Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Christmas Gourmet Dinner Night

I promised a post on my Christmas Gourmet Dinner Night and dang it, I am going to deliver!   Everyone except my gourmet dinner night friends can leave now.  It is their duty to read this.  So let's get rollin'.

I LOVE Gourmet dinner night when it is at someone else's house.  Who wouldn't love showing up to a nice dinner with appetizers, main course, side dishes, fun beverages and a delicious dessert?  It is all fun and games until it is my turn to host.  I can decorate a pretty table:

But the food is my problem.   This year, I got smart and brought it my mother to do everything be my sous chef.  I helped throw her a birthday party the day before where I made vats of chicken salad so I figured she owed me.  Or at a minimum, she would come help because she is  my mom.  Here she is at her party the day before:

She came to my party and made the main course--Parmesan Crusted Chicken and rice.  She also brought leftover shrimp and fruit from her party.  All of this made me look like the Hostess with the Mostess

We had Ashley's hot artichoke dip to start.  yum.

I made my famous salad.  My friends had all had it before but no one complained:

I bought rolls from the Lion House Pantry at Deseret Book and tried to pass them off as my own.  They were disgusting and dry and in the end, I didn't even want to take credit for them. 

I was going to wow my friends with a fancy dessert but sometime around 3:00 in the afternoon, I found Buster sitting on my bar going to town on the sheet cake.  The aftermath:

Luckily, I was using a cookie cutter to cut out little cakes and the crisis was averted.  Here I am piping on frosting with a Ziploc bag:

The finished product:

The best part of the evening is our annual gift exchange.  Everyone brings three identical gifts that cost ten to fifteen bucks and we put them under the tree.  Then we each draw three names and we give our gifts to those people:

The gift giving:

Here is some of the loot:

I gave the Mindy Kaling books and lip glosses.

Everyone stayed until 1:00 am talking and laughing so I figure it was a success....

even if my kitchen looked like this the next day:


Jill T said...

This was such a great night! Everything about it! You are a great host and a great friend! I'm already lookin forward to next years Christmas party!

Alyson said...

I'm a bit of a blog stalker, but had to comment on this post...I think your Gourmet Dinner Group looks like so much fun! I'd love to know how it got started, how often you meet, etc...Maybe when you're running short on exciting things to post about, you can do an FAQ for my benefit :)

Ashley said...

Everything looked great and you are so lucky to have Mom. I am curious what everyone else gave--I can't really tell from the pic but who wouldn't want to know what fun $10-15 gifts girls chose? I bet Buster was in hog heaven with that sheetcake.

leandparkermakes3 said...

I am still dreaming about that dessert! It was so good! So glad to be a part of such a wonderful group of friends. I'm excited for Thursday night!

Vermont Madsens said...

Such a fun night. Thank you! My only regret is that I don't get to come monthly! I love that Buster busted into the cake.

Hope you're feeling better. I have always wanted to break my nose so I could just have them give my nose job while they fix it.

Amy M. said...

Truest quote EVER: " It is all fun and games until it is my turn to host."
You did a beautiful job. Everything was perfect!

Jenn J. said...

I'm envious of your gourmet dinner nights. They look like so much fun. I feel it important to note that you look so stunning in the picture where you are squeezing frosting out of that ziplock, that you should really open a bakery or write your own cookbook just so you can use that photo on the cover or on some kind of billboard.

nic said...

I love every minute of gourmet night. It was so fun at your house. I loved everything. Your decorations were darling and your food was yummy. Loved it. You are a great host. It is never fun when it is your turn. Glad mine is over for the year. I loved the book you gave me. I read it so fast, and I use your lip gloss all the time. Thanks for hosting during the craziest time of the year.

WonderBoy said...

My two favorite things about this post:

1) You say it's 1 am when the clock in the background says 9.

2) There is Chick Fil-A bag in your kitchen. Was that part of the "gourmet?"


WonderBoy said...

My two favorite things about this post:

1) You say it's 1 am when the clock in the background says 9.

2) There is Chick Fil-A bag in your kitchen. Was that part of the "gourmet?"