw someone wearing these.  Love the fur.  Love the styling with the waterproof suede.  But these bad boys are HEAVY--like my legs were tired just walking around my house.

2.  So I ordered these.  I'm calling them BLACK ICE.  They are much lighter and more feminine. 

Compare the toe box to the Joan of Arc. 

I wish they had fur at the top.  I also worry that the black is not enough contrast with my jeans.

3.  Next I ordered these.  I'm calling them SOREL JRs. 

They are shorter and the light weight.  In high school, I used to tromp around in a pair of my dad's Sorels. (This may shed some light on why I wasn't dating much)....but anyway, they were great boots and these remind me of his old school Sorels.

4.  Finally, I ordered these.  I call them CALL of the WILD. 

These were supposed to be the solution to all my problems and the answer to all my prayers.  I like the saddle color with the fur.  The fur is a bit fake looking and odd.   I just don't know folks. 

Just to add to your confusion, I also like to wear leggings with boots.  So here I am in boots #2 and #3 with leggings:

And boots #1 and #4 in leggings:

Finally, all the boots lined up..#1 Joan of Arc, #2 Black Ice, #3 Sorel Jr, #4 Call of the Wild.  Pick your favorite pair.  C'mon ladies don't be shy.  And if there is a guy out there who wants to weigh in, more power to ya!

ps.  I got my nose cast and splints off today.  Hallelujah!  I still have some bruising and swelling but I am a happy girl with a straight nose again until Buster kicks me in the face.

Update: Check new post to see which boots I chose!


Joy said...

#4 for sure! :)

Elizabeth said...

My thoughts sre : I am not a fan of the short boots Sorel JR's. I love the fur but would worry it would date. On the other hand number # the blace ice are too similar to jeans and leggings ... I like the contrast colours.
Im going with Number 4.
Let us know what you pick.
PS you look fab fab fab :-)

LAURA said...

I probably also pick number 4. They are all adorable, so whatever feels the most comfortable to you. Or keep them all. :)

Eric J said...

I feel like #2 is the best pick if you really do plan on wearing them for the rest of your life. Being that they're kind of a classic, standard (yet cute!) snow boot.

However, if you're like me and when you say "wear them for the rest of my life" you really only mean for the next 3-5 years, I vote #4. Those are cute and seem like the best all around.

Jenn J. said...

Ok, I didn't realize I was signed in on my husband's account. That was actually me. :)

Laura B. said...

Okay, I must really feel strongly about this to click over from reader and actually leave a comment. :)
I say #1 or 4. Short ones are not cute and black are boring/no contrast. I love #1 the most even if they are bigger. Either are great. You look fabulous, ps!!!

Natasha said...

I rarely comment but have to say 3 is my choice although clearly I am in the minority plus I live in New Orleans and we think 60 is freezing here.

I love your blog.

Lisa said...

I got #1 on sale at REI this time last winter for about half off. I wouldn't recommend them even though they look cute with jeans/leggings because they are so huge and hard to walk in. I also got a short less cute pair that I ended up wearing all the time. Good luck!

sheryl said...

couldn't you find a fifth pair... one that has the contrast and not the fur. I like the tall ones too... but the short ones look just as cute if they had the toppers. (I too love the fur but think it is trendy) so... you could use the cute boot socks that are crocheted to give the contrast at the top for the tall ones.
and FYI I still stalk your blog. You look amazing!

SewSara said...

Dang, I shouldn't have read the comments above.
Now I'm as confused as you are.
You look super cute in that last pic. Well, all the pics, but I mean that face shot is a good one. Pink is a great color on you.

I was going to vote 3 or 4. I actually liked the classic sorel look of number 3, but then thought if you might have to tromp through 12" of snow, then boot #4 would be better. Can't you just keep all four? ;-)

What does JOHN think?

Jaime said...

Number one look the best with your shape and, hello, they have fur! I have Sorel's also and LOVE them.

ellen said...

Black Ice. And if you lived in Boston where I live you'd need them this weekend. BLIZZARD!!!

Stefanie said...

I really like #2. I am not a fan of fur and I don't love the short ones.

What happened to your nose? Did I miss that post?

I love your blog. I can't even tell you how much you make me laugh. You and Ashley have the best blogs. Ever. Sorry I am lame and rarely ever comment though.

Becky said...

My vote is #4!

Lauren said...

#1 for sure! I'm a little biased since I own #1, but they have been all around great shoes.

Kristine Gray said...

3 or 4. Like the contrast.

Lauri said...

I bought a pair of kid sized Sorels in 1996 which I have been wearing for WAY too long, I need a new pair too! I like #4 the best. I may even have to get a pair!!!

And your nose looks GREAT! You are beautiful, as always!!!


Anonymous said...

My vote is #4!!!

Laura said...

I have boot #4!!!!! They are awesome. They are comfy and warm and go with everything. I get compliments on them all the time.

Natalie said...

I say #1!

Brittney Engel said...

I love the style of #2 but it is very conservative to go all black so I would have to go with #4. There is no point in buying boots if they are way too heavy and the short ones are not my favorite style either.

gwen said...

Ha! As we were walking into church on Sunday on the slippery ice, I had this RUSH of memories of all of us girls walking up that hill from HH to campus for church every Sunday. I told my girls about how you wore your Sorels every Sunday..then changed into heels when we got to the building. I'm glad you're bringing them back to your wardrobe! I have a pair like #1 that I love. Its just nice to wear big old boots and socks instead of flats with freezing feet! Love you girl!

Ashley said...

First of all anyone who believes that this is the pair of winter boots you'll wear for the rest of your life doesn't know you very well.

Second of all, what were these boots that you wore to Grandpa Warner's funeral?!i=1246072340&k=wPBb2B6&lb=1&s=L

At first I thought you had sorels already, but upon further study these might just be some crappy duckboots. Yes a new pair is needed.

The first is out (heavy boots are not an option) and so are the short ones. I like both two and four--four is the most fun with the fur. The black ones are safe but boring and a little man-ish.

Your nose really does look great--better than ever!

Ashley said...

P.S. I think I might need to break my nose.

Linde said...

Looking good Brooke! I think I like #3 Sorel Jr. and #4 Call of the Wild. I really like #1, but if they are too heavy, as much as you like them, you may not wear them????? At least I wouldn't (not that you really want to be taking fashion advice from me). I like 3 and 4 because of the contrast you mentioned. I think it looks good. :) Happy deciding.

Kimmie said...

I love your posts like this!

#1 is my fav (but we all know fashion is not my thing)

Your nose looks fabulous darling! You look beautiful, as always.

Emily Redd said...

For sure #1 or #2. I'm kinda liking #2 but I do like the fur on I guess my answer to this debate is keep them both!! Why not?!! I like the black ones w/ leggings and the ones w/ fur for tubing and such! There ya go...glad your nose is better now when are we having lunch...def. need to re-schedule! xxx

John J said...

Keep #2 and #4. . .depending on your mood and activity, they should both have you covered - and you won't tire of one pair for awhile. Nose looks tight!

Amy M. said...

#4 is the best choice, I think!

the author.. said...

cute boots, brooke!

love your bachelor posts.. you have the cutest blog!
pop on over to my new blog.. i'd love to see you there!